Good PSU4/28/2011 9:47:27 AM

Pros: Its quite! Works great and I got accurate power level readings after I installed it. MODULAR!

Cons: -Orange offsets my blue theme (but this was a good deal @ the time

Overall Review: I have had this unit for a while and I have been cautious to buy a Modular PSU since I have heard many stories about them sparking and not as safe, but since this technology has improved some and being a Lanbox Lite owner, decieded to get one. It works great and is a good buy! Doesnt feel cheaply made and has some weight to it

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Works!7/29/2009 10:49:15 PM

Pros: -Great sticks for the price (Bought them during the Newegg memory sale) -Decent performance. -Made my family's pc run alot better. (They got an Emachines with Vista Basic) -Good performance for a basic Home user. (Email, browsing, music...etc)

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: BIOS saw them at the correct timings when first plugged which was a good thing. I noticed a difference on their boot/login to vista. These sticks are decent for someone who just needs a little boost on their computer NOT for someone who is going to go all-out gaming and what not. Just your basic user for Home/Office type settings. Nice work on the sticks!!

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60mm Fans7/29/2009 10:45:10 PM

Pros: This is a decent 60mm fan and for the price its really good. The main reason i bought these was they were blue and I wanted more glow in my case (thermaltake lanbox lite.) They move alot of air!!! I've noticed a difference in temperature from my old stock fans that came with the case. These fans are awesome, good price for extra eye-candy and airflow.

Cons: Ok, these fans do make some extra noise. I dont mind it but to others it can be a problem. When plugged directly into the motherboard (I think thats the 5V power?) they dont emit as much light or work as fast, but that because its getting power from the board, not straight from the PSU (12v).

Overall Review: Overall good stuff and glad i bought it. THANK YOU NEWEGG FOR THE FREE SHIPPING (Which came really fast!) & helped me save $$$. These fans are worth buying if you don't care for the little extra sound, but with my whole case up and running it sounds like a little fan is on (like a desk fan for the office), so it anit a bother. Nice work for these fans. Should of bought one more :D (Have an extra slot on case for one)

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Nice Processors!6/5/2009 8:23:15 PM

Pros: Fast!! (Never exp. something like this read other thoughts) Worked right out of the box. I was really worried at first, but MAN, my Bios saw all 3 cores. Runs fine. ! Runs Vista Busniess 64bit SMOOOOOTH Bought mine retail

Cons: <___< ? Wish I bought the 2.3 T__T

Overall Review: I have always been stuck on, very low end style machines. I use to have a Celeron D 3.2ghz processor but now.... :D I have been sold out to AMD. So many Intel Fan Boys complain? But I don't see any problem with these here. D: plus im a college budget right now, but still good processors!! Good work AMD !!!

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Great Sticks6/5/2009 8:04:28 PM

Pros: -WORKED OUT OF THE BOX!! -BLUE! -Great Timings/Speeds -Runs Vista 64bit Business Ed. really smooth.

Cons: <____< ? eh?

Overall Review: I was worried, being that people all the time have problems like DOA (*gasp*) But NO PROBLEMS HERE. My bios on my ASUS MEA78-EM saw them at the correct speeds first try. Cant wait to do some real testing on them Good Work G.Skill, Nice product, see me again in the future. Thank for my first system build to be WORRY FREE!

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I <3 YOU ASUS6/5/2009 8:01:05 PM

Pros: WORKS FINE!!! It saw my processors, ram, everything. It even had them at the correct timings in the Bios. I don't know what else to say, but it WORKS! Out of the box, perfect. I dont even think I need to up my Bios either. It installed and is running Vista Business 64bit fine, and (I havent installed it yet, but Ubuntu 9.04 64bit seems to run smooth from a Live CD, it recognized my process/RAM.)

