Beast of a Laptop10/23/2015 9:12:37 AM

Pros: Powerful and Fast Excellent cooling Plenty of I/O Decent battery Easy to swap out some components Backlit keyboard Keyboard and touchpad are pretty good for a laptop Durable IPS Screen looks great

Cons: A little bit of bloatware in default install No USB 2 (not an issue for everyone) A bit big/bulky compared to some laptops

Overall Review: This thing is a beast of a laptop, in every sense of the word. It's big fir sure, but it feels durable as well. It's as powerful as most people would ever need and still manages to have great temps. In fact, the cooling is so good that you could actually overclock this laptop, which is all but unheard of. It's got all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a high-tier gaming laptop, but does skip on a few things that may matter to some people (USB 2, namely, and only because I have a couple things that don't like USB 3), but otherwise, I couldn't ask for more

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A Portable Tank10/23/2015 9:06:50 AM

Pros: Extremely Durable Compartments for everything laptop related Not too big or heavy Well-padded Holds large laptops

Cons: Not so cheap...

Overall Review: In short, this thing is a tank. I often describe it as "so durable that if you punched it with a laptop inside, YOU'D be what would get hurt." It's well-made, well-padded, and has protection everywhere that matters. For transporting valuable electronics like a gaming laptop, keyboard, mouse, etc, I wouldn't trust anything less than this. If you can afford it and have a larger laptop, you will probably be glad you bought htis.

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Solid Motherboard10/23/2015 8:26:03 AM

Pros: USB3 Header Plenty of other connectors USB3 on rear panel Logical, compact layout Mostly neutral colors, so no need to go out of yoru way to match to a build color scheme

Cons: Not an Intel LAN adapter, but still good and reliable in my experience No built-in WiFi

Overall Review: I've bought 3 of these boards and all have worked well without issue. No driver issues, no hardware failures, nothing - just a pleasant experience with the motherboards. If this has the features you need, this is a solid choice in my book.

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A Solid Mouse10/23/2015 8:20:03 AM

Pros: Solid Construction Can be customized Adjustable weight Looks cool

Cons: Feels kind of weird in my hand

Overall Review: Overall this is a pretty nice mouse, but it doesn't really mesh with how I usually hold my mouse. Favors a claw grip, I'd say, so probably not the best choice for a palm-grip user.

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Fantastic10/23/2015 8:18:24 AM

Pros: Comfortable Excellent Sound Solid Construction Extremely Versatile Detatchable Mic (though I personally prefer foldaway) Braided cables

Cons: The mic quality is okay, but nothing special

Overall Review: I've been pretty impressed with this headset. It sounds and feels great, and you can use it just about anywhere with the adapters provided. You can swap out the ear cups to your preferred material (leatherette or some plush thing), so pretty much anyone should appreciate this headset. Other than the mic (which as with most headsets is sub-par), it's an amazing addition to anyone's setup.

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Neat for what it is10/23/2015 7:31:15 AM

Pros: Thin Light Effective for what it is Stays in place

Cons: Personally don't like the feel of it much

Overall Review: I'm a bit of a traditionalist. For what this is, it's pretty cool, but make sure to use one before you buy it is possible. This sticks to your desk, etc, and is extremely thin. This means it's more of a hassle to move, and I personally don't like the thickness (or lack thereof). For some, this will be fantastic, but it wasn't quite to my taste.

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Excellent - If You Have Use For It10/22/2015 12:31:28 PM

Pros: Tons of macro keys Can simulate mouse LCD screen Comfortable Feels nice to use Software is easy to use

Cons: Non-mechanical

Overall Review: Outside of it not being mechanical, I don't really have any complaints. However, if you're looking to get this, make sure you have use for it. This isnt' the kind of thing that anyone can get and immediately benefit from - it takes time to learn to use it well, and you should be prepared for that if you buy it. Still, if you have use for it, it does a fantastic job.

