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HT  OMEGA eClaro 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card
HT OMEGA eClaro 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card

Pros: Excellent sound quality much MUCH better than on board or **atives cards.Its an almost mindblowing experience as to just how much a difference a better card really makes. This card made me listen to everything i had and then some. Swappable Op amp dip socket for those more daring about there audio. Oh and it has a VERY capable headphone amp section and low noise floor, hiss free even with IEMs. Did i say its stable and easy to set up? Well because its also that too.

Cons: you must use the D-sub cable if you want to use speakers and if you loose it its not exactly an off the shelf part however HT Omega will send you one if you do. The included heaphone extension cable seems low quality but not really a con persay but a grip. Will make you buy more music and will make you buy expensive headphones/speakers to use it. Wont make you a better at life but it will make you believe it does. If you actually bothered to read the cons in this review you yourself are not experiencing to amazingness of this sound card. It will make you realize that good audio gear is worth it which could lead to you spending more money of stuff you havent thought of before. Oh and other reviews posting negative comments with ABSOLUTELY no true knowledge on the matter of soundcards or audio at all leading common good customers of newegg astray.

Overall Review: This was a night and day difference from on board audio or my phone even (galaxy S4). I watch alot of movies and game often with warframe, black light retribution ,battle field 3 just to name a few and its haunting how real everything sounds now. I also listen to everything from heavy metal to rap to classical to psytrance to country and use FLAC or mp3 and this card makes my music so pure to listen to. Ive used good heaphones before but upgraded to some JVC MX10-B studio monitors and they dont play music with this card they sing!