I am very happy6/20/2020 11:19:22 PM

Pros: It's a PRETTY case. High quality built. ODD slot. Options galore. Sturdy. Huge but not so big that it is unusable. LOTs of FAN options!

Cons: I don't understand why i still HEAR so much. The sound proofing padding is all over yet i can hear everything. For user manual, title and headers are english, yet instruction details are not. Makes no sense! Not that you need instructions. If you are an average to experienced builder you can figure s__t out on your own.

Overall Review: I knocked off one star because its not as quiet as led to believe. This case is sturdy and HEAVY. It is a pleasure to build with. You can put a thousand drives in the HDD rack (well not really a thousand but seems like it). I took the HDD rack out for cooling air flow. There are so many options for SDD and legacy hard drives, you don't need the rack! There are so many places to tuck wires which makes air flow at a premium. My only gripe is that even with all of that temps are better but not THAT much better than with my old case. Dropped only 2C max. Maybe my old case was better than I realized for airflow - i dunno. It is loud. You can hear everything. I bought two loud 140MM nactua 3000RPM fans for the front of the case, thinking sound would be muffled but it wasn't at all. In the end, i removed the front door, and top cover because it didn't help at all with sound and gave me extra air flow. The 140mm fans that came with the case were so quiet and effective that i bought a couple more of them and loaded my case. Bottom line: I am really happy with this case. If you want beauty, options, space, quality, HDD and ODD space this is the case for you. If you want optimal air flow and don't need an ODD slot, there are certainly other options out there. But don't get me wrong, this is still a cool flowing case, just not to the level i expected. I am running at 43-45C on idle and with light load with an 8350 AMD CPU with 5 fractal 140MM fans, and one antec 120MM fan (you can't run 2 140MM fans up top with an ODD drive, one of them must be downgraded to a 120MM).

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Love it12/13/2019 5:10:36 PM

Overall Review: I had an FX 6300 (non-OC'd) being cooled by a Corsair H60 for the last 5 years which had my temps at 30ish C at idle, and maybe 45c under load. That was my first water cooler and I was nervous about everything from leakage to install woes, but all of my fears turned out to be unfounded and everything turned out great. Then a few weeks ago I bought an FX 8350 (a notoriously HOT running CPU) and I was going to use the H60 for it but decided after 5 years it might be time for a newer cooler and so I bought this H80i V2 cooler. Install was mostly a breeze (there were a few head scratch moments but google and youtube was my friend). Everything worked out GREAT and my temps are a few C lower (non-OC'd) than with the FX 6300 / H60 combo I had running!!! I am thrilled!!! Until i get a lemon, I will be a corsair water or liquid (or whatever is in there) cooler guy from here on out!

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It's really nice looking11/19/2014 7:50:41 AM

Pros: It's a really sleek nice looking case. I needed something nice looking and unobstrusive for a stylish room with high end furniture. This case fit that bill. It comes with very detailed instructions and lot's of case accessories.

Cons: I hate saying something is too expensive since you know what you are paying when you buy something - but for what it offers, I feel it's too much money. It seems like the case will scratch very easily, and the the internal pegs for the case sides which attach to the case, are plastic and feel like they will pop off VERY easily. If this happens the door will never securily attach to the case again and there is no fix for this. For an almost $200 case that is unacceptable. Also, forget about installing your modular PSU. They will NOT fit.

Overall Review: As if the case does't already cost too much, you must factor in the cost of a slot loading CD-rom. I bought an eighty five dollar Blu-ray slot burner on Am*z*n which is nicer than any slot ODDs i've seen here on newegg, but that makes the case an almost three hundred dollar purchase! Oh yes, and then there is a purchase of a smaller PSU if you don't already have one - now you are over three hundred dollars for this case! Lastly, I decided on a Micro-ATX board, and it fits wonderfully, but I would imagine with a full size ATX board that it would be a real hassle installing into this case. And as for watercooling and such, forget about it unless you want to do some physical mods/alterations to the case. But I didn't buy this case for water cooling, overclocking and fancy full size ATX cases, I bought it for style and size, so overall I am pretty happy. $50 less and I would have been thrilled.

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It's okay1/2/2014 5:33:19 AM

Pros: It's a cool looking case if you are into the R2D2 robot looking thing which I am. Lots of fan options. Love the toolessness design, especially the hard drive tray. Low priced.

Cons: It really is cheapo feeling case. I mean I read that about this case time and again in the reviews before buying it but it is even worse than I expected. You can VERY easily bend it with your bare hand in multiple places on the frame and case sides. And on that note the side doors don't align completely. This is NOT the case for people who change out parts constantly. I would gladly have paid anothe $50 for a sturdier design. Also, would have been nice to have the option of installing a 140MM fan.

