Excellent Setup for hardcore gamer1/10/2021 8:41:42 AM

Pros: -Performance is up the roof! -Watercooling is quiet and efficient -Many fans, good case

Cons: -Cable management could be better -Case fan RGB controller pluged in case controller rather than motherboard *You have to connect it on motherboard to enable sync -While the idea of a front tempered glass makes it look good, it defeat the purpose of having 3 front fans, blocked by the glass -Missing parts / manuals / wires

Overall Review: First, this is the only way to get a 3080 to this day (Jan. 2021). I was pleasantly surprised that it was an Asus TUF 3080 OC! Not the cheapest and not the slowest card out there! Every parts is of excellent quality, from motherboard, to CPU, to AIO, to GPU and to memory. I can't say about the Wifi but it's a Realtek 8821CE Wireless Lan, so it supports AC. Cable management had to be partly redone, but that's to be expected. My main concern is about the case. While it is nicely designed the front glass is a poor choice for any high end gaming. That makes the airflow really bad! But, the front panel can be easily removed, but leaving no dust filter along the way! Deepcool has a "Mesh" model that could be a lot better for this! But, I'm nitpicking! Overall I'm totally pumped and it blows my mind! Even without OC anything and with stock speed for CPU, RAM and GPU, it's blazing fast!

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Great case, but poor design!12/6/2020 7:59:15 AM

Pros: -Space and cable management is easy and efficient -Air flow (within the case) is excellent -Cheaper than many less efficient cases -Good quality / construction

Cons: -Front panel is too restrictive, kinda defeat the purpose of having so many fans spot.

Overall Review: Overall, I'd say it's an excellent case! Price is really cheap and you get a lot of bang for your bucks! Up to 6 fans, open design with almost no restriction, easy cable management! Only one big downsize, the front panel is rather restrictive, and defeat the purpose of having 3 fans slots on the front. It is fixable nonetheless, and since it's only made of plastic, I've made some "breathing holes". Doing so will lower the temperatures several degrees!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Tommy, Thank you for your feedback. Your modifications look great for producing extra airflow. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns: support.corsair.com -Albert
Does what it's supposed to4/23/2018 7:02:24 AM

Pros: no fuss, just a mechanical switch, works flawlessly on my 1440p screen

Cons: well, I don't no, none really! It doesn't fetch me beers?

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Good product, with some drawbacks2/9/2018 8:27:08 AM

Pros: -Quite case -Back path for wires -2.5" HDD tray -Light

Cons: -Cheap screws

Overall Review: Overall, it is well worth the price, 40ish$ for this case is more than decent. The case is light, quiet and many interesting designs, for wires as an example, so that it remains clean! But, you get what you pay for! The screws are somewhat cheap, same goes for about every component. Feels somewhat fraisls! But, if you have spares screws it'll be fine!

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