A fantastic cooler with few bells and whistles4/1/2020 8:26:44 AM

Pros: Keeps my Ryzen7 2700x at atound 30-32 dgrees and tops out at 45 under load. It's very quiet and super easy to install. The tubes are also of high quality and don't kink easily.

Cons: (not really a con but can be a challenge) The radiator is REALLY thick. This adds a lot of surface area to it and some more cooling capacity over others in the 280mm form factor with thinner rads. I only just barely was able to fit this in my case next to my motherboard.

Overall Review: I cannot possibly recommend this item more, and would buy it again. I have been using this cooler for a month now and no strange issues have cropped up, nor have I had degradation of thermals.

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