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WOW! This thing moves some air!8/1/2008 11:52:47 AM

Pros: This thing flows a ridiculous amount of air... It actually blows my audio cord around haha... This combined with a blue orb dropped CPU temps by 30 degrees Celsius... Saved my CPUs life

Cons: None

Overall Review: Lanbox Lite, Geforce 7050m-m MOBO, AMD 6400+, 4 GB 800 MHZ Ram, Seagate 7200 RPM 500 GB HD, Geforce 8600 GT

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HUGE... But works like a champ8/1/2008 11:49:35 AM

Pros: Well long story short I have a lanbox lite build with an AMD6400+ which before the blue orb was spiking at 83C.... And yes I mean 83C.... Saw that and immediately ordered the blue orb and a two other fans and let me tell ya this thing dropped my temps by a solid 25C and probably saved my cpu and its actually quieter than the coolermaster 80mm Heatsink that the local computer store put in.

Cons: I don't get to see the pretty blue lights since I was cheap and bought the windowless lanbox lite haha..... Its big but I'm not sure most consider that a con considering what its supposed to do so no real cons from me

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Sucks.... In a good way8/1/2008 11:45:10 AM

Pros: Excellent fan, running in a Thermaltake Lanbox Lite which is normally ok but with a AMD 6400+ things were getting HOTTT in there and this fan along with a Blue Orb dropped temps by 30C... Thats right the processor temp once spiked at 83C... This fan flows much more than the stock 60mm fans included in the case just by feeling them and is usually very quiet...

Cons: None really... But i can see it being easy to strip

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The goods and the bads7/30/2008 7:42:47 AM

Pros: Case is beautiful, for a micro form factor you can use full sized everything else aside from mobo. Plenty of thumbscrews to make disassembly easy, sliding mobo tray, plenty of expansion slots, a quick disconnect front face and many other great assets to this case. I love the looks of this case and I actually like the durable steel build that others have said they disliked. Then again I don't carry my case around all the time so its a non issue to me.

Cons: Now the cons.... The PSU sits directly above the processor really limiting your cooling options, the hard drive tray sits directly in front of the 90mm fan and should be moved IMMEDIATLEY (For more on why keep reading). Stock fans don't move a whole lot of air, almost none actually. This is nitpicking but the front LED is near blinding in a dark room, I just made a habit of putting my drink in front of it lol.

Overall Review: I may have taken this case to places it wasn't designed to go lol, I have a 512 8800 GTX, AMD 6400+ CPU, Coolermaster 90mm fan/hsu and even AFTER removing the HD tray the cpu temps spiked at 78C who knows what they were hitting without removing the HD tray. This is because max specs are 63C. After buying a PCI slot cooler, another 60mm fan and upgrading to a blue orb I still see 63C on some games or rendering things in PS.... I guess what I'm saying is that temps in this case on certain processors can be an issue, I'm aware that the 6400+ runs hot but it's not the only processor that does so and one should be very aware of this when considering using this case for a build as I'm learning cooling this thing is really limited, I wish I had got the VF6000BWS instead and cut part of the window to add another exhaust fan right near the CPU... Again some nitpicking but if you're looking to max out this case you probably will run into heat issues because of the PSU location.

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Bang for your buck7/29/2008 7:14:29 AM

Pros: What can I say, I'm not a hard core gaming build, casual at best I'd say. I just wanted a card that could handle the bloating of Vista and Blu-Ray playback and this card does not even stutter in either. Jumped my vista index from a 2.1 to a 5.3 for just $63 (after MIR). For what I wanted its perfect. Just for kicks I ran 3dmark06 and got a 3dmark of 3774.... Not astounding but considering on board graphics got a 41 I'm pretty stoked

Cons: None really, its an older card on a slightly outdated technology, I got more than I expected!

Overall Review: As stated I got a 3dmark of 3774 on ECS 7050-m mobo, AMD 6400+ CPU, 4gb ddr2 800 mhz ram and this build takes pretty much whatever I throw at it!

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Beautiful picture... Unbeatable Price7/15/2008 6:35:15 AM

Pros: Some may want a bigger monitor but 22" will fill most desks and is still HUGE by most standards and this monitors fits the bill with a higher contras ratio than most and a price lower than almost all. Definitely best bang for the buck. Plus my case has a Piano Black mirror coating and this completes my set-up perfectly.

Cons: Its been stated already but no HD support. The picture is crisp and clear without it but it would have been nice to have for the blue ray drive....

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