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Aluminum Wire6/19/2014 10:08:09 PM

Pros: Costs less than a battleship

Cons: Aluminum wire. Possesses all the problems associated with aluminum wire.

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took the bait6/18/2014 10:32:57 PM

Pros: Packages arrived. If you like bait and then a switch, then order.

Cons: Not what is described. Not what is pictured. Not satisfied.

Overall Review: What you get are cheap low grade, low gauge, non triple truss, non 600lbs per shelf shelving units, plenty of run around trying to get rid of them.

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Over engineered5/20/2014 10:13:58 PM

Pros: Quote from product specs: "Environment temperature: -400C—+800C " It likes it hot and it likes more cold than can exist!

Cons: Will survive an apocalypse. A con because they will still be lying about like some kind of 1980's non-biodegradable plastics. Thought about docking an egg, but thought what the heck. The tree huggers will not be around to fret about Laiputuo OBDII scanners clogging the post apocalyptic Earth's lava flows.

Overall Review: It is indestructible.

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1yr +10/22/2013 9:06:28 PM

Pros: No problems, a year later. CL9. 32GB means lots of VMs. Got for about 180, way better than the 316 they want now.

Cons: Red. Black dissipates heat best. High memory prices

Overall Review: Got them before the memory hit bottom, but is a bargain compared to now.

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nifty device9/27/2013 8:47:45 PM

Pros: Ugg, 9/24 & 9/23 commentary. Single core. Manufactures who never say 'dual core CPU' means it is not a dual core. Reading comprehension will take you a long way. Fully expected a single core device. Nowhere does FAVI spec dual core. There are ARM Cortex-A9 dual and singles of various speeds. This is a single core device. Finding you have an 8GB model when you paid for the 4GB is quite the bonus. The item is then beyond docking any eggs. CWM, no. It is simply Android Recovery Mode. Cool the Mfg website offers instructions for rooting of 4.0.4. Though I chose not to mess with that and am checking out JASS. Happy to deal with bonus onboard storage. Thank you FAVI! Frowns to mad-nines-man

Cons: Entering recovery mode. Paperclip trick is not a pleasure.

Overall Review: You will want a USB mouse & KB. BT mice / KB will work, but you have to get BT connectivity software from the market to connect BT devices. BT is not part of this ICS build, sadly. Using the market apps will save you the annoyance of buying the pricy FAVI candybar BT KB. Old iogear BT adapter works as does the one bundled with the vt2012. See the play store for the BT KB app. It is pretty cool to install your favorite apps from the market on a big screen. Become familiar with the android KB shortcuts, it will make things better.

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chintzy light show8/18/2013 11:38:53 PM

Pros: Charges phone, access to the phone storage works great. Phone obscures the pulsing & flashing LEDs when in the cradle. Gel case does not interfere with charging. LEDs are not too bright Tested SDHC & hub. eight bones & FS

Cons: Constant pulsing & flashing LED. Plug it in, light show. They Waste of LEDs. Programming and engineering talent was wasted on the LEDs. A single LED

Overall Review: If you like watching a fireworks [or the like], then you will enjoy the red, green, blue pulsing and flashing 24 hours a day, charging or not.

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Just about the right size6/12/2013 9:08:01 PM

Pros: Immersive. 3,686,400 pixels. Only 6301.5 pixels per dollar. 10W draw per the killawatt, which is outstanding. Nice white power LED. LED pulses when in stand by. Sturdy stand. No power brick.

Cons: Only monitor in the box.

Overall Review: Blindingly bright on the brightest setting. 10% is comfortable. On sale till 6/17/13. 1080P is just not enough vertical resolution for much of anything.

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cheap2/14/2013 2:53:53 PM

Pros: 3 inputs, colors, thin. power button light can be turned off and it is RED not blue! Matte screen!

Cons: wobbly base, not horrible, but the worst of the three in front of me. bright power button light Shiny bezel inputs are perpendicular to the panel

Overall Review: got it for a buck fifty 17W per the killawatt 22W for the LG IPS231

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LED2/14/2013 12:21:03 PM

Pros: All Cu fins & heat pipes & CPU contact. Cu is an outstanding conductor of heat. Looks pretty, 2600RPM moves a lot of air. Included fan mate2 will run the fan at 0RPM, may not be a PRO.

Cons: No LED when using the CPU fan header & included fan mate2 fan RPM controller. Silly blue LED works otherwise. Sharp fins!

Overall Review: AMD II x2 GA-m68mt-s2p

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Aluminum wire2/14/2013 9:27:07 AM

Pros: Recyclable

Cons: Be advised. Aluminum wire clad in copper is a sub optimal choice. This is aluminum wire with a super thin copper cladding. High quality cable is made from Cu, copper. CCA is not copper wire.

Overall Review: CCA = Copper Clad Aluminum

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Aluminum wire2/14/2013 9:16:22 AM

Pros: Conductors

Cons: Aluminum wire. See description, color, copper. Al is substantially softer than Cu and has lower electrical characteristics than copper. CCA = Copper Clad Aluminum.

