Good value4/7/2020 9:37:01 AM

Pros: Old dependable. Been using them for a long time. Easy to set up. Decent range in our house.

Cons: Does not have 5G and that is about all.

Overall Review: If you want a simple easy to use WIFI router without 5G. This is hard to beat. Been around forever and simple to set up.

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Good value9/27/2019 10:46:05 AM

Pros: It worked right out the box except for the sound. Color is good and required only a few adjustments.

Cons: For some reason the speakers don't seem to be working. I am still working on that but even if I can't fix it, I can live with that. I am using two monitors and so I can use the speakers built in to the other one.

Overall Review: I would buy it again because it is such a good value and good detail and color.

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Good solid giant drive7/30/2016 10:19:20 AM

Pros: Lower cost than most 8 TB drives and it is not so slow as I thought it would be

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have two of them and they both have run over 4 months now with no issues. One is strictly archive and the other is mostly archive but is used for some applications as input. I was expecting slow transfer rates but I see consistently 120 to 140 MB/sec for large files, often for files of more than 30 GB at a time which may not be blazing but is still pretty fast for a 5900 rpm drive. Around $225 is still is a lot of money for one drive but buying multiple drives for the same capacity is not much cheaper and for me at least, causes me to have to either split the files to multiple lettered drives or go to spanned drives which double the possibility of loss of data.

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Works and inexpensive5/26/2016 3:47:10 PM

Pros: Works for me but I am using it as and external drive for Dish receiver. The receiver recognizes, initializes and reads and writes to it with no issues.

Cons: Had three from almost 2 years to about 1 1/2 years and one quit on it me. I think it is the power supply which is pretty minimal but the drive is still good and worked fine in another enclosure.

Overall Review: If you have this in some kind of critical service I would buy a spare because the life of the power supply may in question. They are cheap enough that this should not be a problem. I am not using this with Win10 so I cannot address those issues directly but when I was troubleshooting the failure I plugged the drive in an SATA port and since it was in a non-windows file system it did not get assigned a drive letter but it did show up in Disk Management so I would guess if it were initialized and formatted on a Win10 system it probably would work.

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Hits every requirement of mine5/23/2016 2:11:01 PM

Pros: It works, it looks nice and it installs very easily. It is nice to have both the power and the SATA signal cables on the same side (the side with the removable computer case panel). No tools at all required to mount drives in the bays. They seemed to have thought of everything. The clearances are a little looser than other similar products so it is fairly easy to insert the drives without hanging up. Personally I like that it came clean with no USB ports or anything other than what I needed, a three bay removable drive case. I have been using it for several weeks now and no problems to report.

Cons: I think the fingers that push the drive off the socket is plastic so I would advise not using any significant force to open a bay. Fortunately the force required to unplug a drive is not excessive. I have seen some that you could suspend the drive off the sockets!

Overall Review: Others have complained about the fan noise but I don't hear it myself even on high but I come from the "old school" that believes you don't have enough fans if the case isn't hovering just off the floor. I have had it only for a couple of weeks but unless there is some long term reliability problem, it should do what I need for a long time. I mainly use it for back ups, testing drives, building new systems, and for moving files to new drives before permanently installing them.

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First cheap 4X SATA card that works5/8/2016 10:18:39 AM

Pros: It worked right out of the box. Plug and play with no issues with Win7 64 bit on a Asrock X79 EXtreme 7 MB. Ditto on an ASRock Z170 MB with Win 10 64 bit.

Cons: I am not using it for RAID but others seem to have made it work well for that - just not something I needed.

Overall Review: Works best with the INTEL Standard, SATA AHCI controller. I would advise not installing the Marvel drivers. I have been looking for a long time for a 4X SATA card that does not cost an arm and a leg that is reliable and this one is! Using just for JBOD. Speed was not an issue for me either but it is within 80% what my MB SATA III controllers do.

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4 for 4 good ones!5/8/2016 10:10:13 AM

Pros: Big drive that is not very expensive for the size.

Cons: All test well but one seems slower in real life for some reason. Large transfers are often as low as 40 GB/s according to Windows while HD test programs yield up to 150 GB/s.

Overall Review: I did not buy them for speed but capacity and for that they have been reliable and what I needed.

