Solid Economy Supply12/9/2017 3:41:04 PM

Pros: Great value (when it was on sale with a rebate) Solidly built Fully modular Compact size Hybrid fan mode for quieter operation in many applications 10 year warranty Nice bundle of included accessories

Cons: Really poor included "instruction manual" Relatively small fan (but necessary for the small size)

Overall Review: This a solidly built supply with the advantage of a fully modular cabling scheme (but honestly, other "partly modular" supplies with hardwired CPU cabling is, in my opinion, hardly a disadvantage). Its compact size necessitates a smaller fan that arguably may be noisier to push the amount of air necessary under full load, but unless the supply is being taxed by using it near its 750W spec and in a poorly cooled environment with inadequate air flow, the fan is probably going to be easily adequate. (To be honest, in my application I've yet to hear the fan at all, so I can't even say whether it's even turned on yet.) Hybrid cooling is a nice feature, though its operation is one of the things that the wholly inadequate included instruction manual omits (however if one goes to Seasonic's website, their description of the supply's features does provide an explanation of what happens depending on how the pushbutton is set on the back of the supply). The one page of instructions in each language isn't even unique to this supply, and it is so lacking in anything specific that it's virtually useless. In addition, some table of specifications would be nice, including noise levels at, say, silent mode operation and full fan speed (I know I'll get in trouble for this suggestion, as quantifying noise is very much a relative things with no standards regarding how far away to take readings, whether to measure it with the supply in some type of "standard" enclosure, at what load and ambient temperature, etc.; but some of the other manufacturers do spec it, and if Seasonic is going to make general claims about things like their hybrid mode offering quieter operation, it would nice to have some type of substantiation). One problem I did run into -- and this is not Seasonic's fault, but it's a hard-learned warning that I'll offer to others -- is that while the cabling is modular, the included cables are NOT interchangeable with cables from some of their other supplies. To be specific, I borrowed a friend's Seasonic Titanium series 1000W supply, bundled up and attached the cabling to my case, and because the actual connectors are indeed interchangeable, I assumed that when the 750W power supply arrived, all I would have to do was unplug and remove the old one, then mount and reconnect the new one to the existing cables. Unfortunately, that proved to be very much wrong, reinforced by my after-the-fact observation that the part numbers are different on what appear to be otherwise similar cables. Seasonic is obviously confident in the quality and reliability of their product, as proven by their ten year warranty (a pessimist might argue that they're really assuming that if it breaks within that time, few people will save their receipts to claim their warranty anyway; but I'll give Seasonic the benefit of the doubt). And besides including a reasonable number of various cables (not enough to fill all of the supply's connectors, but certainly more than adequate for my application of two RAID hard drives, an SSD, a BluRay writer, case lights, and an nVidia graphics card), it was nice to also find included tie wraps, cable wraps, and unexpectedly nice packaging with a compartmentalized box and the cabling and power supply separately enclosed in drawstring-type cloth bags. At $64.99 ($79.99 with a $15 mail-in rebate) and free shipping, the supply was a no-brainer. However, when the price went up to $104.99 with $4.99 shipping, I would probably have considered other supplies too, as this is Seasonic's more economy. But all things considered, it is a very acceptable product that would only really benefit from a better instruction manual and maybe a power LED (mostly for troubleshooting during builds, as I'm guessing most people don't see the back of their computer once it's completed and in use).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Steve, Thank you for your nice and detailed review. A pleasure to read such details in your comment. Very valuable. About the manual ,we are adressing this right now in order to provide better information about the PSU and Hybrid mode. Currently, our website can help about this or directly our contact form if you have any question. But you are right, better to provide information with the power supply. About the noise, like you said, it's never easy to define what is quiet especially quiet for one person won't be for another one. So we try to give information on our website and most important, we rely also on reviewers. When they are testing the model, they can give their feelings and/or provide data about noise. We will forward your point to our PM in order to see how we can improve that. For the cables, depending of the model of PSU you had before, some of our Series are compatible with FOCUS Plus and vice versa. When you are not sure and before removing any cables, please, never hesitate to drop us a message using our contact form available on our website, our chat or our email address: We will be glad to assist you on this. For warranty, we always ask for a proof of purchase, after, if you are in trouble with your proof of purchase, contact us and we will see what we can do for you. No reason to find a good solution to this problem. We would like to thank you for your very nice comment. Always good to receive feedback (positive or negative) about our product, manual or cables. Best Regards,