Fast, efficient12/10/2016 2:17:47 PM

Pros: -Quite fast for the price -Low power/heat output

Cons: -Not overclockable

Overall Review: My first PC build had a Pentium 4 single core OC'ed to 4GHz. It ran hot enough to heat a room and had a huge copper cooler. A decade later and CPUs are orders of magnitude faster and put out far less heat. Even with the stock cooler, this CPU is silent. It's a great buy in terms of power and efficiency. However, if you do want to overclock, you'll have to cough up the extra cash for a K-series CPU.

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Silent Performance12/9/2016 9:02:12 PM

Pros: -Almost completely silent -Solid performer at 1080p

Cons: -Large for a midrange GPU

Overall Review: Bought this card to replace a 650TI. For the price, it is a good upgrade to replace an older GPU. Whereas the 650's fan would be screaming during gaming, this card is silent. Of course, the cooler is huge, and it runs the entire width of my motherboard - so this card may not be ideal for smaller cases. That said, if your case can fit it, it is worth the extra size for silent gaming. The 3GB is fine for 1080//1440p, but beyond that, you'll want the 6GB version. Note: I have opted not to install the OC software after finding that the card performed well enough in all my games. I may revisit this review later after trying out the software.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Can't be beat for the price9/9/2015 9:34:44 PM

Pros: I've had these for around 6 years, and they still work great. For the money you can't do better in terms of sound and durability.

Cons: A bit utilitarian looking, but it doesn't really matter when you're wearing them.

Overall Review: Those who complain about the audio quality don't seem to grasp the concept of an equalizer. Every pair of speakers and headphones is different, and if you don't adjust the equalizer to match, they will sound bad.

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Good card, tweaking required8/31/2015 7:11:08 PM

Pros: Great audio quality

Cons: Lots of tweaking required, weak headphone output

Overall Review: When I first tried this card, I was almost ready to return it. It sounded worse than my aging X-Fi Xtreme Gamer, and had clicks and pops. I moved the headphones (Senn. HD 280s) to the front speaker channel, and tweaked the equalizer, which made the sound much better. I fixed the clicks and popping by adjusting the buffer size from 3ms to 6ms (ASIO settings). Once I did that, the sound was great. Aside from minor inconvenience of the FP output apparently not being adequate to drive a pair of HD 280s (which is odd, since the front channel uses the exact same opamp), the card is a good buy for the price. But be ready to spend some time adjusting the settings.

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Say no to DRM9/16/2008 4:54:56 PM

Pros: Great gameplay concept.

Cons: The fact that they can control what is supposed to be MY copy of the game on MY computer is outright disturbing, to say the least. Since I have gone through 4 motherboards in the last 2 years, that means the 3-install limit will turn my game into a coaster in about 18 months. I play games a lot longer than that. I even go back and play games like HL1 from time to time. Not so for Spore, thanks to Suck-u-ROM.

Overall Review: EA has completely trashed what would otherwise be an awesome game. All in the hopes of making an extra buck or two.

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Great cooler1/18/2008 2:51:25 PM

Pros: Enormous but lightweight, cools well, quiet.

Cons: Size makes installation a bit difficult.

Overall Review: This thing cools much better than my old 92mm copper tower cooler and also weighs a lot less. Installation can be a bit tricky because of the size, but much less of a pain that my old cooler.

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Don't let the price fool you1/17/2008 11:06:27 AM

Pros: Very fast for the price.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Overclocked to 2.0GHz, this chip runs Super PI faster than my old Pentium 4 did at 4GHz. Even though it only has 1MB of L2 cache, it still beats the older P4s by a considerable margin. This chip is a huge bargain by any means.

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Great deal9/22/2007 8:14:49 PM

Pros: Cheapest HD DVD player, 6 free movies

Cons: Somewhat noisy, HDCP is the devil

Overall Review: With a $170 price tag and 6 free movies (King Kong + 5 free movie offer) you cant go wrong. Picture and sound is amazing. Only problem is that the drive is a bit noisy (why does a drive need a fan? Laptop HD DVD drives do fine without a fan). Also, my graphics card is not HDCP compliant, so I cant play it through my PC. But thats the MPAA's fault, not Microsoft's.

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Get a RAID array3/31/2007 3:20:29 PM

Pros: SATA, large disks

Cons: Expensive, low CD/DVD read and burn speeds - especially for the price, BR burns take a long time

Overall Review: If youre looking for large amounts of storage, you could build a much larger RAID 0/1/0+1 array for the same price. And if you need to transfer files or back up stuff, an external hard drive is a much better choice. And if you just want to watch BR movies, the PS3 is a much better bang for the buck. Not worth it right now. Just wait for the price to drop and a better model.

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Better than a CRT3/26/2007 4:06:51 PM

Pros: Excellent color and contrast. Beats my old CRT by a huge margin. Enormous screen area and 1080p support.

Cons: Puts out almost as much as heat as a CRT does.

Overall Review: I havent experienced the no signal issue over DVI, however, when I had it hooked up via VGA, I did get the error a couple times. It was resolved by switching off power using the main switch and then turning it back on. Havent had any issues since.

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Great performance10/7/2006 1:58:36 PM

Pros: Easy setup, good range, high speed

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an old Foxconn wireless card and it was like going from dialup to broadband all over again. It connects right away and runs at 54Mbps while my old card only ran at 11, though it claimed it could do 54. Web pages load much faster, images load faster, online game play is much smoother. It may cost a little more to get a reputable name like USR, but it was well worth it.