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Working for 3 years, no issues.5/8/2016 10:01:33 AM

Pros: Worked without fail for 3 years. Transfer rates were good in my view, reads varied from 162 to 220 MB/Sec and writes 185 to 245. All my drives were not the fastest and probably 5400 rpms.

Cons: None. It was a little disconcerting to buy this without a controller card and not know for sure the one I got would work and if I had a problem getting two parties involved to diagnose it but I had no issues except getting a good driver for the card.

Overall Review: I see a lot of issues concerning a problem with power supply. Mine has run for three years with no problems so I might be on the verge of a failure but so far so good. It is in an air conditioned room where the max temperature is probably around 80 degrees and it has been on a UPS the whole time.<br><br>For the record I use a Startech PEXESAT3221 controller card and the best driver I found for it was from ASMEDIA for the Asmedia 106x SATA Host Controller Drive and may still be.

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Good for what I wanted5/8/2016 9:59:47 AM

Pros: I just wanted some more back up storage outside my case. I needed reliability and speed was secondary and this card delivered.

Cons: Jumpers are a little confusing so don't loose the cheat sheet! While not as fast as other SATA III controllers, it is pretty fast. On my MB controllers I can get up to 500 GB/s on a good SSD and up to 400 GB/s on this controller which is not bad since most Hard Drives cannot maintain half of that rate.

Overall Review: Using this with Sans Digital 4 Bay eSATA Port Multiplier JBOD Tower Storage Enclosure and four disks. Not using the second port right now and have it set for the internal connection if needed (the default setting is both on external). Despite what has been mentioned you can set the jumpers to use both internal or both external ports or any combination but only two ports total at the same time. It does support two eSATA connections at the same time. Of course if you are using more than one of the drives on an external enclosure concurrently, the total throughput may be lower but considering most HDs are not nearly as fast as this controller it may not be that noticeable in the real world. The drives I put in my enclosure are not the ones that get most of the use and no SSDs so the throughput is fine with me.

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Good drive but not long lived.4/29/2016 5:42:34 PM

Pros: I love the price and the performance of these drives.

Cons: I do use these a lot, mostly on RW discs and it seems they often get flaky in a couple of years of service but for the price I would rather replace them than try a more expensive drive that have also wear out after a few years of even sooner.

Overall Review: I have tried several of the more expensive burners and have not found them worth the price - several even started failing sooner than the LGs. I have been using these drives for many years through at least 3 generations of the model family and feel that they are best value for a BD burner.

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Does its job4/29/2016 5:36:40 PM

Pros: Simple solution to testing disks both SSD and HD, keeping backups off line or even adding permanent drives when your HD bays are full.

Cons: Almost tool-less but you need to use some fiddly small screws that have no home when you are not using the tray so over time they may disappear. And these are special screws with very flat screws so it does not bind on the bottom - all I know is I don't have any replacements in my "sweepings". Also I have a question into Vantec to see if they also sell spare trays so you can keep drives routinely swapped in and out mounted and not fiddle with the screws as much.

Overall Review: The construction appears to be substantial. The doors and latching mechanism has a lot of plastic so any force to close the door should be carefully applied. I wish I could get some spare trays so I can keep the more commonly used drives mounted even if out of the Bays. The fit into the Optical bays used was very tight but at least it will not be wobbly.

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Live up to specs4/23/2016 1:54:33 PM

Pros: For 10 GB transfers I got a steady transfers of both read and writes of right at 500 MB/s. No dips no drop outs.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Compared to the 250 GB drives I got of the same model, the transfers were rock steady. The 250 GB drives both dropped to 300 MB/s after the first 3 GB of the test file and were steady from then on.

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2nd time was the charm.4/16/2016 5:22:45 PM

Pros: This is my second one and it has worked as well as I hoped originally. Nice that the USB3 socket on the board is close to the back of the board so that it does not take a long cable to connect to some external ports on the front of the case. Unfortunately the USB 2 ports are pretty far away and the external port cable just barely made it without running it diagonally across the board. The work around the USB driver issue on installing a system was pretty clever but I used the most conservative and used a disk for Win 7.

