So far so good11/6/2014 9:29:50 AM

Pros: Fast, stable so far. Dual-band. Cheap. Range is fine. Like others I eschewed the stock firmware and went right to the R6300_v2 firmware for it. I won't buy a router unless there's DD-WRT support - not that I'll necessarily take that option but it should exist - so this met that bill. But I've felt no need thus far. Listed as refurbished but I can't see where it had any wear or tear from prior use. Have heard that new ones were being dumped as refurbs because the original AC1450 firmware was so bad. Now I'll never know...

Cons: Haven't looked to hard into it, but have had issues trying to do Windows mapping of attached USB device. Web seems to work OK, but is much less convenient. I have a personal NAS so that's just a bonus feature that I really haven't spent much time on.

Overall Review: Love Newegg. Google can show you how to get R6300_v2 firmware on here. Was getting some instability from my old router and this was in the daily deals. A little investigative work and it was on the way. Only variation from the from the found procedure I had to follow was to reboot the router after burning the board ID, but before uploading the new firmware.

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Good router - with DD-WRT installed9/5/2012 10:40:47 AM

Pros: Range is surprisingly good - covers my whole 60s-const house, both levels, roughly 1800ft2 per level, plus extends to deck, porch, etc. Keeps up with my cable modem AFTER updating firmware. It was cheap, got it on sale for about fifteen bucks. DD-WRT is available for this router, it's solid and fast with the right build. The default firmware lets you turn off WPS (good thing), can't remember 3.9.18 but 3.12.15 also had a wireless bridge option, which is nice.

Cons: Factory firmware. Mine shipped with 3.9.18. My Comcast cable gets about 26Mb down straight wired. My old DD-WRT'd WRT54GL got 17Mb down over wireless-G. This got 13Mb with the shipping firmware within a few feet of the router (speakeasy test). Ouch. Updated to 3.12.15 and the speed was back up to 26Mb, or as fast as the service will do. But that firmware was not as stable, and wireless devices would sometimes stop being able to send/receive data. Rebooting the devices and sometimes the router was required. Granted, I have a lot of devices (3 kids, lots of iPads/iPods, consoles, laptops) so it may have been exhausting memory. Maybe with fewer devices it would be more stable. Flashed to DD-WRT build 19342 and it's been solid, keeping the speed. It is lite-N so theoretically 150Mb, only one non-removable antenna, and that's a 3db, not 5 as on NewEgg's description page. 10/100 wired ports. You should know this stuff before buying - easy to forgive at that price.

Overall Review: This router has only 4MB flash, so the DD-WRT release is not extensive. Missing features I would like such as IPv6 and OpenVPN. Still DD-WRT makes this a good, tight basic router. For those complaining about WDS issues, I haven't tried it, but this is powered by an Atheros chip set, so it will probably only do WDS reliably/well with other Atheros-based routers. This is true of Broadcom and Ralink based routers as well. This is essentially a re-badged TP-Link 741N. It does get a little warm, nothing to worry about. A few vent holes on top might have been nice though. In the end it's not a bad router if you can get it cheap, and have the willingness and know-how to go to DD-WRT if it comes to that.

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Solid and good so far11/3/2008 8:14:44 PM

Pros: cheap, 4 dimm slots. Flash from USB. Great board for recycling some older components. Manual says 15A required on +12V rail to use older (20-pin ATX) PSU - mine rated at 11.5A works just fine. Currently running with 2x1GB PC2-4200 until I feel like buying more.

Cons: Only one IDE channel (OK, I knew that - didn't know my old DVD-ROM wouldn't get along with anything on the same channel!). What's with this "heart touching" stuff? I don't want my mobo touching my heart ;)

Overall Review: Understand what you want before you buy! For what it is, it seems great. This is not for your ultimate gaming rig and probably not HTPC (try M2A-VM HDMI for the latter). I wanted something inexpensive to play around with some virtualization technologies and needed 64-bit, multi-core and HW virtualization support. This plus the (now discontinued?) BE-2400 and a cheap HS+FAN fit the bill for barely $100. Intel may be faster but you can't get these features at that price for the CPU alone. Will probably build my sister a general-purpose rig based on this board soon.

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It's a power supply6/12/2007 6:41:53 AM

Pros: Lots of connections, seems to put out plenty of power. Not silent, but quiet enough.

Cons: If you go by the weight standard, the power supply is quite light. The cables coming out are heavier than the main chassis of the power supply.

Overall Review: Can't complain - has powered my rig so far - Gigabyte DS3 w/E4300 @ 3GHz, 1GB RAM, two SATA 7200.10s, and an ATI X1900GT. It's in the specs, and though the pictures don't show it, does have a PCI-E connector.

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Not bad at all5/25/2007 6:19:58 AM

Pros: Looks good, fast, is fairly quiet. Inexpensive.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I prefer sharpie to lightscribe, so I can't comment on previous reviewer's problem. Mine came with sw as expected. It's a fairly short drive. If you're concerned about space behind the optical drive it's a nice choice.

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Great processor5/18/2007 5:53:05 AM

Pros: Don't be put off by the low GHz, this chip is much more efficient than previous P4 architecture. OCs so easy; running 3.0GHz on gigabyte DS3 rev 1.3 stock cooling 27C at idle 45C under load 1.385V.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Went AMD for a while; this has brought me back to Intel. Now AMD on the graphics side LOL

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Nice5/4/2007 10:25:17 AM

Pros: No brick, no fan. Rack mountable, sturdy metal case. 16 ports. Good, basic switch.

Cons: What more could you reasonably ask for at this price point?

Overall Review: Not a big fan of the newegg move to UPS, but I got this the day after I ordered it. Kudos.

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Good on Acer TM44023/13/2006 7:45:17 PM

Pros: Works, reasonable price

Cons: None So Far

Overall Review: Works great on my Acer TravelMate 4402WLMi! For those not seeing expected big performance boosts, remember that lack of memory can become a bottleneck. For tasks that don't stretch the system memory, little difference will be seen. It isn't like adding a gig of RAM overclocks your CPU!

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Good Value11/23/2002 8:41:59 PM

Comments: Running this board with 1800+, Enlight 300W, Crucial PC2100, can get up to 1700MHz. OK, not a great OCer, but you can tweak it a little. Stable, fast, 6 ports USB 2.0 (headers for 4 on-board), plus 6-channel audio for $65. Matneh, the I/O shield is not required because this board does not have the option LAN, thus the "standard" I/O shield that should have come with your case should be no problem. A couple notes to share: I got (as has everyone from newegg?) the 1.0 rev of this board; no official support for 166MHz FSB CPUs, though a 166MHz/33MHz option exists in the BIOS. Who knows if it will work stably? The board has jumpers for +5VSB to the keyboard, but KB Power-on does not seem to be implemented in the BIOS. No pinouts in the manual, on the board, or on Biostar's site for the front audio out header. The on-board CMI codec sounds quite good to me (through 2.1 speakers).

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