Overall Review: Money not well spent. Heading for this product should read, aluminum speaker wire, colored with copper cladding.

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Aluminum wire2/14/2013 9:00:26 AM

Pros: Conductors

Cons: This is aluminum wire. It is clad in a microscopically thin copper coating. It looks like copper wire but it is not copper wire.

Overall Review: Your time is better spent looking for and using NON CCA products. Copper Clad Aluminum = CCA

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Aluminum wire2/14/2013 8:39:04 AM

Pros: Conductors

Cons: Aluminum wire, with a microscopically thin copper cladding. Seems attractive, but really is sub optimal.

Overall Review: Buy copper wire. You do not have time to deal with the shortcomings of CCA.

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Stay away1/11/2013 12:42:41 PM

Pros: recycle value

Cons: It is aluminum wire. Aluminum has horrible fatigue strength compared to copper, lower conductivity, much softer.

Overall Review: CCA is copper clad aluminum. The cladding is colors the wire copper.

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Nice, not greatness1/6/2013 4:19:09 PM

Pros: Well constructed. Quiet. 7 year warranty is impressive. Single rail.

Cons: Only 4 watts more efficient at idle than a seasonic bronze [60 less]. Break even is 17 years [24x7x365] given 0.1$/kwh and is 10watts is 6.8 years. Point is I will stick to bronze rated units given the multi-year payback times. It is true I have not calculated the cooling costs for 3+ months of the year, nor when it does not matter nor the time waste heat helps heat the home.

Overall Review: Bought for a 24x7 server.

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Could be better12/17/2012 10:02:17 AM

Pros: Works after much effort. Not sure where to put the blame. It is fast. It is quiet, not silent. It is a good card. 5 Cu heat pipe heatsink, impressive. Runs Skyrim on Ultra, all reflections on @16x12. 7.9 WEI, e8400 OCd 10%. Barely fit. See cons. Far Cry 3 is fun, not great. FC3 is one of the free games. The other two are annoying.

Cons: Successes demanded a fresh OS install. Tried many things over several days, many lockup system crashes. Bezel size. Not complaining about the circuit board length, 2x width, height or weight. Bezel design is not clever. It barely fit due to the long bezel. Sapphire what is with the silly bezel? It is 1.3cm longer than necessary. It might look cool in the NE pictures, but you will likely struggle installing the card because of the extra long zig-zaggy black plastic bezel. Stop listening to the marketing department and make the bezel shorter Sapphire. What buyer has not scoffed at the bezel length? How many complaining reviews do you need to see to correct this error? Hitman, and Sleeping Dogs are pitiful games. So boring, linear, scripted, and annoying. Maybe the play opens up after the first couple of missions. Huge DL, 16GB

Overall Review: Make sure your PS can deliver the amperage needed, a lack of current is a source of crashes. Single rail 12v PSUs are the best choice.

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Antec, please read other thoughts12/17/2012 9:45:31 AM

Pros: Lots of places to hide cables. Big plus. Slide in drive bays. 3.5” are nicely designed. Installed a Sapphire HD 7950. Barely fit. 3.5” slide in bays! Silicone rubber grommets are **Highly Effective**, especially the Antec ones. If you have never used them [esp in a multi drive] install, then you will be very happy with the reduction in noise levels. Nearly gone is the head access vibration, a very welcome change [RAID 10]. Power supply is on the top. Decent airflow with one big video card [HD 7950]. I selectivity use slot covers to tuning airflow, especially with a semi-vented video card.

Cons: Horizontal brace is riveted in place. Swapping the power supply with a larger/taller CPU cooler inplace will most likely require removing the motherboard. Nor you can install the power supply last if there is a tall CPU cooler. The brace ought to be removable in the event the power supply fails or you need to upgrade. Brace removed all is good. Repairability outweighed its utility. Door. Low utility. The 3.5” drive bays. Move down 2cm and improve airflow over the top of the top drive. A taller case taller would mitigate the problem with the brace, top 3.5” airflow and the unacceptable airflow for the bottom PCI-E video card [see below]. Not an SLI case. A bottom 2x wide video card air flow is compromised to an extreme degree. The lowest slot is about 1cm from the bottom of the case and placing a card in the lowest SLI/Crossfire slot is a very bad idea.

Overall Review: If you use more than one of the 5.25 bays you will have cabling problems. Mitigated by having a modular power supply. Hiding excess cabling in the unused 5.25 bays is the way to go. SSDs mount in the either of the front 3.5” slide-out drive bay. Why would *anyone* put the SSD at the bottom? Build-- One video card One sound card One DVD burner Modular power supply with flat cables [read pcpower modstream III] RAID 10 7200RPM drives It is really difficult to find a case that combines features that work really well. Many large cases force you tol struggle to install a modern 3D card. Antec. Please continue building cases with silicone rubber drive mounts and the slide out drive bays. Antec. Please build cases a few centimeters deeper to accommodate today's oversized video cards. Antec. Please build cases to accommodate easy removal and replacement of the power supplies.