Cons: The first board was buggy and finally died on me and that review is already on the site. Only one Ethernet port not too many USBs on the back if you have a lot of USB devices. The memory slots are pretty close together making install four memory sticks a tight, tight fit. The additional power connections for the CPU are inaccessible without removing the CPU cooller, ditto the battery. Hopefully they will not need much access.

Overall Review: I am concerned that about 20% of the boards seem to have reliability issues but it still a good board if it works right.

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Have 4 installed for a total of 16 GB4/16/2016 5:12:20 PM

Pros: Worked in my Asrock X170 MB with the setting exactly as show on the memory with no issues.

Cons: The only one I can think of is with 4 installed it was a tight fit as the heat sinks are a little wide. I was worried about the temperature that tight but they seem to be thriving.

Overall Review: You might wonder why I had 4 pieces of memory in a dual channel MB. The simple answer is I "dumbed up" and bought the wrong ones to start with and added another set to bump up the total memory. I have not tried to overclock and probably won't. It is plenty fast enough. Most of my applications are either disk or CPU limited as long as I have enough memory not to have do any file swapping.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Joseph Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your new Z170 build. Each item is designed exactly to specification, so rest assured all hardware will fit perfectly snug. Temperature will never be an issue for RAM. Especially with all heat spreaders combined, they form a super heat spreader to keep all modules nice and cool under any circumstance. There is nothing wrong with full slots on a dual channel motherboard; the CPU will have access to two dual channel sets rather than single. For multi-tasking and intensive processes, this can prove to be beneficial for enhanced performance. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
First time user3/18/2016 4:48:50 PM

Pros: I used to clean with Iso-propyl alcohol pads and I was amazed at how much more was removed after cleaning with alcohol!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Sure would recommend it for those who really like to install CPU thermal paste as well as possible!

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Quiet for the flow rate3/18/2016 4:45:55 PM

Pros: I liked the relatively quiet performance for a pretty good flow rate. Also ran pretty smoothly.

Cons: 1 out of 4 failed within less than a week. I hope no more die because with 4 I only had one spare.l

Overall Review: I recommend this conditionally because of the early failure of one fan.

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Dell E5520 Refurbished4/12/2015 6:22:06 AM

Pros: Works as is and has zero bloatware but also has no 30 day virus protection either.

Cons: Virtually no documentation including features and how to use them. No Dell warranty. For instance, there is a small switch on the side that turns off the WIFI which is pretty neat IF you know it is there and what it is when you are trying to figure out what happened to the WIFI.

Overall Review: Pretty good because you get it for about half the retail price and the party that does the rehab loaded a system with absolutely no bloatware but there is no documentation - not even a PFD of the owner's manual. All warranty is through the 3rd party, no Dell.

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STBD6000100 6 TB drive review3/1/2015 9:41:32 AM

Pros: Working fine now but read the "Other Thoughts" for the strange issue I had. Consistently getting 125 to 150 MB/sec transfer rates in real life and up to 200 MB/sec with HD Tune Pro.

Cons: The mounting arrangement is not an issue in my enclosure so that is not a negative to me but others have complained about it so be sure and be aware of the particulars.

Overall Review: I bought one a number of months ago and the installation was one of the easiest I have had and has worked well so I recently bought two more and installed them and all seemed OK until I started to transfer data and it was excruciatingly slow. In some cases the write rates were in the single MB/s range when I was expecting at least 100 MB/s. I did some testing with HD Tune Pro and sure enough the first drive had test transfer rates of just under 200 MB/s for blocks of over 512 byte. And as expected the reads were slightly higher than the writes. And windows routinely reported real world sustained reads and writes of 120 to 145 MB/s. On the other hand the new drives reported extremely low write rates and HD Tune Pro also showed that while the read rate were around 150 MB/s the write rates peaked around 65-128 byte blocks at below 150 then fell from there to low double digits by 8192 bytes which is probably where most large files would be. I tried switching controllers and SATA ports and the results were nearly the same. In desperation I deleted the partitions with Windows' Disk Management, rebooted and then created new partition(s) and retested with HD Tune Pro and now they all preform nearly identically. I have no idea what happened the first time because I think I created the new disks, GPT and the partitions the same way with Disk Manager but they all doing well now. If anyone has any idea about what I experienced I would appreciate a note.

