Really nice rails for the price…2/13/2009 5:10:02 PM

Pros: Strong Easy installation Works on square, round, and threaded holed rack (mine is actually a threaded holed rack)

Cons: Personally I think they short you on the screws, the kit comes with 18 but that leaves you with only one screw per L-bracket to attach the rails, personally I didn’t trust that solution so I went down to home depot and got some more for like 85 cents (no big deal) so that I could secure the rails to the L-brackets with 2 screws per L-bracket. Plastic retention clips

Overall Review: I bought these rails as an alternative to the Norco RL-26 rails which are actually too thick to accommodate a standard width chassis in a standard 19in rack. However, these rails from iSstarUSA are very good quality and could easily be used as cheaper alternatives to other rails. The max safe load rating according to iSstarUSA is 85 pounds and I think that is a conservative estimate. The rails come packaged nicely with all the parts and pieces you’ll need and unlike most the other rails available the installation guide is impeccable with clear and easy to read instructions and diagrams. Also, I bought 3 pairs of these rails and one came properly lubed, however I have made it a habit of lubing my rails anyway so just a couple of squirts of silicone lubricant fix them right up.

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Cheap card for a server1/2/2009 12:05:23 AM

Pros: Cheap! and it works I bought this unit to install in a server that will operate "headless" most of the time and will only be connected to the monitor for maintenance.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: What else can I say, it does the job I bought it for

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Really nice rails but poor discription...1/2/2009 12:01:44 AM

Pros: The rail and mounting hardware quality is superb. The rails are constructed of heavy-duty steel for carrying heavy servers. Come well lubed with heavy-duty steel locks

Cons: Because the rails are so wide, they will not work with a standard 430mm chassis width. Make sure you chassis are less, much less. I have 3x 4U chassis with this standard width, and a standard 19in server cabinet and these were simply too wide to fit into my rack attached to my chassis

Overall Review: Installation is fairly simple, but the instructions are horrible! Don’t buy these is your server chassis is 430mm or more in width Personally I would not even bother purchasing these rails and risk having to return them if your server width of any more than 425mm perhaps even less.

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Fantastic Phone!12/17/2008 11:13:45 AM

Pros: The N82 is a great phone, the battery life is extremely good for such a powerful smart phone and it also is loaded with features. The calendar integration and outlook synchronization works flawlessly and is extremely powerful. Some people think the buttons are too small but I disagree as I do a good amount of SMS, web surfing, IM, and e-mail and they comfortable and work just fine for me. Additionally the large selection of aftermarket S60 software is extremely good and adds additional functionality. It also has GREAT reception which is typical of Nokia. The build quality is also very good. The package comes with EVERYTHING you might need with the exception of a Bluetooth headset and car charger but those are cheap accessories anyways.

Cons: Extra batteries are expensive if you need them but I don’t so it’s not a big deal

Overall Review: Overall a wonderful package; Highly recommended

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Nice Chassis12/17/2008 10:58:39 AM

Pros: Nice chassis Well, I bought this chassis a couple of months ago and it has been working out really nice for me. The build quality is wonderful and it includes everything you need to get started. The steel used to build the case is nice and thick and most the sharp edges have been filed down. The handles are metal as well and the door, hinge, and locking mechanism are of good build quality.

Cons: The chassis came packaged well (packaged in a double cardboard box with foam stabilizers on the corners, top, and bottom) but several components had come loose during shipping and needed to be reattached/reassembled, nothing major just the lock and one of the front handles, probably due to the shipping currier not being particularly cautious with the large parcel.

Overall Review: The con mentioned above is more of a reflection on the shipping company. !!VERY SATISFIED!!

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