Two Times The Worth11/16/2008 3:56:09 PM

Pros: Bought a second one its so inexpensive $169. Same very big 22'' screen. 2ms response for gaming. Great looking at native resolution.

Cons: No DVI cable in box. Even on the second one there's a blue tint on the bottom of the monitor when its completely black onscreen. But not annoying.

Overall Review: Buy a DVI cable with it save some time. also its so inexpensive why not buy two ;P

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2nd Time For Dual Monitors11/16/2008 5:30:40 AM

Pros: Same, Good monitor for good price. Very big. 2ms responce for gaming. looks great at native resolution. NO DEAD PIXELS!!! So inexpensive i bought 2 of them ;)

Cons: Same, theres a light blue tint on the bottom of the screen when theres only black on the screen. nothing to worry about

Overall Review: So inexpensive maybe you should get 2 of them :P

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Does Its Job11/8/2008 10:43:11 AM

Pros: It does its job. picture looks clear, and theres no signal issues that i could see.

Cons: The location of the mounting screws that hold it to the monitor are a bit off. I can only get one to screw in the other one doesnt fit.

Overall Review: The screw positions is a drag since its puttin stress on one side of the connection. But it doesnt seem to affect the picture. I would pay a little bit more for a different dvi cable that has the mounting screws on the correct spots.

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Good LCD, Good Price11/6/2008 5:27:29 AM

Pros: This screen is huge, i have never had a 22'' screen lcd, so its a pleasant surprise. The colors are sharp at its native resolution, and 2ms responce means great for gaming. Got this when it was $169 with free shipping

Cons: Blacks arent black, they are a deep green. But it turned out to be the vga cable that came with the monitor. Bought a DVI cable and the greens turned to black. But even with the new DVI there is a blue tint on the bottom of the screen when black is on the screen.

Overall Review: Order a DVI cable with the monitor and save yourself some time.

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