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Excellent combination of quality and features for the price. Aftermarket cable recommended for mobile use.5/3/2015 6:10:47 AM

Pros: + Impressive clarity and soundstage with a balanced and relaxed blend of bass, mid-range, and treble, the latter of which is not sibilant at all + Requires no additional hardware, such as amplifiers or sound cards. + Very comfortable cloth padding which offers a firm fit, even during exercise + Interchangeable cables with a locking mechanism + Build quality of the headphones and cable seem pretty good SOUND: These headphones deliver a pleasurable, but not emphasized and certainly not artificial-sounding, bass and texture to satisfy many people. Downtuned riffs sound visceral, and bass kicks more like bass punches you know what I mean? If you are looking for a lot of bass that you could swim in, these are not for you unfortunately. With the impressive soundstage, I could focus on so many lesser sounds in my music that I struggled to find before. Lyrics, which may have been hidden before, are now clear. My situational awareness in first-person shooters is also heightened now. Explosions and gunshots, if properly produced, sound quite a bit more forceful too. I am not big on the sound production in movies, so I can't really speak for that audience. On the matter of ASMR, the bass response and soundstage benefit the microphone manipulation and 3D audio considerably. BUILD & FIT: It's all a bunch of hard plastic and it's fairly light, but it doesn't necessarily feel flimsy. I don't want to drop these too much, but I think they should handle some rough handling with little problems. Manipulating the headphones does not cause any creaking noises, which is good, and I do not feel like they will break in my hands. The earcups have a nice bit of movement to adjust to your head near-perfectly. At first the fit was a little tight, but they've broken in quite nicely. The soundstage seems to be best when you adjust the headphones so that your ears sit in the back. I wear glasses, and these will make a sort of squeaking noise if I move my head around certain ways due to the glasses rubbing against the cloth earpads, but it doesn't bother me often, and you can just hold the headphones in place when you move your head to the side to stop them from rubbing together. The cloth padding isn't uncomfortable in the least. I usually wear them for the good part of my day, being a total nerd. But I do feel pretty relieved when I take them off. I do yoga with these and lay down with them on as well. Yes you can do these things, and comfortably. The ears may get warm during exercise, but they will not get as hot as if you had leather or pleather earpads. These will stay on up-side down, but they will slide back if you tilt your head backwards unless you wear the headband like a crown.

Cons: - Doesn't seem like it would take very many drops - Default 3.5mm adapter is bulky, as is the separate 3.5mm cable from Sennheiser, hindering mobile use - Leaks more sound than other open-backed headphones CORD & MOBILE USE CONSIDERATIONS: These headphones have a open-backed design, and I shouldn't have to tell you that these leak a lot of sound. However I kinda do, because these leak a lot more than other open-backed headphones I've come across. On a volume that I consider normal and fun, and in a controlled environment (completely silent house), I was able to faintly hear the sound from my room out in the hallway, over 25 feet! Of course that was with the door open, too. I would NOT recommend these for use in libraries or any similar quiet place that requires productivity unless you are going putting the volume rather low. In which case, somebody sitting next to you shouldn't notice. The cord (thank the lord) is detachable and locks into place. This was one of the features I wanted when considering my options. The default cord feels pretty solidly built, but it is just normal rubber. A deep plastic sound is heard in the left ear when it is manipulated. About ten feet in length, ending with a 6.3mm plug and it comes with a 3.5mm adapter. In my environment, that is great because I can do yoga, operate my elliptical or exercise bike, and lay on my bed across the room while still listening to my music or whatever. More on the fit during those actions later. Sennheiser makes a 4.5 foot cable with a 3.5mm plug and 6.3mm adapter, however it looks just as bulky in width, which will probably stop you from plugging this into your smartphone if it has a case on it. You will have to take the case off for a proper connection. And if you do, the 6.3mm + 3.5mm adapter will induce an unsightly ~3 inch protrusion upon your mobile device. There are third-party replacement cables sold on .. that one inappropriate website, made by NewFantasia. These appear to be of high quality and come in an unnecessary amount of lengths, ending in normal-sized 3.5mm plugs, and may come with braided cables or an in-line mic + volume control (the latter one does seem to affect sound quality and it's pretty short so I find the short cable + away-from-the-desktop controls to be useless). If you are going to take these for mobile use, I suggest you add one of NewFantasia's cables to your shopping cart as well.

