Good, proven DDR4 for AMD9/27/2019 2:22:55 PM

Pros: Worked out of the box at 3200 on B450 with XMP enabled running 3700x and latest BIOS Lower latency numbers than your average DDR 3200

Cons: Not the cheapest

Overall Review: As stated, I put this in a MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC with a ryzen 3700x CPU. Updated BIOS and turned on XMP and done. No muss, no fuss.

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More than fast enough for me9/27/2019 2:18:48 PM

Pros: Plenty of room Price/GB is about as good as it gets Good warranty

Cons: It's QLC, so not the fastest

Overall Review: Putting together a new build and was going to get my first NVME SSD. Got a heads up on this drive from Tech Deals on YT. Not a benchmark king, but overall a great value for my needs.

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Versatile little dock for HDDs, SD cards, and even a couple of USB 3 ports2/5/2019 7:58:28 AM

Pros: - In the short time I've had it, it works as expected. - Bought on promotion at a price I'd consider a steal. - USB 3 interface is about as fast as you can expect in this price range. - Two USB 3 ports is a nice bonus.

Cons: - Unusual USB cable is too short. With PC on the floor and dock on a desk, there's no way the supplied cable is sufficient. Fortunately I already had a USB 3 extension cable in place.

Overall Review: Overall it's everything I was wanting or expecting. Other than the cable being shorter than I'd like, it's a very nice and affordable docking station. I did have one significant complaint, albeit no about the product itself: The product listing says it ships from the USA and "most customers receive in 2-10 days", this was false as mine was shipped from China and took 13 days. I am fine getting a bargain and waiting a couple of weeks for it to arrive if that is stated up front, but saying it ships from USA is either an oversight or outright lie.

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A lot of bang for the buck9/25/2018 1:26:58 PM

Pros: - Plenty of power for my home theater setup - Small and light - Full compliment of dolby & DTS modes, HDMI ARC - vTuner, while it has limited support, is pretty good. You have to sign up on H/K to create favorites - Works really well with my home network (Open Media Vault running mini DLNA)

Cons: - Really strange power saving setup. I have no idea how it's supposed to work, but the only way to enter "standby" is by pressing the power button for less than 3 seconds (and you have to press it for 3 or more seconds to turn it completely off)??? - Doesn't remember last volume setting for different inputs - just one master volume setting.

Overall Review: Paid less that $150 for this AVR and it pretty much does everything I need. Hard to complain about that.

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I just don't know how you can top these at this price point3/30/2017 8:46:35 AM

Pros: - Very good sound quality - Comfortable - Extremely affordable

Cons: - A bit bulky, but that is the nature of the beast with over the ear headphones - Not suitable for activities that involve lots of movement or bending

Overall Review: I got these on sale after looking around and hearing nothing but positive reviews. I don't know how they stack up against high dollar headphones, but with my budget and aging ears I doubt I could be happier. Comparing them to a set of Grado 70's (I believe that is the model) - I'd take these babys every day. These are superior in every way. The only drawback I can add is that these wouldn't be good for use while moving about a lot. They are comfortable and thus don't clamp your head, meaning they can slide off if you shake your head or bend over too far.

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Solid little board for a reasonable price11/5/2016 8:38:49 AM

Pros: - Installation was uneventful. Everything fit and arrangement is excellent. Plenty of room for CPU heatsink/fan. - Came with latest available BIOS. - Decent number of SATA and USB ports. Full array of back panel video ports for use with onboard video. - Has nifty red LEDs at each corner of the board if you're into a little visual effect.

Cons: - There was one item I couldn't find in BIOS, and that's "POWER ON by KEYBOARD". This is a feature I generally use. This review is my initial impressions, so maybe I missed it on one of the setup screens (?). Probably not worth docking an egg either way. - Board has LEDs for visual appeal, which I don't care about. However I was surprised that there was no case sticker. - (Added) Tiny little manual. Definitely the least content of any mobo I've ever used (however it is in every language on planet earth). Since it was an easy install I won't change my overall rating. - As you can see these are nitpicks and very minor which speaks to my overall satisfaction with this board.

Overall Review: As I mentioned above, this review is more of an initial impression (less than a week ownership). But for a basic motherboard at a very low price, it allowed me to build a nice little low power system (Skylake 6100T) with pretty good performance. It has the H110 chipset, so there are some compromises as such, but that should be known going in.

