Stopped working, little use, bad customer support.7/1/2015 5:12:42 PM

Pros: 4 USB chargers

Cons: Big, cheap feel, and stopped working.

Overall Review: Worked great until about a month after, then I contacted Orico to get support on how to get this replaced, to which they never contacted me back. This support makes me not want to get ANY Orico products ever again. DO NOT PURCHASE.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Dear Valuable Client , Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice.I am Sunshine from ORICO.I have just received your product reviews about the product you purchased.I sincerely sorry for the issue your experienced and We wonder were you using the Original data cable? We realize you have bought it couple of months ago.And would you kindly try several different cables again? Have you tried not only 1 device?If you have any question,please contact our Customer Care Team. I believe this issue could be fixed with our Customer Care Team.It will be great if you can offer our Customer Care Team an opportunity to correct this issue and our team members will be more than happy to help. Thank you again for purchase ORICO Products. Best Regards Sunshine
DON'T BUY.2/26/2014 7:25:50 PM

Pros: I have written 2 reviews now, one with the 506 firmware and mine came with the 521 firmware which I upgraded to the 525 firmware(no improvement by the way). Ok, once Windows is installed, faster boot and shutdown, applications start faster. With my first review, I tested the speeds and saw that they were poor in my SATA rev 3 (600MBps max speed) results are listed in the cons. I installed this one in my SATA rev 2 (300MBps max speed) and it is about twice the speed of the original HDD but the access times are what really make the SSD okay. I still feel cheated though and won't buy another Kingston product.

Cons: 1. Asynchronous NAND makes for some bad compressible speeds. 170MBps read and 120MBps write. Kingston knew about this switch and that it would save them money so they blindsided the people. 2. I feel really cautious about this SSD. I have a Samsung 840 EVO 750GB and a Crucial M500 240GB which are both great but this SSD seems like it is going to fail. I had to run Windows setup twice to get it to work. And I still feel cautious about the longevity of it. I don't trust the build quality because Kingston switched NAND and manufacturers.

Overall Review: If you are thinking about buying this, ONLY USE IT IN A SATA REV 1 or SATA-150 MACHINE!!! YOU WON'T GET BETTER SPEEDS IN BETTER MACHINES!!! So if you have an old laptop or desktop with the older sata revisions, then it would be good. I still feel cheated by Kingston and won't buy another one of their products.

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AMAZING5/30/2013 12:58:33 PM

Pros: Great sound. Amazing volume. Powerful bass. Great product.

Cons: A teeny tiny bit fuzzy. Teeny Tiny. Not noticeable though.

Overall Review: I got this in the mail and after 2 seconds of setting it up and starting a song, I immediately got goosebumps. VERY nice. Paradise-Coldplay sounds amazing on it.

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Crushed Promises...5/15/2013 4:20:21 PM

Pros: Fast when worked. Bought two sticks and so far, one hasn't gotten any errors with memtest86 (only 3 passes so there is still time for error).

Cons: I bought 2 of these and one came defective. Ram memtest86 and within the first pass (3 mins tops), it had 60 errors and that was enough for me. I constantly got BSOD's when running programs. Couldn't do anything on my system without it crashing.

Overall Review: It came with a bundle deal and so far has been terrible. I look at corsair's other products and many others have the same problems in all sorts of different sticks. Corsair needs to shape up! They can't sell defective hardware! I won't be buying from Corsair again until they learn to put quality into their products. I am just going to buy GSkill or Kingston. They have better quality. Corsair, don't cheat out the market in this economy. That is what HP and Dell do, and their products are terrible.

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Great cheap GPU4/23/2013 1:09:27 PM

Pros: Quiet, looks nice, performs well even on moderate overclocking. Can play new games on Medium at around 50 FPS. Single slot which makes it a nice upgrade on an old computer. Short which makes it not interfere with other cords.

Cons: Became unstable at 20% overclock. Not sure if external issues causing problems, but shut down when overclocked and got blue screen. Catalyst Control Center would bug out when this happened and I would have to re-install it to be able to overclock it moderately. Wish it had an HDMI, but it came with a DVI to HDMI adapter so that made up for it.

Overall Review: Great cheap GPU that made it great for a moderate gaming, small form factor PC. Wish I would have waited for the 7750 at least though as it is a little faster for same price.

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Great USB11/10/2012 5:13:59 PM

Pros: Fast speeds, cool look, thin. This USB drive is awesome. I was a little worried about buying it at first, but it has been amazing.

Cons: Nothing.

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