Intel still superior8/10/2020 9:50:47 PM

Pros: 40ns of memory latency Samsung B Die My Ryzen 3000 systems 64ns 5.0ghz easily overclock Ryzen 3000 4.4 Runs cooler than my 3700X with a 360 radiator Very simple to overclock 14nm vs 7nm but near on par i.p.c. (Taiwan manufacturing) Intel used to be the (still are per node)leader but now are at a standstill. Very responsive compared to my Ryzen systems( haven't owned an Intel part since Core 2) Can get 10900k gaming performance or near it within a few percent.

Cons: I overpaid 20$ but if I would've waited on Ryzen to lower I would've saved hundereds on my Ryzen CPUs. If Intel lowered prices by 15% more AMD would be in some serious trouble. Don't think for a second that executives from companies don't play the consumer because they all do even another competitor will play along for the ride or whatever the bigger stockholders have to say. Even if the same stockholders own most of the stock of each competitor. This is why fanboyism is so ignorant. It's old tech now but it can compete with it's Taiwan competitor still that has much newer tech. 14nm++++ to infinity and beyond. Drawing well over 100 watts at 5.0 GHz but not really a con job for me. Not PCIE 4.0. A huge loss in my opinion but I have Ryzen too :). Paired with Aorus z490 Pro AX Aorus 1080 Ti. (A fast nvme drive makes it much better)

Overall Review: Worth it for gaming. Though I could've purchased two 3600 CPUs with coolers. That's what's crazy. Lol.

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3600@14-14-14-28 1.44volts 67ns latency Ryzen 3700X10/27/2019 12:19:33 PM

Pros: -It's so pretty -It's so fast 3200mhz ram @3600 mhz 14-14-14-28 1.44 volts Memtest past 64ns latency aida -It's so much need for Ryzen -It's priced decently (thinking about getting another 16Gb for 109$!!!) -It's RGB that goes well with Gigabyte's X470 Gaming 7(RGB=ReallyFast Gaming Board) :} -Samsung B-Die (Sounds like a virus) -Replacing Hynix Vengeance Memory (this memory is terrible)that's 3000mhz c16 which is rated at 3200c16 that will only run at 3000 c16. This particular Vengeance module doesn't like Ryzen

Cons: -This one isn't black colored but still pretty THE PACKAGING WAS TERRIBLE. RAM NEARLY DIDN'T MAKE IT. WAS IN A ENVELOPE WITH NO PADDING. THE BOX WAS LITERALLY BENT AT A 45 DEGREE ANGLE BUT BOTH STICKS SEEM TO WORK. The only thing that saved this ram was the heavy heatsinks during the shipping. Everything I have purchased from Newegg over the past 5 years seems to have been open-box that was advertised as NEW. This has happened with 2 motherboards, 1 kit of ram, 2 CPUs. I've been doing a lot of purchasing from other websites because of this.

Overall Review: -Seems to be the most legit Ram for Samsung B-Die around for the price -Even if you game at 4k it doesn't make a difference really but it will make the entire operating system much snappier and quicker with Ryzen 2000 or 3000. This is paired with a Ryzen 3700x at stock setting with XFR and a 360 radiator and Gigabyte Gaming 7 x 470 board with the latest F42e bios.

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Looks nice comes with thermal pads8/18/2018 10:10:32 PM

Pros: -Looks good -Comes with two long thermal pads for at least twice of use -Metal backing and front with clips

Cons: -Was going to install on my MSI X370 SLI PLUS board but my 1080 TI Aorus would be literally right against it -Too bad I couldn't test the thermals with it as I just purchased a PM961 OEM drive

Overall Review: -I have a 120mm fan attached to my HDD bay that blows directly on my 1080 TI AORUS and does provide airflow in between the GPU and M.2 drive. Seems like a bad idea to put a m.2 slot there instead of above or below the primary GPU slot.

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Great sounding compared to turtle beach8/13/2018 6:01:22 PM

Pros: -Studio Sound -Big cups cover entire ears (well for most) -Long cord. (newegg doesn't allow G ()D or Jezus to be said WTH!) CHRISITIAN HATING MUCH? -Sound DB is there. -Adjusting is easy. -Looks weird on my bald head -A steal at 38$ -Much better sounding than my Turtle Beach x12 headset and louder

Cons: -Can make you sweat

Overall Review: - Worth the 38$. Studio quality sounding for sure with high pitch and bass. JVC is a mid-range brand and is often considered cheap but really isn't cheap quality.

