Well worth it upgrade7/15/2011 10:52:18 AM

Pros: 1. Amazingly cool, it is idling at 26c as we speak, only 51c under toughest furmark benchmark settings. 2. Does not actually draw that much power, peak power use for entire system(including monitor) on furmark test peaked at around 650-700 watts according to a kill-a-watt meter. 3. Ran Crysis benchmarks* (I know its getting dated), it ran everything maxed with max AA at an average of 34fps, Ran the same test with a slight OC and got 36FPS (overall not bad, my OC'd GTX275 on the same test was about 13fps). ** Benchmark ran at 1920x1080 4. Surprisingly quiet*, quite quiet on idle, but you will hear it when you walk into a room, gets a bit loud under full load, but its an air moving sound, can't be helped, overall not unbearable and its not a high pitched whine sound like some gfx cards make, its actually more of a low pitch humming. Much quieter than previous cards. 5. Performs very well, with huge OC potential given its running around room temperature stock when not under much loa

Cons: 1. Cost, IMO it is worth it as I don't like to go SLI, but know you can get better performance to cost if you do, this is not a cheap card. 2. Size. This card is even bigger than my 275 (which was about 10.75"), This one is just over 11" long, so make sure that it will fit, especially if you have a mid tower. Also, if you have not noticed, it is 3 bays wide, so it may cover up another gfx card slot (like in my situation), making sli hard. It also covered all but one of my PCIE slots (but I only use one) 3. I have to run a heater in the winter now. I have the computer near my legs, and I am used to it blowing warm air on me, well, unfortunately its actually blowing out cold air, and my legs are cold (highest temp in case is actually this gfx card at 26c, everything else is at about 23c (could make it cooler but I don't want to worry about condensation).

Overall Review: I am upgrading from an MSI GTX275 TwinFrozr (idled around 40c and up to 60c under load). I was unsure at first whether or not to upgrade before BF3 came out, because I wanted to be able to come close to maxing it out, but I bit the bullet deciding I would rather have awesome graphics on release day (and this should come close to maxing it I would suspect, but who knows). Case notes: I use a mid tower, but I had to go back to my old one (Antec 900 from a Phoenix Neo) because It was about 5cm to long to fit comfortably. In other words, It will fit in an Antec 900 mid case alright, but you will not be able to use the hard drive bay cover, and you will need to have a very well managed case from a cable perspective for this to fit and to allow the airflow this thing demands to keep the fan speed lower (as it does get loud) AMD x6 1055t @ 3.9Ghz (running at 25c, thermoelectric cooler), Antec 900 case, 8g ocz reaper, Asus GTX580.

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It works, but could be better6/21/2011 8:43:26 AM

Pros: It does everything I need it to, but it takes a bit more than it should. Everything is fine but the CF reader.

Cons: The CF reader part is the main component I use, and unfortunately the worst part of this reader. It works, but there is no real "track" if you will on lining up the CF card. As a result, the pins bend very easy on the reader, and it takes a while to line up the card right. If you don't use any CF cards, I can recommend this if you are looking for something cheap, but if you do, I would look elsewhere.

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Awesome Mouse11/4/2010 6:30:47 AM

Pros: I have owned this mouse for almost two years now, and I love it so much, I actually bought another to carry around in by backpack with my laptop. Button placement is awesome, the features are there if you want them, and out of the way if you don't. Great for gaming with the adjustable sensitivity. Very comfortable for long term use, but it may take a little bit go getting used to.

Cons: As said in some other reviews, after about a year of rather heavy use, the coating starts to peel up in some places. However despite this happening, as said above I bought another for my laptop.

Overall Review: Do yourself a favor, get this mouse, and then get another for every computer in you house.

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Awesome Case for New GFX Cards2/26/2010 10:27:50 AM

Pros: This is an amazing case, I purchased it as soon as the company started selling it. There is plenty of room here for any graphics card you could want. Running two GTX 275's (MSI) and there is room to spare. It moves plenty of air and is surprisingly quiet. I actually sleep on top of it, given I live in a small dorm lol. The lights are nice, but not over-the-top. This is by far the "Largest" Mid tower I have found. Not in area taken up but area available. Plenty of room for the newer graphics cards and cools well enough it won't over-heat anything.

Cons: Does not come with a rear-fan. Not a big deal, but you may want to order one with your case.

Overall Review: * Of the dozzens of cases I have owned this is by far my fav * This case looks something fierce * Much better than Antec cases * Top Mounted PSU * Removable Hard Drive Holder * Adjustable fan speed/direction/light * This thing is a beast

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This is a Beast7/5/2009 2:55:25 PM

Pros: Have not tried crysis as I am way to lazy to install it, however It runs fallout 3 all max with max AA and all that fun stuff with absolutely NO drop in framerate or any lag at all, Vastly better than my 8800GT lol. Temperature is not much worse than my last card, about 55-65 C under load (fan cooling, well managed case) Noise, its mostly quiet except during startup Does not burst into flames when you start your computer. Makes pretty gfx Cost (If you got it when it was on sale for 50$ off) The cons section looks daunting, but allot of it is case information, its a great gfx card, Would recomend it to Anybody, even if it means upgrading your case.

