Looks fantastic and runs stable6/20/2020 7:23:36 AM

Pros: - works with MSI Mystic - has it's own lighting software to assign seperate effects to each stick - great price for RGB - easy to OC

Overall Review: Very happy with the way it looks and runs.

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Great ram at a great price...6/8/2020 9:54:27 AM

Overall Review: Good looking ram, great rgb effects, fast and easy to overclock.

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Fantastic keyboard and a fantastic price...12/30/2015 9:26:33 PM

Pros: Very bright backlighting makes it easy to read even in well illuminated rooms. Compact, but full size keys, makes better use of desktop space. Easy to program and use. Very responsive, reads keystrokes quickly no dropped commands when pressing multiple keys in game.

Cons: The audio/video controls are displaced by one key to the right, not a big deal, but just odd.

Overall Review: I've seen several people comment that the keyboard is undersized or that the keys are not standard size, these people are delusional, the keys are the same size as any other keyboard and that is obvious if you put it next to a standard keyboard or measure them. So you can ignore those comments, I know they had concerned me when I was ordering the keyboard.

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Another great drive...11/4/2013 4:39:29 PM

Pros: I purchased this originally as media storage, but then decided to go ahead and upgrade my OS in preparation for a new system build. Nice fast SATA drive, no bad sectors, and quiet. I have been very happy with my last few Seagate purchases and though I've had no problems with this drive, I did have a problem with a 1tb I purchased about 3 years ago and they replaced the defective drive on their dime and shipped it out with return receipt so that I was able to get it up and running BEFORE sending the defective drive back.

Cons: No cons to speak of.

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Sid Meier hates me having free time...11/4/2013 4:35:41 PM

Pros: I did not think it was possible to make Civilization 5 more addictive and entertaining. This addition brings a whole new level of play and makes online play far more entertaining. I have been a fan of Sid Meier for the last 30 years, I played the original board game, then the first computer version, and every iteration since. If you are a Civ fan and want to basically destroy all of your free time, pick this up, it is a refreshing modification to the traditional play and adds several new political aspects to the game.

Cons: This game will turn you into a shut in and you will starve to death because you want one more turn before going and seeking sustenance...

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Great price per disk11/4/2013 4:31:52 PM

Pros: I always keep an eye out for bargain media and I burn through an unhealthy number of DVD-R disks, so it's always nice when they have these sales. TDK makes a solid product, I never have read issues or burn issues with these and have bought them several times in the past.

Cons: No cons...

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Never thought I'd be excited over a mouse pad! I was WRONG!10/8/2013 5:19:36 PM

Pros: IT'S HUGE!!! Be warned, it is really big, so make sure you have the desk real estate for it...I shudder at how big the XXL is. There is absolutely no break on the pad, your mouse glides smoothly unhindered with no initial surface resistance when you go to move it.. My g600 runs like silk across it and I could not be happier.

Cons: No real cons, the XL is really large, it barely fits my desk, which is fine, but smaller footprint desktops should look at the regular size. It smells really bad, but that smell quickly dissipates, but it smells like rotten tuna for the first 10 minutes or so.

Overall Review: It's weird to get excited over a mouse pad, but the difference in mousing performance and ease of use is literally night and day, that I didn't include such an economical and effective accessory years ago just makes me kick myself.

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Great Budget Headphones!3/10/2013 1:23:40 AM

Pros: PRICE and FEATURES! Nice full sound, nice EQ so you can fine tune it (the flat setting sounds bass heavy, but you can tinker to taste) Comfortable even on my big head with glasses, I wore them for several long sessions (6+ hrs) and did not feel like my head was being squeezed or my ears crushed between cup and glasses stems. These are definitely the $40 headphones of choice and I would strongly recommend them. I find the sound quality excellent for games and the positional audio is effective, for music it needs some tinkering, but in fairness I have tinnitus and am probably not the guy to listen to for music reproduction.

Cons: They feel cheap, the plastic housing just does not instil confidence, it is also difficult because of the inline control fob, to secure the cable with some slack in it, to keep it from pulling on where it goes into the headphone (this is something I always do because it is the primary point of failure in most headphones). The headphones are clearly good quality, but they feel and look kind of flimsy. Had they used a hardier casing or thicker plastic I would have given a solid 5/5 stars. But the materials make me wonder about how long term this headset will be. At the price though it is hard to beat.

Overall Review: If you are like me and just want something that sounds decent without spending a ridiculous amount, this is the headset for you.

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Everything and a cup a coffee...2/15/2011 4:23:53 PM

Pros: Runs quiet, runs cool, runs blazingly fast... I picked this up to replace my aging 9800gtx, which ran Rift well, but was showing it's age. This bad boy runs everything at ultra high without a hiccup, also chews up every other game I've thrown at it. Best bang for the buck EVER!

Cons: Not a one...