Overall Review: I am decently happy with the case now that I have everything in and am up and running. Really does look super cool as long as I don't touch it :) If I could have a do over on my purchase I probably would go with a different, lesser cool looking but sturdier case.

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Super happy12/31/2013 4:46:12 PM

Pros: VERY happy with my purchase. i am not a hardcore gamer but coming from an OLD Nvidia X1950XT Pro allowed me to run 3 avatars at the same time without much lag, and 4 avatars with some lag. With my old card I experienced lots of lag with 2 avatars, and with 3 avatars it would crawl, freeze and crash. I attribute that to the 4gb of ram on this card and just the overall faster speed. 4GB of ram is INSANE at this price. NO driver issues whatsoever, and I am using an older AM2 MB with a Phenom 1055T 2.8ghz processor OC'd to 3.2ghz.. Fans are super quiet too. I don't think I have ever been so happy with a video card purchase. This card will hold me over for a while and will last through my next MB/processor upgrade which I plan to do when the next version of windows come out.

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: Some have complained about not getting BF4 with this card. I received a coupon for a free downloadable version of the game which I did with no problems. Not sure if people didn't read the fine print to see that they were going to get the coupon (vice the CD), or overlooked the coupon???

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Dissapointed12/20/2013 3:32:46 PM

Pros: None. i can't even say cheap, because they are double the price as others are selling them for, even right here on newegg.

Cons: These batteries are not the ones in the picture. They are the questionable cheapos that have tons of bad reviews on that big online retailer who's name begins with an A. It was very sneaky for the seller to use that picture. I purposely paid more to get what was pictured because what was pictured was the standard retail version Energizer batteries you would buy at your local store. What they are really selling are these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0M60GZ6013 So if you want the cheapos, by all means buy them, but knowingly buy them at the link above or at A*****, for half the price. I've been deceived.

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Two months later9/16/2011 5:59:31 PM

Pros: I posted a review on 7/16 right after i bought this monitor. I just want to say that two months later and i still love this monitor. The price has gone up since i bought it - glad i bought when i did, and i'm glad I had the opportunity to purchase as an open box thereby saving more money. This might be one of the best computer related purchases I've ever made. Needless to say i am VERY happy!!!

Cons: Same cons as posted on my original review, but they bother me even less now after two months.

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I like it10/29/2010 7:54:57 AM

Pros: Okay, so like others have said, this case is light like a feather. It doesn't really feel all that flimsy for such a light case, with the exception of the side panels. I had absolutely no problem what-so-ever installing the PSU. Yes i had to remove the side bar to get it in, but that took me all but 20 seconds! If that! Not sure why people are complaining about that. Side rails for hard drives and cd-roms are simple to install and work well. The case looks pretty cool, and I like the open vented front. Lastly, i'm also not sure why others had problems removing the front bezel of the case. Was absolutely not an issue for me. Came on and off with as much ease as another other case I have ever used.

Cons: - Side panels are too flimsy. I would have preferred an extra pound or two in weight for stronger side panels. - No easy way to remove the front fan filter for cleaning. You have to take off the entire bezel - Thankfully I have a room full of computer parts because they gypped me with THREE motherboard mount screws. There is a sticker in the case that clearly says where to put the 10 needed screws for an ATX motherboard. Well mine only needed 9. Only 6 came with the case. - It is very true how razer sharp the inner edges of this case is.

Overall Review: I really like this case a lot. i bought it for my parents build, and i would use one for myself if I had easier access to the front filter and if the sides where stronger.

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Pretty good so far10/12/2010 7:44:30 AM

Pros: So far everything is great. WEI ratings are off the chart, and boot times are rediculous fast. Also, I had no problem with the 2.5 > 3.5 bracket fitting in my case like others have complained about with the other G.Skill SSD card products. There have been no ratings yet on this 160GB product, but lots of positive feedback on thier other GB models. G.Skill seems to put out quality SSD cards, and back their products. Be sure to visit their forums for tons of valuable info. Also, price is right compared to competitor SSD products. Win-win.

Cons: Not really much of a con for this particular product, but more for SSD, and even with that it's not really a con, but my own fault in that I think I bought a little too much into the hype over the *feel* of huge system performance increases with SSD. I mean so far with the limited performance testing i've done, the SSD is rating high, but I don't *feel* it as much as I thought I would. i mean Win boot times are faster by far, but other than that I don't really notice any boosts with the opening of applications and simple things of that nature. Maybe it's that my system was just so fast before I installed the card, or maybe I just expected a little bit too much - or maybe a little of both. But still I have no regrets...