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Beware12/15/2012 8:19:25 AM

Pros: Near silent if that is what you like. Read change BIOS settings to adjust the default RPM range. Ahem, any air movement is much better than no air movement. The fan helps a lot with MB cooling. That comment directed at another review. Overall the HSF works well after modding.

Cons: 30 Day Warranties are terrible. Below is a quote from NE. Warranty Limited Warranty period (parts): 30 days Limited Warranty period (labor): 0 day Base was not smooth, nor planar. Sanded and polished the base.

Overall Review: It is big. It uses push pins. Push pins work, but they exist because Intel is chintzy. Check the warranty for yourself.

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64K CFE12/3/2012 9:15:19 AM

Pros: Tomato flahsable. Open source. 64K CFE out of the box, true of ASUS firmware, true of Tomato. Total / Free Memory 249MB / 231MB (92) Total / Free NVRAM: 64KB / 21KB (33) Desirable feature set, see details tab above. Not shiny like other NxxU devices. Fast, silent. Was on sale.

Cons: Base is bad, ports will face up. Most of the mass is near the antennas. Now add 8 cables, 2 USB, 5 Ethernet and power. It is a very poor design. The marketing department is the problem with the design. Minus an Egg ASUS. Blue LEDs. They are the WORST color, reference 'human eye sensitivity by color'. Not a utilitarian designed product, meaning much efforts on style and too little on day to day use. LEDs belong on the front. Looks cool, but that is so very unimportant. Installing micro SDHC card voids warranty. SDHC slot is on the motherboard. Rebates. So annoying.

Overall Review: In production for less than a week and have not fully tested the device.

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Rebate Is A Joke, unexceptional product11/1/2012 11:00:09 AM

Pros: Blows air They promised a rebate. No delivery = Dishonest

Cons: Bought July 2012. Mailed rebate in time, in July. Fan vibrates at 1380RPM. Annoying. Proprietary fan, Not-Green. Fan Failure = Trash Time

Overall Review: Expect full price. Don't bother with the rebate.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear valued customer, We sincerely apologize for the issue. Please contact our customer service e-mail or via toll free number 1-888-925-6266 for further assistance. Thank you. Best regards, Zalman USA Customer Service
Most stupid design10/16/2012 11:25:39 AM

Pros: If you don't own it, then you have a pro. If you do have it, be assured designed for a short life (you will not suffer for long).

Cons: Charger? Really? If you like chintzy, then you will love the product. This is the most chintzy designed charger I have experienced, ever. Device base snaps into the funny shaped WALL CHARGER, see NE pictures. Snapping it into the charger is the only way to charge it. Imagine the fun in snapping and unsnapping the charger from the base. It is only a good 30 inch drop from the wall location to the counter, and I am sure it will survive every tumble.

Overall Review: If the wall socket is worn, then you will never charge the device. The charger/shaver will fall out of the wall. Supremely stupid and wholly chintzy design. I am sad I own the shaver. It is an embarrassing sight. Product earns -5 eggs, read minus five eggs.

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2 solid years10/5/2012 8:14:41 AM

Pros: Runs Linux. Is Tomato friendly. Is reliable. Is fast. Is customizable. Gig ports. Removable antennas.

Cons: Blue LEDs are a bad choice. Humans eyes are not designed to focus on blue lights. Red and Green LEDs are cheaper and you can easily read them from a distance 32k NVRAM is too small for complex routing / switching / VLAN configurations

Overall Review: Probably the best value for the dollar

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seven hundred what?6/14/2012 1:25:02 PM

Pros: It is a switching power supply

Cons: W stands for what? The labeling on the power supply does not bother to add up the total power in continuous watts. I could, but I expect the number is less than seven hundred continuous watts. I suggest buying power supplies properly described with real power delivery numbers not numbers the marketing department decided upon.

Overall Review: Not a good choice.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the psu. The psu is a 700watts. Can you advise how you are testing your psu? If the psu is found to be defective, we can get you a replacement under warranty. Please contact us on live chat for any questions or recommendations. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
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Live Chat
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431.5 Watt power supply6/12/2012 6:47:49 PM

Pros: 431.5 watt power supply

Cons: It is not a 500 watt power supply. See the label from the NE picture line up. It is no wonder so many people have had problems with this unit going up in smoke. NE product description is not accurate.

Overall Review: Buy a properly rated power supply, and this is not one of them.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Unit label, We are sorry to hear of your issue with the psu. Please note that this power supply is 500 watts. The label you are looking at should have another number that adds up to 500 watts or somewhere very close to 500W. Are you having trouble with your cpu or any part of your computer? Please feel free to contact us on live chat so we may get this resolved asap. Link below. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
External Link(s):
Live Chat
A real 450 wat PS6/12/2012 6:38:00 PM

Pros: Good PS, bronze, quiet

Cons: Not all CM power supplies deliver the implied number. See 460 elite. It cannot deliver the implied watts. So this PS has no cons.

Overall Review: Always read the PS labels. Don't be fooled by a number with no label. If it is not labeled watts then it is not watts, don't buy it. It *will* let you down.

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