Just WOW!6/23/2010 11:24:03 AM

Pros: These drives are FAST! Havent used just one. I have had my 2 drives in RAID0 since I got them. For anyone wondering what these drives perform like in RAID0 then here it is. These are my test using ATTO Disk Benchmark Reads 4kb - 436.3mb/s 64kb - 475.4mb/s 256kb - 545.1mb/s 512kb - 551.5mb/s 1024kb - 556.6mb/s 2048kb - 556.6mb/s 4096kb - 556.6mb/s Writes 4kb - 505.6mb/s 64kb - 536.8mb/s 256kb - 535.5mb/s 512kb - 542.9mb/s 1024kb - 545.3mb/s 2048kb - 542.9mb/s 4096kb - 542.9mb/s

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Both of mine came with 3.5" adapters. Not sure how well they work since I didnt need them. System specs: Corsair 800d BFG EX1200 Power Supply EVGA X58 SLI I7 920 @ 4.0 G.skill 1600 CAS8 2xGTX 480 2xOCZ Agility 2 120gb RAID0 2x WD 640gb black WD 1tb black

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Great bang for the buck5/12/2010 8:21:28 AM

Pros: Nice picture, Handles most games well(have played L4D2 mostly maxed), Keyboard layout, quiet, runs cool, Sound is decent for a Notebook. Wireless seems to work really well. Picked up my parents WiFi about 100ft outside the house and my moms laptop(Some Dell she got that was suppose to be hot stuff) wont pick it up right outside the door. I have had this laptop for almost a month and it has yet to disappoint. I don't really use the touch pad much but it seemed nice when I would mess with it. I just prefer a mouse.

Cons: glossy casing shows lots of finger prints. Battery life when gaming isn't very long. Low resolution. Like others have said Bloat-Ware is horrible.

Overall Review: Other than the minor cons listed above this laptop has been absolutely amazing.

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8/22/2009 9:23:01 AM

Pros: When it works it works great... read cons though

Cons: I bought this card(the OCv3) and after about 3 months it died. I pay to ship it to MSI for rma. Now here is the weird part... The card they sent me back was a stock 260 with the stock cooler and it wasn't the stock cooler that msi uses on their reference card either and I am not willing to pay shipping again so I can get the ocv3 back. Just seemed really messed up to me.

Overall Review: Will be very skeptical about buying anymore MSI products because of the way my rma was dealt with.

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other post5/7/2009 10:43:00 PM

Pros: For the poster asking if this card would be a good work horse.. Just get a GTS 250 1gb. would be plenty for what you are running. Unless you are on a monitor at a resolution of 1920x1200 or higher but still even then would be decent

Cons: None. This is still a great card for gaming. I have the one with the red PCB

Overall Review: Great card.. Wish I would have known there would be a black version...

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Great card for the price5/4/2009 7:30:54 AM

Pros: I have had this card for about a month now and I have loved every minute of it.. I also have an i7 rig with a gtx295 and this card has been less hassle than the 295(still love the top dog though ;) ). Just plug it in, install drivers(Download latest ones), and play play play!! It performs very close to the 275 and for the money you can't beat it. Cooler keeps the card nice and cool. Havent seen the card go over 54C even when running furmark! This thing can also be overclocked a good bit higher.. well mine anyway

Cons: None! other than the fact that I got COD world at war bundled with it and it doesnt offer it anymore.

Overall Review: The rig I have this card in CM 690 case Biostar 790gx 128m Phenom II 720@3.6 Monsoon III cooler This card onboard HD audio WD 500gb green HD Acer 22" 1680x1050

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Love this cpu3/27/2009 9:12:11 AM

Pros: This thing runs so cool!! Stock speeds are at idle 16c and load is 24c. Overclocked to 3.7 with a slight vcore increase with the monsoon III cooler is 20c idle and 39c load! You also see a huge gain in performance for the overclock. Unlike the 720 where you see minimal gains above 3.4ghz.

Cons: Hits an overclock wall at 3.7 on air. But still a great overclock compared to the older BE AMD's

Overall Review: Price vs. performance I cannot think of a better processor except maybe the phenom 940(and this is coming from someone who has an I7 920 @4.0 on water)and I have used quite a few..

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Amazing Card!!3/14/2009 6:54:43 AM

Pros: This thing will play whatever you can throw at it. Not sure what the guy below me is talking about in crysis. I play crysis at 1920x1200 with 4xaa on and still get avg. of 56fps... NO OVERCLOCK on gpu! every other game 60+fps.

Cons: Heat is a little of an issue but I will be going water cooling soon. The card also makes a little bit of a whining noise in 3d mode but I can't hear it unless my head is right beside the case. Not a problem for me but may be some for others. Have to take out of sli in some games like BIA Hells Highway but thats not the cards falt.

Overall Review: My system: CM haf 932 Case evga x58 motherboard intel core i7 920 OC @ 4.0ghz H20 Swiftech h20-220 apogee ultima Water cooling kit G.skill 1gbx3 ddr3 1333 triple channel memory XFX GTX 295 2x PQI 32gb SSD in raid0 WD 640gb Black hard drive Corsair 850w power supply LG 22x DVD-rw

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Could be better for the price...1/27/2009 11:07:32 AM

Pros: Does a good job at running a NORMAL system.... Ran my core i7 overclocked to 3.8 with 2 9600gt's fine.

Cons: As soon as I put my xfx gtx295 and dry to do any 3d rendering this thing starts making a loud clicking noise and card stutters. thought it was the GPU so I tried all kinds of things... Finally tried changing the psu and poof no more stutter and no more clicking...

Overall Review: Will NOT run gtx 295 well enough to play many games at all... Glad I got this thing when it was $120 because the corsiar 850w that I had to buy to replace this was only $140 and it out performs this thing by miles

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AC freezer 7 pro10/20/2008 6:59:06 AM

Pros: This thing is great. Very light, silent, very easy to install.

Cons: Some people dont like the push pins but not a big deal to me.

Overall Review: 750iftw mobo, e5200 2.5ghz cpu. Temps with stock fan were 48c at idle and 66c under load and now I have it overclocked to 3ghz and its only 38c idle and 56c under load

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Great cpu for the price10/9/2008 7:18:14 AM

Pros: This cpu is great. I have had it for about 2 months now and have had no issues with it. I currently have it overclocked to 3.4ghz and under full load will barely hit 60c.

Cons: The stock cooler that comes with this thing sucks. My cpu was always over heating under full load when I first got it. I thought it was the cpu but it was the heat sink and fan. Make sure you get a different one. hardly a con if you ask me though.

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Awesome!10/9/2008 6:46:32 AM

Pros: This thing is great. I am running 2 8800 gs in sli and this power supply has never given me any trouble even though it is not rated for sli. Plus it looks cool!

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: could have used a couple more S-ata ports but still not a bad power supply.

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Ok for the money...10/9/2008 6:43:54 AM

Pros: It did do what it was should have I guess.

Cons: This stuff only brought my cpu down 2c.

Overall Review: I would go with something else. This stuff is very messy and doesnt do a great job of cooling the cpu.

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