Overall Review: The 518, 558, and 598 all curiously have the same sound drivers, and the main difference between them is a gradual shift from bass to treble and with each succeeding headphone having a wider soundstage and more comfortable fit. But overall these are not very bassy, nor bright. If this signature is not what you are looking for, I suggest you take a look at Sony, Shure, Grado, and Audio-Technica models in the $70-$150+ price range, as they also look to be good options for both closed- and open-backed headphones. After many, many hours of researching and cross-referencing headphone reviews and discussions pertaining to budget headphones under $100, I decided on these as a replacement to my modest Logitech H390 headset. They were a perfect match for the sound and features I was demanding. I would highly recommend these for any music lover who is not willing to invest into additional equipment. These are best enjoyed at home due to the default cable and open-backed design. Gamers may enjoy these headphones as well, though I hear the HD 558s are more recommended for their wider soundstage. For additional reference, I listen to a lot of jazz, swing (classic and electronic), funk, r&b, soul, 70s-80s pop, new age, meditation music, and a whole lot of metal (traditional, thrash, death, black, sludge, doom, progressive, experimental, you name it). I enjoy all of these so much with these headphones, and the sound quality is actually helping me appreciate new kinds of music as well.

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A great mouse for a variety of grip types.4/12/2015 3:01:28 PM

Pros: + Build quality feels very good. It's just a bunch of plastic and and rubber, but it feels sturdy. It has a modest weight which provides accuracy and control, but still allows one to move it freely using a fingertip grip. Buttons sound and feel nice to press, but the middle mouse button requires more force than usual to press down. Thankfully if you do not like this, you can reprogram the middle mouse click function to one of the thumb buttons. Mouse wheel is flat with tiny ridges. I have no trouble with grip at all despite it not looking particularly grippy, even when my hands are sweaty. The finish doesn't leave any fingerprints behind, which is excellent, and it doesn't look like it would show very much wear, if at all. Cord doesn't feel particularly great, but it isn't cheap either. + Long cord length (Approximately 70 inches) I am free to move my mouse all over my desktop without worrying about cable length. + Five programmable buttons (middle mouse, left and right scroll, front and rear thumb buttons) Logitech Setpoint is required to customize these features. If you're not using Setpoint, why not? These buttons are able to be assigned as keystrokes or special functions (Minimize and maximize page, copy and paste, zoom, app switching, start screen, double click, one-touch search, back and forward browsing, etc) + Laser tracking feels reasonably accurate I am able to use this smoothly without issue on uneven cardboard, my scratchy desk, my jeans, my hairy arm, and even glass. I can even use it as a mini-touchpad, albeit mirrored. Why would I want to do that? Out of curiosity! Some people report issues when lifting the mouse quickly in gaming, causing the cursor to flick around because the laser is still catching the surface very briefly. One solution to this is slightly cover the bottom of the laser hole (The technical term, of course) with tape. I personally game a lot and this is not an issue. I have trouble even replicating it, but I did once. Don't worry about it. + Conforms to a variety of grip types. It looks like it was designed for a very hands-on grip. was that a pun or just apt? Left mouse button is elongated and the sides are rubberized and contoured for the thumb and pinky. But I am able to use it just fine with a "claw-type" and "fingertip-type" grip. I find it uncomfortable to use with my entire hand on the mouse, but that's just me, not the mouse's problem.

