Not that great...8/10/2015 5:11:32 PM

Pros: Nicely simple - I like simple controls that make something easy to use!

Cons: Really, a piece of garbage. I received mine in what looked to be perfect condition. After I opened it and removed the two shipping screws (as directed by the big red label!), I noticed there was something rattling around inside the unit. I wondered what in the heck could that be? Well being the electronics type I opened it up (Yep, bye bye warranty) and was saddened to find a circuit board flopping around the inside of the unit. Upon closer examination I discovered that it was the Bluetooth portion of this car stereo and the way it was soldered to the main board made it a likely candidate to be broken off when subjected to almost any shock. I figured out where that circuit board was supposed to be and re-soldered it to the main board. The unit powered up as it should and all functions worked properly, including the Bluetooth. I would describe the solder work as poor on this unit and I've seen a lot of it in my day. The output of the unit was rather weak too, but what can you expect for such an inexpensive unit? Wasn't even worth my time to return. I think next time I'll just look for a more costly unit, if you know what I mean... First time I've ever bought something from Newegg and was not happy.

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Acer Aspire AS5536-588310/11/2009 8:43:20 PM

Pros: Awesome computer for the price. Typical over the top excellent service and delivery from NewEgg. This computer works just fine for most jobs at this price. You can't beat the free Windows 7 upgrade too! What a deal!

Cons: No firewire port.

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