Great Upgrade From a Dual Core or lower7/1/2010 7:55:14 AM

Pros: - Capable overclocker (~4GHz) !!!I don't recommend trying to OC this CPU without an aftermarket heatsink!!! - Low power use by putting cores to sleep and clocking down when demands are low - Performance boost via Turbo feature which overclocks your CPU automatically when cores are deactivated - P55 platform uses less power as a whole than X58 and AM2+/AM3 - Performance comparable to the Core i7 920 in most applications once overclocked

Cons: - The "normal" vcore settings can be a little high. My CPU at stock has a normal voltage of ~1.25. I have reduced this to ~1.18 and it is LinX stable at 3.33Ghz. I haven't felt the need to push it any further for daily use.

Overall Review: Core i5 750 Gigabyte P55 UD3R Rev 1.0 G. Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 WD 320GB IDE XFX Radeon HD 4770 Seasonic 500W PSU

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Great Budget Card7/1/2010 7:43:09 AM

Pros: The card is quiet. The fan never really spins up to more than 50% unless you manually set it to. Runs most games on high graphics and runs pretty cool out of the box. - Double lifetime warranty adds resale value and peace of mind

Cons: When I bought mine it had this weird issue where the fan would spin up and down over and over while not gaming. I fixed this by setting the fan manually using Catalyst Control Center overdrive options.

Overall Review: Core i5 750 Gigabyte P55 UD3R 4GB DDR3 1600 XFX 4770 320GB WD IDE

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No problems5/11/2009 5:03:49 PM

Pros: They all worked, no coasters.

Cons: Lightscribe has a long way to go. It takes too long to do and you have to burn an image around 3 times to get the desired effect which takes nearly 2 hours. I'll stick to good ol Sharpies.

Overall Review: I didn't realize how fast you can go through 10 discs, especially while keeping up with operating system betas. I'll definitely be buying a 100-disc spool next time.

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Works1/4/2009 6:35:57 PM

Pros: - Working flawlessly in HP Pavilion Slimline s7700n PC with Athlon x2 3800

Cons: I don't like the fact they don't have heat spreaders, which could prove to be an issue in cramped OEM cases with little airflow.

Overall Review: If the s7700n could support it, I would've bought a 4 GB set.

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