Cons: - Button to switch between free-scroll and notched scroll is not programmable. It's just a mechanical button. I guess it's not really a bad thing because it's not an issue with the mouse design itself. I just kinda wish I had something else to press. - Free-scrolling wheel is really expletive weird. It seems like every time I need to use it, I have no issues whatsoever. Press the button, flick once to get through my 50-page list (I keep lots of lists. Don't ask), press again for notched. No problems. I have a smooth-scrolling extension on Google Chrome (also from Logitech and requires Setpoint) that looks and feels great, so I kind of want to use the free-scrolling wheel more often. Problem is, it's kinda inconsistent. Sometimes it will scroll right back to where it was before. I thought maybe that was because it is frictionless and it just kept going, so I decided to hold the wheel at a stop for a second. And I've tried it for several seconds, too. As soon as I lift my finger off the wheel, it will scroll back up. I don't know exactly how mice work, so I cannot explain this. I don't like this. It doesn't happen ALL the time, though. It's really unusual. If the frictionless wheel is the feature that is screaming your name, look for another mouse with this feature. It will probably work most of the time you need it, but it would really pull my pork if I was working and it started to act up.

Overall Review: I thought the white stripe would be bad-looking, but it's actually dark grey and it has grown on me. Many of you probably don't care. Also the laser does not shine outside of the mouse, so it will provide no distracting illuminations at night. I was very satisfied with Logitech's products in the past (I own a webcam and headset by them), so I decided to get this when I saw it was $27. I was thinking of going for the Kensington Pro-Fit mouse, which was about $10 cheaper and had very similar features, but wanted to stick with the Logitech name. I am pretty glad I did. This is the perfect mouse for me, although it lacks some features such as adjustable DPI and ambidexterity (Sorry lefties). I use this mouse for minor image-editing work (just using GIMP for fun), gaming (Mostly shooters and RPGs, but also some MMO and RTS games), and general computer-y stuff. This mouse provides me with the control I need to make careful shots quickly, but unfortunately this does not compensate for my reaction times and poor aiming when caught by surprise. When will they make a mouse that can aim for me?! I have the middle mouse remapped to minimize (Nobody can know what I make lists of. NOBODY) and the rear thumb button has the middle-click functionality, which is much more comfortable. Front button is mapped to \ and left and right scroll clicks are mapped to [ and ] respectively. I wanted to have them copy and paste, but when I game, these buttons default to "ctrl" (because ctrl+v/c) when trying to map them. SETPOINT HAS OPTIONS FOR DIFFERENT MAPPING COMBINATIONS BASED ON WHAT PROGRAM YOU ARE USING, but it seems like a pain to set up for a lot of games and when I tried it didn't work. I can only assume that I have no idea what I'm doing, right? I have owned this product for over a month now and it has shown no signs of wear or use. Just as good as the day I got it. I plan on updating this as soon as I experience any issues with it. I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a step-up from the cheap, basic mice a distant friend or relative might have thrown at you saying "oh hey see if this works for ya". If you play MMOs, you might want a mouse that accommodates more buttons (as an MMO player I find it hilarious that people need that many buttons. I'm just fine using my other hand to use WASD and a modifier+key simultaneously no sarcasm), or if you require precision for image editing or other games, you might want something with adjustable DPI. And if you're a klutz maybe you want something built like a tank. Otherwise, this is great.

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Pretty nice looking budget case. Take it only if you love it, because it has been a pain.3/5/2015 1:38:11 PM

Pros: Very affordable. Looks great. Front USBs and jacks are convenient. Most of the screws are thumb screws. Comes with a front-mounted 120mm fan. Fan runs silent at low speeds, but a fan controller can make it hum if you need it to. Entire front panel has a dust filter.

