very good case & good value4/5/2019 11:56:44 PM

Pros: solid, compact, excellent trayless drive racks, quiet fans, inexpensive, standard PS fits It is now April 2019 and this case is still the best value to be found anywhere. Still using this, my original purchase, 02/11/2013, after all these years. Changed rating to 5 eggs from 4, it's that good. It's even a better value now than when I bought mine in 2013.

Cons: only 1 80 mm exhaust fan, should have 2 included, poor air flow from front to back, with the air filters in the front doors any air entering the case should come from there not the massive slots on top and the sides of the rear end of the case. Very heavy when loaded with 13 hard drives and quality PS

Overall Review: covering over the top and side air vents reduces the drive temps. by several degrees C. Mainboard temps down a bit as well because the air flow is now flowing across the mainboard instead of in through the back slots and out. If I were to build another NAS or server, I would snap up another one of these cases with the hot swap racks included.

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fantastic4/13/2018 9:14:09 AM

Pros: well made, great sound quality, instantly paired with iphone 4 , good value. The package presentation shouts Klipsch is quality. Klipsch uses the same button sequence as my old plantronics Backbeat BT headphones, nothing new to learn. They even use the same power connector so my power block is usable as well. Standardization is a good thing in this case.

Cons: none so far, and no I don't own the company

Overall Review: neck band looks large on the models but for us real people the neck band is just the right size, it doesn't flop around on my neck. If you are a thick necked, over a 20 inch neck you will have to decide if it is comfortable for you to wear. For me, it is comfortable and the music quality is heavenly. The R6 supports a couple of sound standards that give even better reproduction but those I can't at this time test. Klipsch hasn't let me down with any of their products that I have bought.

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SYBA SY-MRA25023 Back Panel Slot Mount Mobile Rack for 2.5"7/18/2017 8:32:11 PM

Pros: Very good product, good price. Not a single problem in 3 years use. Makes good use of filling the bare spaces in a server with unused back panel slots. Can also be used up front, easy to modify.

Cons: EDITED: one of the two that I bought in 2013, just over 4 years ago had one of the sata connectors supplied with this unit burn up, looks like the 12 volt line inside the connector arched, melted the copper traces and a small spot of the plastic connector the traces are bonded in. This connector might only have been moved a couple of times in 4 years. Molded sata power connector seem to be time bombs waiting to go off.

Overall Review: I have 2 of these in a server and I modified a 3rd one to fit in a slim CD drive opening in a Sophos firewall. Wanted my SSD to be removable without opening up the small ISK300-150 case. EDITED: product is good, cable keep an eye on it, you should smell the burn before you see it. I did not see it until I started a server rebuild. Everything was still working so that made it hard to find.

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Very good value7/16/2017 9:31:16 PM

Pros: well made case, large and easy to work in, standoff holes: there are many and the ones needed for my dual cpu supermicro board align perfectly. Free shipping + sale price= unbeatable value and function. iStarusa BPN-DE230ss trayless drive racks fit in perfectly using the Rosewill mounting system once their drive trays were removed. Air intake filter.

Cons: Included fans are maybe better than nothing.

Overall Review: I just replaced the 2 rear 80mm fans with 3600 rpm spare fans. Will decide later if I need to replace 1 of the internal 120mm fans with a more capable one. I only use 1 of the 3 internals. Even so there are still 11 fans running in this case all drawing, mostly, filter air. This case now has 12- 3.5" hot swap drives via BPN-DE230ss, 6- 2.5" hot swap drives via 1 SuperMicro CSE-M14TQC and 2 SYBA SY-MRA25023 Back Panel Slot Mount and plenty of room for a number of extra SSDs

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not up to istarUSA quality5/18/2017 7:39:30 AM

Pros: small, cheap, it works

Cons: The doors are not self latching like their 3.5" units, these have to be latched with a key and that makes them feel cheaply made.

Overall Review: I will not buy another one, even if on sale. If the box didn't say istarUSA on it, I would have thought they were made by someone else.

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Very good, so far!10/1/2016 6:21:09 PM

Pros: bought it in 1/10/2014, that makes it 2 3/4 year old. It is running like the day I first plugged it in and it is still quiet.

Cons: none

Overall Review: If the new ones are better than this one, as some have implied, I would buy this brand/model again. It isn't easy finding a good low power and small PSU. It would be nice if it were available as a modular and still low power. Most people buy a PSU that will supply way more watts then needed and end up running the unit outside the optimal power curve, thereby costing them money in the long run.