Cons: NONE...wait.... Driver install CD is annoying. After ever driver install, reboot. And if u leave the cd in, it goes to the Boot Disk Build Opt. (Not a MAJOR problem, just annoying =\) I wish it was blue. My whole build was blue almost....@___@ LoL

Overall Review: I was worried this being my first system build. I got the chance to see it work when i borrowed some sticks from a friend and So happy when i heard the *BEEP* POST. Anyways. I will write something later IF i find an error, but GOOD WORK ASUS. You will see me again. IF YOU WANT A GOOD BUILD FOLLOW THIS (I saved, since i used my 500watt PSU i still have, BUT am looking forward to getting a Modular soon, but u can use this Corsair just fine) HOCUS_BUILD: -Thermaltake LANBOX Lite VF6000BWS -ASUS M3A78-EM -HIS Hightech H467QT512P Radeon HD 4670 IceQ Turbo 512MB - AMD Phenom 8450 Toliman 2.1GHz -G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ -Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5 -COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-500-PCAR-A3 500W ATX ((This is my Old PSU, which I hope to upgrade so i can get a nice Vid Card)

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Nice buy!5/27/2009 9:42:25 AM

Pros: 500gb. Nice build. Software on it. Mounts under Linux distros as well

Cons: D: Gets warm after awhile, but that is because using it.

Overall Review: I bought this drive about 1yr 1/2 ago at F R Y S for the same price. And I havent had any problems since then. It runs great and does its job. I use it to store movies, animes, documents. (Got a 1tb for a backup) This is my main Ext. HD that I use almost daily. I have yet to have any problems with it. Worth the buy.

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Nice!5/26/2009 8:13:00 PM

Pros: -Nice Price -Worked on first install, NO FLAWS!!! -Plays games really good! -BLUE !!

Cons: It seems to run a little hot. Right now, as of posting its at 40celsius. Maybe its just me thinking that, since I have never had anything decent for a PC before, and this card is my first, good card.

Overall Review: As said, seems to run hot, but who knows, may just be cause I never used a decent gaming card. THIS is a must buy. Very good card. No flaws on install. Runs great.

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ZOMG!5/15/2009 2:32:57 PM

Pros: AWESOME CASE!!! I love the size and it has nice features. The side vents allow for air to get in, the two 60mm fans work decent to help get air out, and the extra 90mm in the front is perfect for getting air onto my board. I like how the design is, in the sense of allowing me to take virtually everything out, build my system, and then only have to hook the wires together. :D And i can fit my psu in the other way no problem, since it has a 120mm fan on it. Nice design and layout. A MUST BUY!!

Cons: - D: I thought there was blue lights in it, lol from how the picture looks, but the 90mm fan is blue led and I have fans that are blue as well :D -Hard drive case is a little, eh? Not the best spot to have it. Yes, its nice to have that 90mm fan blowing air on to them, but i rather have some air on my ram instead. Still not much of a problem. -120mm fans dont fit to well. T_T

Overall Review: Overall awesome case. I wish there was a way to add 120mm fans to the case or on the side, for better airflow, since it is small, more prone to heat build up. BUT, there is enough ventilation to where there isn't a major problem. Nice work Thermaltake!

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Cool Breeze5/2/2009 7:20:15 AM

Pros: Uhhh....*looks at case* -BLUE -Moves lots of Air (Especially with two next to each other) -Comes with multiple connectors -BLUE !!! -Free (see Other thoughts)

Cons: None that I can think of. Having to use one of them as a PSU replacement fan. :D

Overall Review: For those that say this thing runs loud, I STRONGLY disagree. Loud is a train. Loud is Ozzfest. Loud is someone shouting. Loud is a server room. With two of these running together, I feel like im listening to a normal fan running. Its a 120mm fan, of course its going to have some noise. But this is very tolerable. I had a hassale trying to order these with a Visa gift card and Kudos to Newegg, they dropped the price and it was free, much <3 newegg ! A must buy product !

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Nice HS4/24/2009 10:28:49 PM

Pros: LOTS OF SPACE!!! This hard drive is really good. The transfer speeds is decent. I use it as a back up for my 500gb. Its an overall good hard drive. A must have.

Cons: Ubuntu won't mount the HD unless I use the Force option, saying a NTFS partition was already mounted.

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M2 Card4/3/2009 3:36:47 PM

Pros: -Lots of space for my w580i -Bought it when it was cheaper price :D

Cons: -SONY PROPRIETARY PRODUCT!!! Other than that...

Overall Review: It is worth it to buy it here, on newegg. Compared to spending $20 for 1gb at most places.

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