Cons: Cable management? Nope. It was my mistake to get a non-modular power supply. Highly recommend you pick up a modular one for this case. I just stuff all the wires between the PSU and the front bay and stick them behind the odd side-mounted hard drive space. That probably messes up the front panel airflow, but hey, I do what I have to do. Some of the internal screws are a pain to install due to being thumb screws. Bulky screws+tight quarters=not so good. So not entirely a pro. One of the side panels is an incredible pain to take on/off. I think one of those tabs was bent in a chevron shape, so I'm not fixing that...had to hammer it down, which still makes the side panel a bit of a pain. Motherboard was a NIGHTMARE to install. Very little room to move microatx sized boards, and I couldn't put it in properly when I put the rear panel in first. Had to hold the panel on the MOBO and somehow shove it in there together. No idea how I was finally able to do it. Speaker was not included, so I have no satisfying beep on start up. Won't be able to fit regular-sized fans on the side of the case if you use a tall CPU cooler. I'd recommend getting a fan smaller than 2cm wide. For reference, I use a Cooler Master Hyper TX3. Was JUST unable to mount my Fractal R2 fan on there.

Overall Review: I'd suggest taking the 5.25" bay dust filters and fixing them up to cover the side and rear fan openings. It looks like you might be able to rig it up so that you can mount a second 120mm fan in the front panel. I sure did list a lot of cons. And it really pulled my pork at times. So objectively I'd have to give it two to three-ish eggs. But I love it. It looks great and I wouldn't settle for another case even if somebody gave me a better one for free. Probably because it's too much of a hassle to remove the motherboard from it, heyo! But you'll probably be happier if you just got something bigger in the first place.

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Pretty great upgrade from stock fan+hs. I am now able to game in peace.3/5/2015 1:08:04 PM

Pros: For reference, I am using it with an AMD FX-6300, no overclocking. This was to replace the stock fan/heatsink it came with. Able to fit some small cases! I installed it in my Fractal Design 1000 no problem...well, little problem. Explained in cons. Fan is VERY quiet compared to stock. The old fan would whine like a stray cat at 6000 RPM. So much so that I had to stop playing games because it bothered me so much. The ambient sounds of gaming alone are enough to hide the TX3's fan. Pretty silent at idle and rev up noise while loading certain websites and videos is negligible. Overall a very quiet experience no matter what you do. Using BioShock Infinite, Sniper Elite III, and Metro 2033 as tests, my CPU temperature has dropped by about 10 to 20 degrees Celsius! Glorious day! I don't think I've gone very far over 45C yet. BioShock Infinite pushed my CPU with the stock cooler very hard, and I actually think it was bordering on dangerous territory (or maybe I am just a worry wort). Idle and general-use temperatures have lowered slightly, but that doesn't matter a whole lot. Comes with a tube of Cooler Master's own thermal paste. The paste is kind of really stringy; didn't like that. Some people would recommend you get your own aftermarket paste, but I think so long as the application is done properly you will be satisfied either way. I used the two-parallel-lines-on-the-heatsink method personally, as it seems to be widely suggested for this type of direct contact heatsink. The fan actually cooled my GPU down a few degrees, too. Comes with brackets to add a second 92mm fan. Price is really great; well worth every penny.

Cons: Tall ram can be an issue if you're using the slots closest to the CPU, or if you are going for vertical airflow. Thankfully my motherboard's dual channel is set up so that I can use the two farthest ones. Not sure if this should be a con or not. AM3+ installation was a pain in the pork for me at first, especially because I had to work inside the case (mobo is not going ANYWHERE inside the fractal 1000). But I practiced installing it without paste a few times and it finally went pretty smoothly. Just takes patience, definitely doable inside the case. While this cooler can fit smaller cases, it may restrict your ability to install a side panel fan. I was excited to find a well-received cooler that fit my case, and in that euphoria I did not consider the limitations of installing a case fan afterwards. If you have a small case like me, try looking for a fan under 2cm wide..maybe under 1-2/3cm. Do they make them that small? I sure hope so.

Overall Review: This product is a good entry for gamers or people doing some computer-intensive work. I recommend you buy this in the first place and forget a stock cooler. But at this price range and size, it seems like something one may consider upgrading from in the future if you want to expand your capabilities.