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Not what is advertised!5/25/2016 10:30:19 PM

Pros: Sale price. SSD tested OK on all tests using Intel SSD Toolbox on windows 8.1 with an i5-4670 and 8gigs 1600 memory

Cons: Intel rates this 535 SSD-480 for 540 read: 490 write, best I get is 500 read: 231 write on an empty SSD my Crucial M550 -512 gives me 509MB/s read 470 write on a half full SSD. All above tested with AS SSD Benchmark 1.9.59

Overall Review: Stay away, no run away from this not so quality product, at any price. Shame on you Intel!

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3 years still running strong: iStarUSA BPU-2535V2-SAGE25P3/12/2016 4:51:47 PM

Pros: Does what it is designed to do. You could spend more but why?

Cons: none

Overall Review: Quality has a price. I have two WD 2.5" black 500GB drives running 24/7 in this, within a server and no heat or any other problems with the drives. I have 4 other iStar hot-swap trayless Drive cages in service and not a single problem with any of them either.

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great firewall board4/22/2015 6:04:55 PM

Pros: for a Supermicro board this is very inexpensive at $154 CAD. 2 good intel nics, Intel I217 & Intel I210 1 PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot , for more Intel nics Mini ITX Kingston 4GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3 1600 Laptop Memory Model KVR16S11S8/4 work great! and at a good price.

Cons: 2 x 204pin memory slots, could not use left over memory (240 pin dimms)

Overall Review: when used with an Antec ISK300-150 case, fast 64 GB SSD, 4 gig of ram, a G3258 cpu and an Intel Gigabit Network Adapter, you have the perfect home "Sophos" UTM.

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Top notch product3/19/2014 3:07:35 PM

Pros: Top notch product. Does what it was designed to do. It's not plastic but sturdy metal with the parts that need to be plastic, plastic. If you need this item, it is worth the money, shall I say it, over the plastic ones. It fits and works perfectly in all of my Istarusa trayless hot swap drive cages.

Cons: Price, could be a little less expensive.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for even if you think that it costs too much. Once you've bought it and used it, you will say, glad I bought it!

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mitx FM2+ winner3/12/2014 6:22:06 PM

Pros: mitx form factor, 240 pin memory, bluetooth & wireless adapter, stable operation, 6 sata3 connectors, FM2+ socket, good BIOS, online BIOS & driver updates and the list goes on.

Cons: I would have liked it to be a little less expensive. The after the rebate price would be perfect. Can this be called a con? It's not as good as my Supermicro server board, but still worth 5 eggs.

Overall Review: Everyone before me has already stated everything one needs to know about this ASRock motherboard. Keep in mind that a thin circuit board does not make it poor quality, just as a thick one does not mean that it's good. Once properly mounted, it no longer matters. The colour only matters if you frame it, some people do that! You can buy splitters to run more than 1 fan from a header. How many fans are in a mitx case? 4, why, because they are there. If you can't afford to run extra fans, just turn off the other computers. ;-)

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frequent rebooting7/13/2013 8:34:08 PM

Pros: good picture

Cons: turns itself off then back on very often and randomly!

Overall Review: found online that LG smart TV's, that this and other models have been having this problem for some time.

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Canadian buyers take note!3/27/2013 2:41:10 PM

Pros: Good drives so far

Cons: Newegg sells USA drives in Canada, therefore WDC gives us an "Out of Region warranty" This can affect you if you buy large numbers of WDC drives.

Overall Review: according to WDC: Five out of region products are eligible for replacement per year per customer. The one year timeframe is calculated from the RMA creation date where the RMA includes the out of region product until the current date.

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position & drive size2/22/2013 7:47:43 PM

Pros: As has already been said, build quality and functionality are fantastic, plus no drive trays!

Cons: If mounting so as to have the Hard drive in the vertical position, a smaller drive e.g. 500 GB, does not allign to the connector very easily. No problem with full size 1 - 2 TB drives but the thinner drives need to be installed horizontally for reliable insertions.

Overall Review: The fans on these units could use upgrading to higher air volumes. I like my drives to run cool. Nothing in life is perfect so only 4 eggs. When the BPN-DE350SS becomes available, I'll be placing my order. Hope I can give it 5 eggs.

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worth a try1/29/2013 8:03:41 PM

Pros: Card works well overall. No drivers needed. Inexpensive. Comes with 1 locking sata cable. No claims of working with ESXi works with Hyper-V

Cons: The chart on the switch settings could have a bit more explanation of what they do. Like, you need to use the "clear mode" between every mode change or the change you thought you made won't take place. A switch that has an on and off position is shown as either on or off for all but the "NO Action" setting where they used X and off. Does X mean balancing it in the middle or off, surely not ON. wait! surprise surprise, the very very tiny graphic seems to show ON . Be consistant or have a * note: with an explanation off of the chart. For all those who think "no driver, ESXi will work", think again. ESXI 5.0 does not see the card nor any drive attached to it, in any mode.

Overall Review: 5 eggs if they supplied an ESXi 5 fix

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