Works great8/16/2019 9:23:42 AM

Pros: Had no problem retrieving old pictures from a old win95 PC Hard drive.

Overall Review: I recommend it.

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Easy to set up3/31/2018 1:26:03 PM

Pros: Installed and used Samsung Data Migration software. Worked great Now I have 3100 Mbps read and 1800 Mbps Write.

Cons: The screw is not included. They should include it.

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Good little kit3/19/2018 11:15:10 PM

Pros: Everything you need to work on PC is there.

Cons: none

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3/19/2018 11:13:29 PM

Pros: Had this for a few years and is runs good no issues.

Cons: None

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Easy to set up3/19/2018 11:11:10 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Samsung Data Migration software was easy to use. Old laptop went from a 5400 rpm HDD to this SSD. Now it gave the old laptop a few more years of life. The load time for Win 7 on HDD was just under 3 minutes. With the SSD the load time was around 50 seconds. Huge difference. Also programs open faster.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I used Samsung Magician software and it increased the speed of the SSD.

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Can't go wrong for the price. Once you have an SSD you will never go back to a HDD.4/16/2016 7:57:02 PM

Pros: All the Pros of an SSD and at this price for 1TB you can't go wrong. Software and games loads faster. Save power on battery in laptop. Runs silent no spinning sounds like a HDD.

Cons: No problem so far. I only had it for a week.

Overall Review: I would recommend this drive. I'm not using it to store important files so I did not want to spend to much for a 1TB SSD. This one is reasonably priced now that it's on sale. I have read other reviews where the drive failed. Since it's only for gaming I took a chance. Replaced a HDD for a Dell Alienware laptop. My laptop has a 128 GB m.2 boot drive so due to the lack of space I have to install all my games on the second drive. This SSD loads game faster then a HDD and 1TB is enough for storing all my games. Now my new laptop runs really smooth. I'm using the 1TB HDD from the laptop on my home PC as a back up drive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
3/8/2013 1:42:46 PM

Pros: Lots of room. Lots of air flow and fans to keep things cool. Buy it. You will not regret it if size don't matter.

Cons: Its BIG. The size was a con for me when I first saw it. But when I started my build it grew on me. Now I love it. But if you don't have much room or you want it in the built in pc shelve under your PC desk it probably won't fit. Make sure you mesure before you buy. I didn't and I was shocked at the size of the case. But now I love it no regrets.

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It works3/8/2013 1:30:07 PM

Pros: Works as advertized.

Cons: none

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Failed after two years.9/9/2012 4:37:05 AM

Pros: Worked great for 2 years with no issues.

Cons: Dead after 2 years. Now I have to replace it.

Overall Review: I think it should last more then two years. I bought it to power a GTX 470 to play games on my home PC. My PC was on sleep mode when not in use but i'm not sure if that matters or not.

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6/2/2010 11:30:59 PM

Pros: Love it. Has great performance. Newegg has fast shipping.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I upgraded from a XFX GTS 250 1GB DDR 3 MEM. I can play my games at a higher graphic settings with the GTX 470. I could still still play all the high end games such as BC2 and Crysis with my GTS 250 with good Graphic settings.

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