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Great headset for the money...2/15/2011 7:51:13 AM

Pros: Good solid sound, nice bass response, the Virtual 7.1 works and really adds a new layer to my games. Feels sturdy, I don't think I'm gonna snap them in two while adjusting on my head. Nice solid response on the mic and it does a great job of filtering out room noise. I have a TV running to my right most of the time when I play and noone on Vent with me is disturbed by it. This is hands down the best headset in the price range I've ever owned and the feature set belongs on a more expensive pair.

Cons: The lights do not appear to work when on the lowest setting, not a big issue, since they are a gimmick anyway and it's not like you can see them while in use. Microphone bar is only 180 degrees, so you can't flip the headset left to right and have mic on your right side instead of left. Though the headset is comfortable for extended play (6-8 hours at a stretch so far) my ears do get little hot and it does not completely cup the ear, like the larger Plantronics I've used in the past.

Overall Review: I would recommend these to most people, the only caveat is my ears getting a bit hot, but I've experienced that in all circumaural sets so no surprise there.

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Everything I could want in a mouse...2/15/2011 7:45:09 AM

Pros: This mouse has everything I could want, the weights give it a much firmer feel under my hand, the default shell works great for my hand, but if you have large palms, their is a wider shell as well. Being able to disengage the clicker on the mousewheel is huge and makes scrolling through long documents a breeze. It is so precise, I didn't think there would be that big a difference from my MX518, but it is very noticeable. Just great on every level...and you can change the LED lights to match your system and such, as well as using them as an indicator for the three different default settings.

Cons: None everything about this mouse is top notch...

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Worked out of the box...12/29/2010 1:48:56 AM

Pros: Worked flawlessly right out of the box, workable utilities to get you on the right network and running smoothly, range was sufficient for my needs, operates through the floor to the router downstairs in family room, approx 35-40' away. Came with a small cable so you can move it away from the pc itself to find a better reception location.

Cons: I wish it tilted up so it wouldn't project out from the system as far, makes me paranoid it will get hit and snapped off.

Overall Review: Bought this as a cheap fix for a slightly older system I picked up for my oldest daughter, worked great and is portable so I can move it to another system if needed.

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Tight and uncomfortable2/8/2010 4:06:27 PM

Pros: Look nice...

Cons: Very tight on a person with a large head, particularly uncomfortable if you wear glasses. Caused a headache after wearing for more than an hour and made my ears sore from being pressed into my glasses. Sound quality was hollow and not particularly crisp. Returned to Staples for refund.

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Pleasantly surprised...12/17/2009 10:02:27 PM

Pros: Not a desktop replacement! Perfect for my daughter to do basic web browsing and homework. Runs Firefox and MS Office with no probs, shot battery life (under 3hrs, but it is a 3cell so no surprise). If you are looking for a good lightweight carryall this is perfect, but is way to lightweight for any real applications, beats the snot out of a blackberry :-)

Cons: Right shift button is same size as up arrow and wish it wasn't there.

Overall Review: Perfect for webbing and word processing etc.

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Good drive..2/24/2009 3:28:40 AM

Pros: Nice fast and reliable...

Cons: None...

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Good solid drive...2/24/2009 3:27:36 AM

Pros: Nice and fast, burns reliably, run around 30 disks through it with no fails or bad burns. I've seen comments about it being loud, but it is not distracting or noticeably loud to me.

Cons: IDE not SATA, no lightscribe, but you get what you pay for.

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2/24/2009 3:25:17 AM

Pros: Solid ram for a decent price...no dead sticks, passed memtest clean.

Cons: works fine, did not try overclocking it

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Can't go wrong...2/24/2009 3:23:33 AM

Pros: Can't go wrong with intel...nice fast chip and makes the most of current gaming without some of the issues that Quad chipsets bring.

Cons: Had some stability issues overclocking it to 3.6, but fiddling with the voltage cleared it up.

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Blazing bang for buck...2/24/2009 3:21:11 AM

Pros: Best bang for your buck at the moment, blazingly fast for just about any game you can name and does it for 30% less money than a 200 series chipset.

Cons: FRIGGIN HUGE!!! Of course all the new cards are massive, but darn thing is BIG!

Overall Review: Looking forward to buying a second for SLI in the near future.

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Idiot proof,,,2/24/2009 3:18:17 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the box, easy to overclock and alter settings, well laid out

Cons: It set my 8400 wolfdale to 8x rather than 9x and had to manually change it, not a big deal, but should have read and defaulted the chip properly

Overall Review: Gigabyte does it again, great board...

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Perfect case....2/24/2009 3:15:20 AM

Pros: 3 fans, plenty of room to work well laid out, good PSU

Cons: Wire management issues, only two holds for channeling wiring, wish they'd used seperate led colors for power and HD activity, both are blue

Overall Review: Great case, exceeded expectations

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As advertised and more...6/8/2007 11:13:26 AM

Pros: Excellent budget card, delivers new life to older systems. My antiquated p4 2.4, can again play current games comfortably with decent graphic options!

Cons: No fan, but heat has not been a problem so far.

Overall Review: If you are putting off buying a new system this $50 purchase will extend the life of your computer for another year at least.

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