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8/24/2013 1:39:53 AM

Pros: -Solid metal pad -Rubber feet

Cons: -The designs continuously interfered with my mouse lazer. -The Aluminum metal is under a sticker (what the design is printed on) that you use your mouse on. -I had to take the sticker off to get to what I paid for.

Overall Review: As mentioned, I put this pad away for a while do to the print design interfering with my mouse. Well I decided I was going to give it a full work over so I could get my monies worth. That's when i found out you can peel the design off, as it's just a sticker with a gritted pattern on it. Now I just use the actual matte black aluminum surface and am much happier with my purchase.

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What happend..12/6/2012 1:49:11 AM

Pros: Looks good. Turned on. Firmware updated without a hitch, and looks great. Almost was a working product.

Cons: Get's to hot. (With 2 different signals coming out of this box it needed a lot more ventilation. Period. A top and bottom vent(which get's covered if you want to use the stand) is HARDLY adequate. They should have taken a note from Netgear and perforated the back completely and solved everyone some trouble.) Port forwarding is lacking. (I get my from home PC repair client to work great with ports forwarded: anyone can connect.) SO I up the ante and run a small game server for 8 people and port forwarding just ignores me. I hook it up to my old router, friends can connect, back over to the 56U I am back in the dark ages.) I am RMA status as of now, it's just not working for me. I also docked and egg because I can't see more than five bucks as "doing business" just to let newegg have back hunk of junk on my shipping dime. I will not buy routers from here again. It's to personal, and to costly.

Overall Review: Back to the drawing board ASUS, you almost got it.

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