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WD BLACK SERIES WD3003FZEX 3TB6/26/2014 3:52:16 AM

Pros: Super large capacity, pretty fast transfer rates and a reasonable price. And so far it has been very reliable, extremely quiet and vibration free.

Cons: Heavier than most drives. Missing middle mounting hole and reports of other two being off making mounting a possible issue

Overall Review: I have three choices in mounting the drive so I am sure I can fit it in permanently. So far I have been using it in a plug in Icy Dock Hot Swap Backplane which does not use any screws so I cannot speak about the mounting hole issue directly.

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ST4000DM000 is very good5/31/2014 1:24:14 PM

Pros: Large storage capacity and fast enough for a non system drive primarily data drive.

Cons: None unless you are expecting SSD performance.

Overall Review: I have 4 of them purchased one at a time over a half year of so with none in a RAID and I have had no problems with them. I have had no issues with packaging, No DOAs and no subsequent RMAs. Used primarily for data storage and backup. There is so much storage for a reasonable price that I use them to for media storage and back up for other data so in general speed is not a priority.

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Good mouse pad5/7/2014 2:37:37 PM

Pros: I like the feel of it - low drag but with some tactile feedback. I like to use mine in a vertical position since I tend to use the mouse more vertically than horizontally.

Cons: None but it seems a little pricey and I hope it will last for years.

Overall Review: I am just a user not a gamer but I do some graphic editing and video re-authoring and so a smooth mouse pad that allows precise positioning is my top priority.

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Longevity5/7/2014 2:33:20 PM

Pros: Cost, and reliability burning content. After seeing a few reviews that the shelf life of these disks may not be good, I can say that I have never had a issue so far with any of the disks I have burned and I have been using them for way more than a year.

Cons: None,so far. Nearly no coasters and almost all of mine are verified as part of the write.

Overall Review: Most of my copies were made by whatever was the current version of ImgBurn and using a number of burners but mostly LG WH14N540 lately but mostly previous versions of LG a year or more ago.

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My Favortie Mouse4/29/2014 12:36:34 PM

Pros: This is my favorite mouse but then I only use it for normal Windows navigation and never for gaming. It slides over most mouse pads well and the pointing is very accurate and smooth even with high resolutions on the screen. All I need is four buttons and the wheel. it is both the most comfortable in my mildly arthritic hands and light of any I have tried.

Cons: None considering my limited needs. I wish I could find a mouse as light and comfortable to hold that would perform as well that is wireless but I have tried and have given up for a number of reasons.

Overall Review: I have low demands for a mouse - that it be light and comfortable for my mildly arthritic hands and the pointing to be smooth and precise. This is the 3rd or 4th mouse of this model that I have used. I keep trying wireless and more modern mice and I keep coming back to this one. So far they last 5 to 7 years of daily service for me. The failure mode is usually an intermittent contact on the left button - just wears out I guess.

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Good all around mouse4/22/2014 5:37:02 PM

Pros: Lots of adjustments for customizing for your preferences. Even the weight and balance is adjustable. Precision and smooth tracking is very good. Actually slides better and smoother on my desk top than a mouse pad so I gain some more work area!

Cons: It is a little wide for my hand - maybe because I have mild arthritis and it stretches my pinkie a little to the side. So many adjustments can lead to lots of trial and error before you find the setting you really like.

Overall Review: I probably goes to show that I am not an expert on mouse features because my favorite before was a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A. I just need a good pointer with a the left and right button and IE page back or forward. Even a wheel is nice but optional for me.

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So far so good4/14/2014 9:37:00 AM

Pros: Works - that is always good for a hard drive. Packing was pretty good but I am sure the delivery company can overcome any packing. Haven't exhaustively tested it yet but HD Tune Pro reports 3 to 4 times as fast as 4 TB drive depending on transfer size and it maintained transfer rates of over 150 MB/sec for all transfer sizes over 1 MB.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I got this to complement my SSD system drive. I moved all the program data files and MyDocuments to this drive plus all the normal data files I use. Most file it would read in normal use are within the limit of the flash memory so I should see some improvement over a normal HD.

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