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Really nice small bargain case for mATX build11/5/2016 8:27:50 AM

Pros: - Mostly steel construction. Reasonably solid and nice looking. - Very compact for a micro ATX case. - Accomodates 5.25" drive (DVD burner in my case) - Provided case fan is not loud at all

Cons: - While it has options for fan mounting, the filter is useless unless you use them all to exhaust air out. Using only the rear 80 mm fan, most of the air will enter through the side vent (unfiltered), some through the filter and some through the front (unfiltered). - Cables for the front switches and ports really get in the way if you mount a 5.25" drive. They should be either longer or routed differently. - Power LED is bright blue. This has become very common with many cases I believe.

Overall Review: The main selling points for me were: 1) Small, 2) Cheap (on promotion), 3) Accommodates a DVD burner. It's a bargain case but I only deducted one egg because of the airflow/ventilation design. I assembled this system using an older 400 Watt ATX supply and didn't have nearly the problems with clearance that others have complained of. With a LG DVD burner installed, there was almost two inches clearance for the cables and didn't present much trouble with cable routing. Speaking of the DVD burner, again I didn't have any issues with that either. Just removed the snap out front cover and the tray lined up nicely with the opening in the front panel. The button lined up fine with the open/close button on the drive just fine as well. I don't know if there is a standard for tray position & size or the button, but everything worked without issue for me. Before tightening the side mounting screws for the drive it's best to test how far forward it should be so the case button properly engages the open/close button on the drive. It's not the most cosmetically pleasing look, but no biggie. The 80 mm rear fan (I wish it could have been 120 mm) seemed adequate, but since I wanted as quiet a build as possible, I replaced it with a Noctura 80mm fan. Thus far I haven't seen any need to add a fan to the side vent.

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Quiet and effective11/5/2016 8:06:11 AM

Pros: - I'm new to Noctura fans, but this 120 mm and another (80 mm) have been everything they're cracked up to be. Both are as close to silent as possible. They also keep temperatures low.

Cons: - Obviously not inexpensive - but you get what you pay for. - Using the rubber "pegs" instead of screws to mount the fan is a challenge.

Overall Review: I installed one of these in a case (Antec Sonata II), that came with a power supply & fan which used rubber pegs and thus had non-standard mounting hole size (small). Using the provided rubber mounts, instead of the screws, was a challenge - getting them pulled through the fan frame holes properly took a while but once done work great. Mounting with screws is more than adequate (as long as it's possible) vibration is well controlled by the rubber pads on the corners of the frames. If you're looking for a high quality, quiet fan (with lots of accessories) look no further.

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Small enough, quiet enough, and inexpensive enough.11/5/2016 7:54:34 AM

Pros: - Unlike some, I had no issues mounting this to the motherboard. - Designed for lower power CPU's, I put it on a Skylake 6100T and it runs at low speed with little heat or noise.

Cons: - I can't think of any at this time

Overall Review: As mentioned this was used with a low TDP processor and thus it's small size is sufficient. It has maintained low temps very quietly.

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Tiny and inexpensive bargain12/9/2015 2:00:38 PM

Pros: Very small size High Capacity Inexpensive (especially with promo pricing)

Cons: Very small size Only 2-year warranty (compared to much longer for other Patriot drives)

Overall Review: This drive is tiny. Very similar in size to your thumbnail. That feature can be a pro or con. If you want to use it as a portable drive, it can be difficult to install or remove from a USB port (it would also be easy to lose). I bought this to put in my TP-Link router to use for multimedia storage and streaming. I won't need to insert or remove it frequently, the small size is unobtrusive and not prone to damage. While it can't compare to Sandisk Extreme drives, it is satisfactory (got 127/24 read/write on USB 3 port using CrystalDiskMark). I just received this drive so I can't comment on it's reliability. BTW, I got 64GB for $17.xx - so that's a pretty great deal, IMO.

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Small, light & fast9/29/2015 7:59:17 AM

Pros: Big savings over paying monthly rental fee Fast enough for Comcast Blast! tier Small footprint

Cons: Lights are brighter than necessary Very lightweight

Overall Review: I got this when I switched to Comcast with Blast! speed tier. Getting speedtest results that are as good or better than advertised (overprovisioning apparently). Overall completely satisfactory modem. Only two negatives are that 1) The lights are very bright - but I reduced this (also on router and cable box) using "Dim-It" filtering film. The other problem 2) the unit is very lightweight and can be moved/tilted by the coax cable and ethernet cable. These are both minor issues and not worthy of deducting an egg.

