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Very good board but beware if you plan to use an E5-26xxV4 CPU5/29/2016 5:44:39 AM

Pros: Solidly built, decent board, with no useless LEDs or other decorative features. Intended for serious work. Which is precisely why I settled on this motherboard after reviewing numerous alternatives, including boards from Intel and SuperMicro.

Cons: Beware if you plan to use an E5-26xxV4 CPU. The board I received (and apparently, all MW50-SV0 boards manufactured in the spring of 2016 and before) will NOT work with a 'V4 CPU. No boot, no POST, nothing. The most I was able to get out of the board was a single beep when I started it with no RAM installed. Turns out that the BIOS is *very* incompatible with the V4 family, and requires an upgrade. To upgrade, you of course need a working motherboard/CPU combination. A perfect catch-22. In my case, I ended up purchasing an extra CPU just so that I can upgrade the BIOS in these boards.

Overall Review: Knocking one egg off because of the incompatibility with the V4 CPU (and the difficulties involved with finding out this cause - GigaByte's support was good, though) otherwise it'd be a 5-egg product.

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