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A Great Little Controller10/22/2015 12:28:43 PM

Pros: Cheap Lightweight All the normal buttons Feels pretty nice, but it does not directly relate to another controller (prepare for adjustment time) Buttons feel ncie to press - not too mushy

Cons: No vibration :c

Overall Review: Other than the lack of vibration, I love the controller. Does everything I wanted without a fuss, and they're cheap enough to grab a few to play with friends.

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Nearly Perfect10/22/2015 12:25:53 PM

Pros: Cherry MX Brown switches Even red backlighting Full-size, not over-sized Not too loud Audio/USB passthrough Cold connectors

Cons: Some issues with "sticking" keys at first, but hasn't happened since first few days

Overall Review: Outside of the small concern from the initial sticking key thing, I've really happy with the keyboard. Someone should figure out what's up with the sticking keys, though, as it seems to be relatively common.

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An Excellent MMO Mouse10/22/2015 12:19:50 PM

Pros: One of few white mice Extremely comfortably Tons of button combinations Easy to use macro setup Looks nice Feels nice to the touch Stays clean well G-Shift is more useful than you'd think

Cons: Had a driver issue with one on a specific machine, and one had a slightly squishier feeling G-Shift, but nothing else, and nothing consistent

Overall Review: For me, this is pretty much the go-to MMO mouse, or really mouse in general. The buttons seem absurd before you use it, but if you're a gamer, you'll find plenty of uses for them, trust me.

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It's A Mouse Pad10/22/2015 12:16:45 PM

Pros: Keeps the mouse off the desk Soft Flexible Big enough to use comfortably Relatively thin

Cons: None

Overall Review: It's a mouse pad. It's cheap, sometimes free if you get it bundled with a mouse. What more can you ask for?

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A Fantastic Laptop At The Price10/22/2015 12:15:15 PM

Pros: Reasonably fast Easy to swap for SSD Plenty of RAM for general usage Decent build quality

Cons: None really

Overall Review: For a time, this was simply the best laptop you could get for the money. Unfortunately, that time has passed, and there are now other laptops occupying the same slot. Still, this was a solid buy, and if you can get similar specs in the range of $400, go for it; you won't be disappointed.

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Exactly What I Expected10/22/2015 12:11:16 PM

Pros: Fast reads (writes are decent, as per advertising) Solid construction Reliable No-hassle setup

Cons: Writes could be better even if they aren't bad

Overall Review: It's an SSD and does what it should - it's fast, it stores data, and it doesn't violently explode for no reason. Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support.
Overall, very satisfied10/22/2015 12:09:18 PM

Pros: Powerful & fast Perfect screen size for me Volume buttons on back 64GB of storage Dual SIM - great for international travel MicroSD Support Decent battery life (more in other thoughts)

Cons: A little too much bloatware for my taste, though most/all of it can be removed if desired (after recent updates) ZenUI slows OS updates

Overall Review: Battery life is mostly only a problem because of Android 5.0, which has a few issues that cause the OS to drain much more battery than it should be. ASUS, we'd really like to get that 5.1 update soon... or 6.0 now that you've waited so long...

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A Neat Little Battery Backup10/22/2015 12:06:41 PM

Pros: Lovely color Small and easy to store or throw in a pocket Bright flashlight, but there are brighter for sure Stays cool

Cons: Not the highest capacity Rather short cable No quick charge in/out

Overall Review: I was looking for a battery backup, and when Is aw this on sale, I jumped on it and I've been pretty happy with it. There are a few little flaws, but nothing I'd really complain about, especially at this price. I've since upgraded to something with a higher capacity, but I still carry this around sometimes simply as a flashlight and emergency charger for me ro a friend.

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The Internet's Standard for a Solid Webcam10/22/2015 12:03:45 PM

Pros: Great quality Auto-focus Adjustable settings for the best picture High res Not bulky or heavy

Cons: Typical "webcam mic" audio quality Some issues with USB 3 (it works, but I've had it lock up while on USB 3)

Overall Review: This is pretty much the internet standard for a solid webcam nowadays, and is used by many streamers. It makes for a great webcam without breaking the bank, especially if you get it on sale. Please, though, if you use the webcam, don't use the mic. Webcam mics are notorious for being terrible, and this one is no exception. There are worse, but get a decent mic. They're pretty cheap nowadays, and people will be much happier to hear your voice then.