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Overall very good Wireless Router9/5/2015 7:58:29 AM

Pros: Very good user interface & easy to setup Decent range & signal throughout my house Button on back to disable wireless Got great deal in combo offer with modem

Cons: Bright lights on front of unit

Overall Review: Heads up on James M.'s review below. It appears he is actually reviewing a different product from a different manufacturer (Amped Wireless NOT TP-Link). There is no provision to dim or turn off the front panel lights on this model (and they are pretty distracting). The unit he is talking about does have an LED button on the back to perform this function - but NOT this product. Overall a good bang for the buck, high quality router. Lots of configuration options and ability to use open source firmware is a plus.

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Big umbrella at a reasonable price9/1/2015 6:47:47 AM

Pros: Large diameter provides more than adequate coverage Good quality & materials - better than most. Reasonable price

Cons: Only needed one, but at this price I have one in each car and one for home.

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Nice price but runs HOT on USB32/14/2015 12:51:06 PM

Pros: Inexpensive Good storage size for many uses Form Factor is average

Cons: Drive gets hot (very HOT) when used on USB 3.0 port

Overall Review: I bought 3 of these to use as bootable devices (recovery). They've proven fine for that, more capacity than needed. Speeds are nothing to brag about (29 Read/10 Write) - no advantage to using on USB 3.0 port. For some reason this drive runs cool on a USB 2 port, but gets really hot on 3.0 ports. Because of the modest speeds, I'm going to use them on my 2.0 ports - those high temps concern me.

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Solidly built, but flawed9/19/2014 11:30:32 AM

Pros: Substantial stainless steel inner pot Affordably priced Solid construction, feels well built

Cons: Unless you speak Chinese, the manual is worthless Pressure seal/relief valve is unreliable

Overall Review: For me, operation is purely guesswork. The labelled buttons are clearly aimed at the Asian consumer (Tendons, Fragrance ???)- hence as a WASP American they mean nothing to me. Unfortunately, Tatung clearly put no effort into translating the operator's manual. Also, included was a loose sheet that looked like it may include recipes but it was written exclusively in Chinese. The third time I used the cooker the relief valve would not seal. The first two times I had to nudge it a bit before it stopped bleeding steam, but on the third use it never would. The result was that the water in the pot boiled off and my vegetable was scorched. After three tries of "cleaning" it (there was no evidence of anything on or in it that needed to be cleaned), it worked again. At this point, I'm not sure how confident I am it will work every time I use it.

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Good SSD at an affordable price4/13/2014 7:48:06 AM

Pros: Pretty fast SSD, way quicker boot times than HDD Samsung makes good products Comes with useful software for migration and configuraion

Cons: Migration tool doesn't handle the partitioning (that I could tell)

Overall Review: Operation is as expected and with Newegg promotion it was a very good deal. When I moved my existing HDD to the SSD, it didn't have a provision for the fact that the HDD had two partitions (OS and storage) - I do this to make backup images of my system smaller. When migrated it just created a single partition with the boot (OS) drive contents. I had to use admin tools in W7 to do the split/partitioning - no big deal. Also there was nothing that addressed aligning the drive, but apparently it is automatic as the new drive is OK.

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Nice little device4/13/2014 7:38:11 AM

Pros: Easy to insert/remove drive Pretty darn fast on USB3 ports No problems for me under Win7/64

Cons: USB cable is short.

Overall Review: I had no problems installing a drive and getting it to be recognized and operate. At first I thought I was going to have trouble with the lid, but when a drive is in place it lines up fine. The short cable is a bit of a pain as the only USB3 ports on my desktop machine are on the rear panel. The good news is that it's a standard port (micro USB, I believe) and Newegg sells compatible longer cables.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ROBERT: Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Our email address is, please feel free to contact me if you have any problem. We looking forward to hear from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite
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Not Compatible with Comcast Voice4/17/2013 1:34:46 PM

Pros: Cheaper than renting from cable company (check you local listings)

Cons: Doesn't work with Comcast voice (telephone) service.

Overall Review: I just had Comcast/Xfinity TV, Internet, Phone service installed. This modem can't be used for Voice service. In fact, I now know that in some areas they don't allow customer to supply equipment for internet+voice. Obviously, I can't evaluate this product but just wanted to put it out there for others who may make the mistake that I did.