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Excellent fan for the price.3/5/2015 7:30:18 AM

Pros: Comes with rubber "screws" to eliminate contact with the case. Runs silent at 40% speeds, but it hums a little loud at 100%. Very, very cheap.

Cons: Rubber screws take a bit of elbow grease to pull in. I had to get somebody to assist me in installing this on the side panel of my case. Otherwise they are pretty rugged.

Overall Review: I purchased this to install on the side of my Fractal Design 1000 case (which I believe already has one preinstalled on the front panel as well). Funnily enough, it turned out to be 1 to 1-1/2 cm too thick and interfered with the new heatsink/fan I purchased along with it (the Cooler Master Hyper TX3). I was so excited to find a good CPU cooler that fit my case that I did not consider the interior limitations of installing a side fan afterwards. If you have a small case like I do, try to find something maybe half this wide just to be on the safe side. I'd recommend it to anybody that lacks case fans or just needs to replace some bad ones, but it seems like something some people may wish to upgrade in the future. It is simple and plastic, but does not feel flimsy to any degree. At this price point, I am not sure how well they will hold up in the long run. I've had one on the front of my case for several months now and it's just fine, but when it starts to make any noises I will see if I can update this.

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Excellent fan for the price.3/5/2015 7:18:37 AM

Pros: Comes with rubber "screws" to eliminate direct contact with the case. Silent at 40% speeds. Still near silent at 100%. Not going to hear it unless you stick your head in your PC. Really, really cheap.

Cons: Rubber screws take a bit of work to pull through. Needed somebody to help me install one on the side panel of my case. They're fine otherwise; won't tear if you just use your fingers.

Overall Review: I installed this fan as a rear exhaust for my Fractal Design 1000. I can't hear it even when I turn it up to 100%. I'd highly recommend it for somebody that does not yet have case fans, or if you need to replace some old, noisy ones. Seems like something a gamer would want to upgrade in the future. It is simple and plastic; it does not necessarily feel flimsy to any degree, but at this price point, I am not sure of how it is going to hold up in the long run. I'll see if I can update when I start hearing some noise.

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Simple and cheap. More tech-savvy people may want something with more capabilities.3/5/2015 7:04:23 AM

Pros: Dead-easy installation. Cable Management is great, you can just stuff all of the wires within the tray. Comes with two tabs that you can tie the wires onto, or simply wrap them under. Very simple, practical, and good-looking design to fit black cases. Five fan connectors. Even if your case has a couple more, your motherboard should help to cover all of them.

Cons: No fan monitoring. The lowest speed you may put fans at is 40%. Can't turn them off (I personally don't have any reason to turn them off in the first place, but some people would want this capability) Switches are free-slide and not notched. Not a big deal, but I'd appreciate some tactile feedback and a sense of what percentage I am at exactly.

Overall Review: This is my first fan controller. I did not see the need for any fancy displays nor fan speed monitoring. The product matches my Fractal Design 1000 case beautifully and serves its purpose very well. I'd recommend it to anybody that just needs a simple, affordable, and effective fan controller. But it is lacking several features that people may require or desire.

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Free, but transaction may be confusing12/2/2014 9:36:08 AM

Pros: Free game.

Cons: Was confused by how the transaction was taken out.

Overall Review: So I've seen a couple reviews saying how they were charged for this product, and in one sense that is true. I called up Newegg about this today and it was explained to me like this, Newegg separates free items like this into a separate order with the cost for that item. In this case, it is about $30. But, that cost is also SUBTRACTED from the accompanying order of the CPU + whatever. That's just how they handle this sort of discount, I suppose. So if you bought a cpu+thief+other components for about 500 dollars (would be $530 without discount), you would get an order for $470 which had all of your components, and you would also get a second order for Thief for $30. In the end, you are still paying $500, the correct amount. So do the math. If you suspect you are still being charged incorrectly, then call them up about it. I incorrectly thought that, using the above example, the entire order should have been $470. I guess I and people having similar concerns should keep the check-out price in mind.

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