Excellent Product12/22/2013 10:38:01 PM

Pros: Great range, many buttons, high resolution, good sensitivity, comfortable, light, energy effecient. I love this mouse. The thumb buttons are very handy.


Overall Review: This is one of the best mice I have bought at this price. (At the time of purchase it was on sale)

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Eh...12/22/2013 9:02:36 PM

Pros: three outputs to one input. tiny and portable.

Cons: Makes a weird sound when headphones are plugged in. Headphone jack must not be all the way in or the sound will persist.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Product12/22/2013 8:58:25 PM

Pros: Works on Mac OSX 10.8.3 and Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Comes with software. Quiet, fast, and reliable.

Cons: Software does not burn Blu-ray movies that are playable in Blu-ray Players, just data disks.

Overall Review: The software allows Data disk burning for Bluray, DVD, and CD's. It has several useful functions beyond that. It is called "Cyberlink Power2Go 8 LE"

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Useful Product12/22/2013 8:47:34 PM

Pros: Plug and play, charges very quickly, can control computer and TV/ other device. Small and portable. Quality product. Works seamlessly on Windows 7. Intuitive function.

Cons: Mouse fly wheel function is a little bit hard to get the hang of. Not a very long range, signal does not go through walls.

Overall Review: I got this for my Home Theater PC. It works very well. I am happy with this product.

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Great Product!9/13/2013 4:56:39 AM

Pros: Extremely high quality! This is a really nice piece of equiptment. Four different HDMI ports that you can arbitrarily switch to and from. iPod control. the capability for L+R Front, L+R Back, Center and 2 subwoofers. This device has it all! I love it!


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Professional piece of equipment for film making9/8/2013 4:06:31 PM

Pros: Professional quality capture. Up to 2K 12bit RGB 4:4:4 uncompressed. HDMI, component, composite and S-video for all your more primitive capture needs. If you plug in your HDMI camera to this device, you can get much higher quality out of your camera, because you bypass the camera's internal compression. Software comes with a Disk speed tester to see what level of video you can capture. It comes with a capture program, a control panel where you can specify which format you want to capture in. It also comes with plug-ins for all of the major editing software out there: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Sony Vegas. For the price, this product is well worth the money.

Cons: Hard to use, little documentation on how to use, except with extensive online research. The card is USB 3, and REQUIRES the NEC chipset for USB 3. I'm using a ASUS P9x79 pro motherboard and had to buy an additional USB 3.0 card for any captures over 720p, otherwise it would crash Premiere or the included software and hang my computer on shutdown. Note that you need either an SSD or a ram disk for the highest quality capture. Even 7200 rpm HDD's can't handle 10 bit uncompressed capture, unless they're in a RAID set up. Single ones might possibly be able to handle MJPEG capture though.

Overall Review: DO NOT get this product unless you know how to compress video. Note that uncompressed uses a lot of storage, so you probably need more than 4Tb of storage. ( A 10 bit 1080i at 60 fps RGB 4:4:4 uncompressed video can use 834 GB/hr that's about 14 Gb/minute, about 230 Mb/s) You need a fast read/write speed to record uncompressed, so you probably need either a SSD or a ram disk (A ram disk will be able to handle any level of uncompressed video, but with 32Gb of ram being over $250, an SSD is much more economical.)

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Smaller than I thought9/8/2013 3:25:14 PM

Pros: Small! USB 3.0, with backwards compatibility. Large-ish storage capacity. Can store my whole movie library on this.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bought this for a gift for my bro and he loves it.

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OK9/8/2013 3:22:36 PM

Pros: A bunch of ports to plug in cards. Fast shipping.

Cons: Had to buy a mounting bracket to install into my 5.25" bay. The extra money spent on the bracket made up for the reduced price that I bought it at. Serial ATA port does not seem to work very well.

Overall Review: Micro SD cards are difficult because my fingers are so meaty and I can't tell which way to put the SD card in, but that's not the product's fault. Just use an adapter for micro SD's.

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Love it9/8/2013 3:17:03 PM

Pros: High quality, lots of plugs. Display is extremely useful. Long battery life. High load capacity, more than I could use.

Cons: None at all. I am happy with this product.

Overall Review: So far I have yet to go over 325W.

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Ok, cheap, but useful.9/8/2013 3:08:13 PM

Pros: Readable by OSX, and Windows without drivers or any other software. Easy install, just plug-and-play.

Cons: Not very high quality microphone input. OK quality output. Note that it just simulates 7.1 surround. It's not true 7.1.

Overall Review: For the price, it's a good deal. What can you expect out of a USB sound card for $10?

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are more than happy to provide all of our customers with a prompt exchange whenever a product becomes defective. SYBA offers an online RMA form, the user can easily fill out the form and submit it for a quick RMA return and exchange. It is SYBA's policy to answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours (M-F) Thank you for purchasing one of our products, and for leaving us your valuable feedback. Regards, SYBA CST 09102013
My main drive9/8/2013 2:59:22 PM

Pros: Reliable, huuuge storage capacity. I do a lot of video editing and use up a lot of memory, so this drive is a huge boon. For most others, this is probably the only drive that you need, unless you want to be able to write to a couple drives simultaneously to increase speed or responsiveness. Easy install, fast shipping.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: In case you were wondering, this drive is 5,900 rpm. It wasn't anywhere in the description.

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Relatively quick drive, no problems so far.9/8/2013 2:53:05 PM

Pros: Pretty fast, no problems thus far. I have an operating system running on it. Applications open relatively quickly (not as fast as my SSD) and it's got a fairly fast read/write speed. About 160 Mb/s write, 120 Mb/s read speeds. Decent price for a moderately fast drive. Fast shipping.

Cons: None, really. It's a good drive.

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Good product, no problems yet9/8/2013 2:45:47 PM

Pros: Fast, easy install, no problems so far. Had it for four months, it's running great.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: I got a little bit too much ram for my purposes, but that just means I'll never run out. For most graphics intensive computer users, I would recommend about 8-16Gb. If you're just using your computer for web surfing or documents or something, I would go with 2-4. For any animators, you can use anywhere from 16Gb to maxing out the capacity of your Mobo. I eventually figured out a use for all 32 Gb.

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