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Highly Flexible and Strong10/22/2015 11:59:04 AM

Pros: Extremely flexible Very grippy, but not unreasonably so Very strong once in place Lightweight

Cons: A little tough to make fine adjustments sometimes Could have longer legs

Overall Review: Great for use with typical-size webcams. The clip-on bit is great if you have a webcam on your monitor most of the time but occasionally put it somewhere else.

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Solid RAM10/22/2015 11:56:30 AM

Pros: Reliable Looks nice Keeps cool

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Not much else to say, really. It's good RAM, it looks great, and I've never had any die on me. 10/10 would buy again.

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Fantastic with a few flaws10/22/2015 11:17:51 AM

Pros: Sounds great Digital surround Comfortable for extended periods of time Software is simple to use Looks awesome (love the RGB lighting) Mic sounds decent for a headset

Cons: Mic isn't as flexible as I'd like, but isn't too bad Digital surround has caused some quality degradation in some sources for me, causing peaking USB 2 sort of required (couldn't update firmware without using USB 2 port)

Overall Review: All in all, this headset is fantastic. There are definitely a few places it could be improved upon in general, but the core headset is nearly flawless. Sounds are great across the spectrum, the look and feel are on point, and it's easy to work with. The digital surround needs to be tweaked to fix the peaking, this mic could be more flexible, and the requirement of a USB 2 port for updating firmware needs to be addressed, but otherwise, I'm quite happy.

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Much Better Than Expected10/22/2015 11:07:49 AM

Pros: IPS Panel looks great Solid build quality - doesn't feel cheap at all In-depth monitor settings available Looks good without any real calibration Standard inputs No noticeable bleed from backlight Cables angled down, not outward from back

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Considering this was the cheapest IPS 27" monitor at time of purchase ($190), I was expecting a little less, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a monitor that felt and looked fantastic. I have no real complaints. As a side note, mine came with a DVI and an HDMI cable, no VGA included. No idea why you'd want one (or how you don't have like 800 spares), but do be aware that it didn't come with mine at least.

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Some Pretty Cool Fans (hehe)10/22/2015 11:01:22 AM

Pros: Keeps things cool Looks cool ("smoke" blades look neat) Cool colors Quiet Blue LEDs Good build quality Fluid dynamicbearing Cheap

Cons: None really. Would like if they offered them without any LEDs, though.

Overall Review: What can you really say about a fan? It does all it promises - moves air, stays quiet, and keeps things cool. Looks nice too, though personally I would've liked to buy them without LEDs instead of having to remove them myself after the fact, but oh well. It's not a big deal when they're this cheap already. And removing the LEDs would save what, 50 cents? All in all, I'm pleased.

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You win some, you lose some10/22/2015 9:21:26 AM

Pros: The GPU technically worked Cheap and powerful Backplate

Cons: Coil whine Got pretty warm because fans wouldn't spin up

Overall Review: You win some and you lose some - that's the nature of refurbs. Sometimes you get lucky and get a great product for super cheap, and sometimes you get a dud. I got a little unlucky and got the second one. I first noticed an issue when the fans didn't spin up while under load. Quickly rising heat made me stop the test pretty quickly so I could inspect the card and see what was going on. The fans were trying to spin, but it seems power delivery to the fans was bad or the motor was dying and they simply didn't turn. On top of that, taking the side panel off made me aware of some rather noticeable coil whine coming from the card while it was under load. Despite the GPU technically working, I couldn't accept the problems and I've decided to refund it. Plenty of people will buy a refurb and get a good product, but if you buy refurbs, be aware going into it that you may get a dud and need to return it. Sometimes it might take a couple tries to get one that properly works, and that wasn't something I wanted to deal with.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Aaron F., I do apologize for the troubles you are having with your EVGA GTX 960 graphics card. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Thoroughly Impressed10/22/2015 9:10:34 AM