Overall Review: I like so many others question the long term reliability of this technology at this early stage of it's development, but i have no regrets over taking the plunge, and am looking forward to the future as SSD advances.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you are enjoying the SSD. The main benefit of SSD over standard HDD is it's average seek time. This is what makes loading times much faster. But if you already had a fast HDD, then of course overall write/read/copy times will not be dramatic difference. As you already know, SSD technology is still in it's early stages, so we will have to wait and see how much more it can improve over HDD. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
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I like it4/7/2009 5:13:37 AM

Pros: Interestingly enough, my experience is exactly the opposite as the last reviewer. I found this HSF to be quieter, more efficient, and nicer looking than the Intel HSF.

Cons: None, except if you are looking for a OC super duper type HSF - this is not the one for you. Which it didn't have those cheapo plastic peg legs.

Overall Review: I am very pleased. This thing is the same size if not smaller than the Intel Stock HSF, and works better. Perfect for the space limited ITX builds. Go for it.

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Serves it's purpose4/7/2009 5:05:01 AM

Pros: Small. Good looking.

Cons: Flimsy and cheap. Kind of felt like I was going to break stuff while installing system. I kind of get the feeling it will not hold up.

Overall Review: Beware, anything bigger than the stock intel HSF (assuming your using an Intel CPU) will likely not fit, and, speaking of which, anything higher than the stock intel HSF will not allow for a full sized Optical drive - I had to downgrade to a slim "laptop" CD-rom. Same for memory, you cannot fit ram with "fins", AND a full sized CD-rom.

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Nice2/23/2009 7:03:16 AM

Pros: Wow is all I can say. Simply put, i am picky/critical as sh__t, but i don't have a single complaint over this unit. Physical installation took about 8-10 minutes, another 10-15 minutes for a windows installation, and maybe 15 more minutes tweaking installing every program I wanted/needed. Components installed (all from newegg): AMD Athlon 64 X2 (45w) 5050e Brisbane 2.6GHz G.SKILL Black 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin SDRAM DDR2 800 LITE-ON 16X DVD-ROM 52X CD-R 32X CD-RW 52X SATA Logitech EX 110 Cordless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Kit

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: Not a complaint but just a mention that my unit went heywire with random beeps in-between a windows xp fresh install and chipset/audio drivers. Not a single beep since.

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This Chip is awesome6/13/2008 1:28:35 PM

Pros: I'm not an over clocker at all, but because of the low wattage requirements of this CPU, I decided to give it a whirl w/ an OC, and i EFFORTLESSLY got it to 3.2 ghz, with pathetically low temps, using the AC 64 Pro HSF.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: Like many reviewers, this was bought as a hold me over until the quad phenoms drop in wattage and move up in speed, and i couldn't be happier.

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I like it5/30/2008 7:01:04 AM

Pros: I like this board a lot. Like another reviewer posted, I was very nervous about buying this board because of some of the reviews I’ve read, but this board has really been rock solid for me so far. The solid state caps seem hardy to me, layout of the board is pretty good, quick and painless install of winxp (and i’ll bet vista would be even better). Some of the various issues I’ve read about especially from the Asus forums for this board, I am simply not experiencing. Blowing caps, Choppy Audio, USB issues. I hate to say this but I really do think that some of these problems are user inflicted, or other sources are to blame. Of course there are always lemons in anything manufactured so some of this stuff could be legit – but all I can say is that I must have got a good one. I want to end the Pros section of this review by stating that I am mostly using this board in a very vanilla fashion, so I have not tested all of it’s bells and whistles, so as always, your mileage may vary. I

Cons: Cons: A bit pricey, no refund (only exchange) from newegg if you decide you don’t like the board, SATA connector 5-6 is RAID only it appears, so in reality it is deceiving to list in the specs “6 SATA ports”. Lastly, I was having a problem with slow boot-ups (though 1000% fine once booted) but this seems to have mostly corrected itself, even though I don’t know what I did to correct it – worth mentioning.

Overall Review: Buy this board – take the plunge. Am2+ dual-core, 2.9 ghz (OC’d to 3.2 ghz) CPU, Palit 1GB 9600GT Video Card, 4 GB Mushkin Ram (Newegg Item #: N82E16820146785 – running @ 800 mhz, not 1066 due to CPU), Seasonic 700w Modular PSU, ONBOARD Sound/Ram.

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