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Good quality board.3/31/2017 6:40:49 PM

Pros: - It's color - SLI and Crossfire - Big heatsinks - Supports many Ram speeds - It's MSI

Cons: Don't really have any. Most of the time you either get a working board of you don't. People who get boards that are bad usually get returns sent back to them. Newegg has sent me a couple of used or refurbished boards in the past that were sold as NEW.

Overall Review: I bought the last one in stock when they first arrived. Sorry.

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Works good. Haven't used microphone.3/4/2017 4:46:55 PM

Pros: - Fits good, even for big heads. - Works

Cons: - Sound is what you pay for around $20. -Cord needs to be about a foot longer.

Overall Review: -Cord is too short. Need to get and extension. Sound is ok. Older model bought for 14$.

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Speed9/5/2016 7:51:02 PM

Pros: Fast speeds when back of pc is pointed towards to router. Back of pc has pointed towards the router or it gets 100kb to 500kb.

Cons: Speed

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Worth every penny6/9/2016 8:35:42 PM

Pros: Paid 99.99 on prime and received in two days. Had a small dent near side window but not too noticeable. Case looks well designed and has plenty of room for an sli configuration, radiator setups, and plenty of fans. I have 7 fans total running in this case. I have 3 120mm on top for exhaust, 200mm pre-installed front fan rear intake push pull 120mm fans, bottom intake 140mm pre-installed fan. I am running 970 sli with an 8320e @4.2 ghz at the moment and yes the radiator since it's in taking air from the back is putting a lot heat inside the case but the top 3 120mm fans are pushing it out quickly and the two 970s I have as well produce some heat that can heat up this apt a degree or two lol. Overall I'm happy with this case because it doesn't seem to be as cheaply made as others for the price and the psu cover looks great along with the fan hub which I use for 5 fans that are controlled by cpu temps. I have about a 1500$ setup and this case makes it look like it's worth more.

Cons: small dent during shipping .

Overall Review: Would buy another

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4.7ghz3/25/2016 9:28:30 PM

Pros: I have had this for over a year now and it's been great. I have this paired with a h60 push pull configuration and it usually stays 29c idle and doesn't get above 56c gaming. I have 970 sc sli configured with a 970 pro gamer board at 4.7ghz with 16gb of ram. My passmark score is 10400. Sli 970 firestrike score 13000. specs Phantek pro case Asus 970 Pro Gaming MB 8320e@4.7ghz 16gb ddr crucial ballistix 1600mhz Crucial 240 bx100 ssd (Passmark 4400) WD Green 1tb 2X Evga 970 SC(100mhz core oc 300ram) Evga 750B PSU 7 case fans

Cons: not as good as current intels...but overclocked can make a difference. 32nm.

Overall Review: I paid 132 for this on prime and has been good to me for some time. Gaming has no problems and plays fallout 4 like butter in sli.

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Not new2/27/2016 8:22:07 AM

Pros: Good price sli

Cons: Led is not visible because of long video cards Neweggs products are not new. I've purchased several motherboards that were already opened. This was "New" but was not sealed. The bag wasn't sealed nor the box. There was fingerprints on battery. Last time I purchase anything of value on newegg!!! Amazon has all my business now for good.

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Doesn't SLI with 04G-p4-29742/21/2016 10:34:15 AM

Pros: Fast im sure

Cons: Doesn't work with the 04G-P4-2974-KR. Why isn't this listed anywhere I couldn't find it on evga's site either. I spoke with evga and they will make an exception and send me the lower end card that I already that can work in SLI. Newegg won't accept a return on this unopened? Ok newegg that's it for me, Ive been a customer here for 10 years and have purchased thousands worth.

Overall Review: Yes, just make sure the cards are compatible with each other first!!!!

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It's Loud11/8/2014 4:26:44 PM

Pros: It works.

Cons: It's loud.

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Beware11/6/2014 6:55:58 PM

Pros: It was cheap when I got it. It looks decent. Lots of space for fans. Has tool less bays.

Cons: My ASUS m5a97 board didn't fit very good in the case at all. VERY FLIMSY SIDE PANEL.

Overall Review: I wish I wouldve of went so cheap with this one.

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EVGA solid11/6/2014 6:50:33 PM

Pros: Has a single 40 amp rail. Powers my 7950 and 8320e with 12gigs and 1tb green wd with a crucial 128ssd and 4 case fans with no problemos.

Cons: It didn't come with a sticker. wah.

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Crucial11/6/2014 6:47:28 PM

Pros: It works better than me.

Cons: It wasn't free like me when I work.

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It's Huge(wattage)11/6/2014 6:42:57 PM

Pros: It has 4 12v rails at 30 amps a piece. Doesn't that add up higher? Lots of connections.

Cons: It doesn't cook me breakfast. It wasn't doa(like me going in to work).

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