10/25/2013 2:30:05 PM

Pros: Fast Shipping.

Cons: I don't have a con

Overall Review: This company bent over backwards to correct a previous problem. If I could give them 6 stars I would. Anyone can make a mistake, but working as hard as they did to correct is, is a great company to deal with

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like so many others6/2/2013 10:17:44 AM

Pros: it has a nice screen and very compact

Cons: like so many others.. the wireless connection is intermittent if at all. After calling Dell support and using the computer a few times, they said, well it could be a hardware problem, but it is probably a software problem and that is not our problem, it's yours.. excuse me?? the only thing I downloaded was itunes and now they are saying a computer software issue is my problem not theirs.. I always stayed away from Dell, but thought, hey this looks like it's just what I need.. but what I need is internet... and now, dell won't stand behind a computer that is 2 weeks old... I'm shocked and so unimpressed with Dell's customer service that wasted 1.25 hours of my life, only to hear, buy our extended warranty and we'll delve further into your problem

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Jury is out6/25/2011 6:23:22 AM

Pros: Tiny, light

Cons: Mouse extremely unresponsive, to the point where without using an external mouse it was unusable.

Overall Review: I was so excited when I opened the box thinking this would be better than an android tab, however I could barely make the mouse move at all. It would stall and skip across my screen. After spending two hours on the phone with hp tech support, I returned it to newegg for replacement, as i was reminded it is a non returnable item. I only hope the first one was a lemon, but after seeing the built in mouse touchscreen I fear it is a design flaw.

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we love it!12/27/2010 8:03:45 AM

Pros: This tv is great. I am impressed with the picture, even though it's 780p. I heard it doesn't matter when it's a smaller screen and it definitely works for us. We bought it for the outside bay of our motorhome, but have it inside replacing the built in tv till spring and I'm very glad we bought it. When we are infield camping at a NASCAR race, we can pop in a dvd easily to occupy the kids and seconds later watch pre-race stuff over breakfast with no hassle or setup.

Cons: I am sure some people wouldn't be happy with the sound as we notice the difference from it and surround sound, but they are built in speakers and, heck, they are perfect for us and our needs.

Overall Review: If this goes back on sale, I would order a second one to leave in Las Vegas at our vacation property, in a covered area of our outdoor kitchen. For this price, sure beats buying a 3000.00 sunbrite.

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