Pros: Small, but a spacious interior Good cooling setup by default Plenty of available cable management Plenty of I/O on the front (side) panel(s) Supports full-length cards Supports water cooling Side window Magnetic dust filter

Cons: Default HDD cage placement is DansGame, but is manageable

Overall Review: Honestly, for $40 I would've expected to get a less awesome case. The pros and cons cover most of it, but overall I really enjoyed building in this case. The front panel was a bit tricky to get off at first, and you have to remove it to change the front fans (which were fine, but I didn't want red LEDs), and the HDD case's placement is... we'll say "not the best" (you have to sort of angle and twist the HDD trays to actually pull them out or back in unless you remove the fans from the front), but it was great other than that. For a mini-iTX build and at $40 on sale, I couldn't ask for a better case. If you want a compact build that doesn't sacrifice cooling or ease of building, you've found your case.

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Absolutely Marvelous10/22/2015 8:53:37 AM

Pros: Smaller than some coolers, but powerful Elegant white/black/silver design Mounting bracket was awesome to use Simple setup Loved the box it came in Quiet Highly effective Came with tons of spare thermal paste Zero RAM interference without sacrificing performance Black metal plate on top of fins

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: I had never used Cryorig products before this, but I really appreciate the effort they put into their products. From design of the box to installation of the cooler, I was impressed the entire time. The box looks and feels nice and has an interesting layout. It was easy to open and the cooler was easy to remove. After removing it, my jaw nearly dropped. The Hyper 212 EVO is famous for being effective, but honestly I'll never buy another one after this simply because of how much better this looks. Everyone has their own preference, but to me, this is one of the best-looking coolers I've ever seen or used. The fact that the copper has been plated with Nickel so it doesn't clash with literally every color except other copper was an amazing choice by them. The hive fin layout behind the fan looks neat as well, even if you won't see it typically in use. Once I picked up my jaw, I began installation. Excitement overtook me when I realized just how straightforward installation was going to me. No more was I going to have to keep track of 86 different pieces of mounting hardware. Instead, you've got the cooler, the backplate, 4 bolts, and 4 spacers. Done. Doesn't matter if it's Intel or AMD either. Flip the backplate to the correct side, thread the bolts through the correct holes, add the spacers to keep the bolts in place for now. Then, adjust the X mounting bracket for the socket you're using and set it on top. Screw the bolts into the cooler, and you're done. On top of that, the cooler doesn't even go above the RAM slots, so you don't need to worry whether your RAM will work with the cooler. Obviously you need to apply thermal paste at some point as well, but this was by far the easiest install of an aftermarket cooler I've done. The amazement didn't stop there, though. Temperatures and noise were both phenomenal, with my i5-4590 (admittedly not a super hot CPU since it can't be overclocked) staying at an icy 47C while running Prime95. Even at that load I couldn't hear the cooler. Absolute and without a doubt, truly outstanding. What is this sorcery, you might ask? Oh not much, just a company who finally cares about making sure their customers truly enjoy using their products and are satisfied with them. Good job, Cryorig. Keep it up.

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Effective, Good Looking, and Quiet10/22/2015 8:07:35 AM

Pros: Clean, simple design without being tacky Quiet (not silent, but definitely not really noticeable) Moves a fair amount of air Hydro bearing Relatively cheap for hydro bearing

Cons: Unsleeved/covered cables Silver screws instead of black (not really a big deal though)

Overall Review: Not much to say about a fan, really. It's pretty quiet (hardly even audible), keeps my system cool, and I expect it to last a whiel because of the bearing type. Worst case scenario, these are cheap enough to replace without any second thought. I just wish they didn't have the derpy looking cables and came with black screws, but for this price, I can hardly say I'd expect it.

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