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Solid drive9/14/2006 8:54:59 AM

Pros: Fast, relaible, quiet, low price

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is a great drive. Ive had one for almost a year and I just bought another one to replace a drive that died (different brand). Both work great and have not given me any trouble. I will certainly buy this drive again if I build additional PCs.

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Great speakers9/13/2006 10:53:27 AM

Pros: Excellent bass and good sound quality.

Cons: No volume control for individual speakers. Has to be configured using sound card.

Overall Review: I have an X-Fi Xtreme music sound card and these speakers really show the cards true power. Definetly a great set of speakers for the price.

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Good addition8/26/2006 2:55:27 PM

Pros: Lots of features. Card reader, USB, Firewire, audio ports, 4 temp sensors and 4 fan conectors w/ controller.

Cons: Too many wires comming out the back. Would be better if it was a single wire harness instead of a bunch of small wires going everywhere. Uses PWM instead of MOSFETs to control the fan voltage.

Overall Review: Great purchase overall, I like the versetility. My comp is much quieter now since I can control the fans. I regards to the previos review, the whining noise is because the unit uses PWM (pulse-width modulation) to control the fan voltage, which means that it just switches the power on and off rapidly. My unit didnt make any whining noise, but I could hear a faint whine comming from the fans. But its barely audible, so its not a problem.

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Nice8/25/2006 4:07:02 PM

Pros: Works flawlessly. Just hook up the drive, plug it in and Windows will recognise it right away. Great to get data from my old drives

Cons: First one was missing the the adapter.

Overall Review: When I recieved it the first time, the power adapter and the driver disk were there, but the actual USB to IDE was missing. Sent it back to Newegg and got it back within a week. Now it works great now that it has all the parts. Cant beat Newegg's RMA service.

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Update5/10/2006 4:40:43 PM

Pros: Stable, good airflow, lots of connectors, adjustable fan speed, lights

Cons: Fans are somewhat noisy, no PCIe connectors.

Overall Review: Ive had this PSU for about 6 months now. It powers my system very well. The 12V rail is at 12.23V idle and 12.13 full load. The 5V and 3.3V rails are solid at 5.14V and 3.39V. My system specs: P4 640 @4GHz X1900XT 2 DVD drives 2 Hitatchi 7K80 hard drives X-Fi Xtreme music 6 fans It powers it all with no issues. A very good PSU for the price.

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Powerhouse4/4/2006 11:59:24 PM

Pros: This card can take anything you throw at it. Those 48 pixel shaders will tear through any game. Oblivion runs great on it with all settings maxed.

Cons: Puts out a lot of heat and uses a lot of power. Be sure you have a power supply that can handle it. Id recommend at least 480 watts. Also the fan be be a little noisy for some people - but my case fans drown it out, so not a big issue.

Overall Review: Overall an incredible card. Ive never been more satisfied with a purchase. Great price for it as well. Also, be sure to get a PCIe power connector if you need one, because this card doesnt ship with one.

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5 stars do not do justice1/28/2006 7:15:19 PM

Pros: Incredible sound quality

Cons: Minor driver problems

Overall Review: This card is absolutely amazing. You can actually hear where people are coming from in games and music sounds unbelievable. It takes quite a bit of load off the CPU as well. Worth every penny I paid for it.

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Best budget card11/21/2005 3:11:00 AM

Comments: I didnt get this particular 9600XT, but let me tell you this card still has some power. It will beat any FX 5xxx series card and even beats the 6200. It runs CS:S with everything maxed out at 1024x768, HL2 on high settings and even Doom3 on high settings. It will even run Lost Coast with HDR and high settings. As long as you dont run at insane resolutions, this card will take pretty much anything you can throw at it.

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10/11/2005 11:25:22 AM

Comments: Actually, there is a possibility of unlocking the piplines, its just not as high as the GTO2.

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Nice mouse9/13/2005 10:20:47 PM

Comments: This mouse has great resolution (800 dpi) and good response. It is a little sensitive so it takes some getting used to. But for the price this mouse is a must. It beats everything else in the price range, including my $xx Micrxxxft mouse.

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Nice, cheap monitor9/13/2005 10:11:47 PM

Comments: I needed something cheap that would work well for gaming. This monitor works quite well and looks nice.

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Good fan9/13/2005 10:05:22 PM

Comments: I got two of these along with my Tower112 cooler and they move a lot of air and are very quiet at the same time. Keeps my CPU (Pentium 4 Prescott) under 40C full load.

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Great Value9/13/2005 10:00:47 PM

Comments: These fans are quite and move a decent amount of air. And they work great for being so cheap.

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Best PSU for the money9/13/2005 9:57:22 PM

Comments: I didnt have a very large budget, so I bought this, figuring that Id get what I paid for. Not the case. This PSU has completely exceeded my expectations. The 12V rail is rock solid at 12.5V. The 3.3V is a little bit low but it doesnt drop any lower than what it already is, no matter what the load. It works great to ventalate my case. It pulls out more air than any of my other fans. The adjustable fan is good too but I normally keep it on high. The overload/short protection works well too. I accidently shorted the fan connector with a multimeter probe and as soon as it made contact the PSU shut off and nothing was damaged. Highly recommended.

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