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Nice budget board1/24/2013 8:58:39 AM

Pros: Good feature to price ratio. Stable and reliable

Cons: Limited BIOS option for SATA mode.

Overall Review: I used this board in a budget i5 system. The only problem I encountered was related to SATA mode configuration. The BIOS only allows you to select IDE/AHCI/RAID for ALL ports - not for individual or grouped ports. As I was installing a SSD for my OS drive (and wanted it to run in AHCI mode) this caused my existing DVD-Burner to not work properly (it only allows bit-setting in IDE mode). I solved it by replacing that burner with an ASUS model that worked in AHCI mode. Thankfully the new burner was less than $20 from Newegg.

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Good choice on upgraded build10/28/2012 7:28:03 AM

Pros: - Low price - Works under SATA AHCI mode - Automatically sets booktype on DVD+R, +R DL, +R RW

Cons: - Can't control booktype setting

Overall Review: My two big needs were to get a burner that worked properly under AHCI mode - my old Samsung wouldn't. Also, the ability to set booktype to DVD-ROM on DL or RW burns was required. While this drive doesn't actually allow selection of booktype, it does automatically set to DVD-ROM, allowing best compatibility with standalone DVD players

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Great for a budget tab5/31/2012 9:17:46 AM

Pros: Price Full featured Integrated IR remote

Cons: Single, Marvel cpu is by no means fast Only has front-facing camera - I wish it had a rear-facing one No root (if that is important to you)

Overall Review: I've had mine since December when I got it from a popular "deal a day" website. It had Gingerbread when I got it, but Vizio rolled out a Honeycomb upgrade in late March which was a nice improvement. I'd give it 5 eggs when factoring in price, but still worthy of 4 price aside.

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Long time user12/27/2011 7:05:46 AM

Pros: Good Promotion price, even better (FREE) after rebate!!! Fast shipping Feature packed program for a fraction of Photoshop.

Cons: User interface is cluttered and confusing

Overall Review: I started using the JASC version (ver 2 or 3) that I had to download with dial up many years ago (anybody remember "digital river"). I've used v4 for the last several years. The new user interface is dramatically different, so I'll have to get used to it, but the functionality is much enhanced as it better be after 7 major revisions. The free Winzip is of no interest as I'm one of those that purchased that before Corel and was supposed to get free lifetime upgrades - which, after purchasing the rights to, Corel refused to honor. No biggie - PSP is why I bought it and with the free after rebate offer - it was a no brainer.

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Perfect fit for notebook7/19/2011 1:02:48 PM

Pros: - Ergonomics of trackball and wheel/buttons seems natural. - Plug & Play via USB requiring no setup to fuss with - Range is very good. Range is good to over 15' - Nice compact size. Not tiny nor bulky. - Price. - Works fine with rechargeable batteries.

Cons: - On/Off switch is tiny and it's easy to forget to turn off when not in use. - Symbols on play control buttons are small and hard to read for my aging eyes.

Overall Review: I use this keyboard to connect to my Acer notebook that is connected (hdmi) to a widescreen TV. This allows me to view Hulu and other online video without having to hover over the notebook. Running X-mouse under Win7 allows some key mapping of things such as the wheel button. Overall this keyboard does exactly what I needed it to do. It does take some getting used to typing on the compact keyboard, but the trackball and mouse wheel/buttons are the most used and easy to adapt to.

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Bang for the buck11/18/2010 12:15:13 PM

Pros: - LED/LCD display - Plenty of RAM & HDD space - Runs cool with decent battery life - Price (especially with Newegg deal) - Numeric keypad

Cons: - 5400 RPM Hard Drive (although typical for budget notebooks) - Some preloaded junk

Overall Review: For $399 through Newegg promotion, this is a steal. It will replace a 7-year old Dell so it's a major improvement, but still I give it good marks compared to my two-year old dual core desktop system. I haven't played any DVD's yet, so I can't evaluate that capability, but overall it's a solid performer.

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Great deal, great monitor7/23/2010 1:25:58 PM

Pros: * Big 23" monitor * Very good picture/resolution * Price (especially with promo) * ALL supported cables provided * Integrated speakers

Cons: - Glossy screen can produce some glare.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a 17" LG monitor that had served me well. Picture is as good or better - no complaints whatsoever. This is the first widescreen monitor I've used and it's really helped out when viewing large photos such as on shorpy. I can't evaluate the speaker sound quality as I'm not using them. Overall great monitor for the regular price, but with the Newegg promotion I feel like I stole it.

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