Cons: These WILL NOT FIT in the Antec Nine Hundred cases* There is simply not enough room, especially to SLI these. There are some cases Mid cases that will fit these, but I recommend the PSU is on top, otherwise wires reach across the card which is a No-No. *OK, I lied, you can make them fit, but it takes some work, you will need to remove the Drive bracket in order to get it to fit, but if you do it that way ALL the cables go across the GFX card and some hit the fans. You have been warned. Cost (If you did not get it when it was $50 off =D) Sounds like a black hole opened up inside your computer during startup, quiets down after that though.* Temperature is also a con, nothing should be idling at 50-55 C. Friend has one that idles at 60 C (Non additionally Oc'd), but I won't take egg off for this. *Note- No real black holes open up inside your computer during startup as a direct result of this card.

Overall Review: This is 10.5" long, which is too wide for allot of Mid tower cases, one of the best cases I have found for this is the Phoenix Neo. (Sorry Newegg, I love you guys but you wont carry this =*( ) The power plugs (2x 6 pin gfx power connectors) are located on top of the card, so in theory you could fit it in a space that is 10.51" but I don't recomend this =D. MSI does not always make the cheapest stuff, but you get what you pay for, the quality is always very good and it comes well packaged You probably will not need to OC this any further than it comes, handles everything I throw at it. While I have never owned an 8800GTX let alone SLI'd them, Word is this or the Higher series of the GTX are a great replacement for them. Be advised it does take at least a 500W PSU for these.

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kicks itself in the head6/25/2009 1:35:46 PM

Pros: I have had this case for just over a year now, and it has been a good case. Originally, I reviewed it as a 5 egg. * Very cool (looks and temperature) * Good layout as far as HD's and suchnot go, but that is typical.

Cons: At first I thought this case would be perfect, and I would have said the same 6 months ago as well, but as time went on I began to realize this case is not all it's cracked up to be. The power supply is located on the bottom of the case, which in theory is a great idea, except the motherboards are just no layed out to have the psu located at the bottom. As a result the power cable lay over top of the gfx card and that is not the best place for them, especially if you gfx card gets hot. (as most do). Other cons- *poor cable management *bad psu placement * sounds like a spaceship taking off when using stock fans * Side is fragile * Big Gfx cards like the Nvidia 2 series won't fit without some case modification.

Overall Review: The reason the PSU location is such a big deal, and actually the reason I took 2 eggs off was because the cables need to be twisted upside down to get them to plug in, that means on a sata power cable with 3 connectors, only 2 can be used because the cable won't twist enough. This also leads to some serious cable management issues.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Decent monitor :/10/8/2008 1:28:14 PM

Pros: It's what you are paying for, not the best monitor in the world, however for the price you can't go wrong. No dead pxls, looks nice, its bright, quick response time, and its easy to use.

Cons: It gets warm after a few hours and really hot after prolonged use, however this is no big deal. Also, it does not adjust height or tilt :/ this is not a big deal for me however as it is where I would have set it anyway, however this could be a problem for some people.

Overall Review: Like one of the reviews before me, I also upgraded from a 17" CRT and it is quite a bit nicer. Also, Photoshop hates this monitor, its fixable but also a hassle the true white is true cream in photoshop =) other than that beautiful colors.

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Works Well10/8/2008 1:20:47 PM

Pros: Cheep, runs cool, vast improvement over previous hard drives I've used.

Cons: I didn't buy the bigger size.

Overall Review: If you are on the fence about what size to go with, go with the bigger hard drive, when it comes to this price, you still won't be out much more.

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Great Processor10/8/2008 1:17:45 PM

Pros: Runs very cool, and is quick right out of the box, great price for the speed, if you want much better the price goes up quite a bit.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I don't know much about overclocking. It is very shiny.

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Nice MOBO10/8/2008 1:14:38 PM

Pros: Layout is really nice, everything worked just like it should on the first try, and room for anything I need to throw in it. After reading many of these reviews I was hesitant on getting it given all the problems people are having, however, it is one of only a handful of things that actually worked on rival lol.

Cons: None to speak of.

Overall Review: Not the motherboards fault really, its just with my case the PSU is on the bottom of the case so the power cables reach over the GFX cards. So, if your going with the Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower its just something to think about.

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A good Choice8/19/2008 11:12:41 AM

Pros: It looks great and does everything they said it would.

Cons: There are allot of cables. This is not really a con, more a statement.

Overall Review: This would be best in a Full sized case, however as long as its not packed full, it will fit decent enough into a Mid.

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