good kvm, can alter display resolution4/13/2007 2:28:39 PM

Pros: Price is low relative to most other USB kvms.

Cons: There is a longer lag after switching video to register keyboard/mouse activity than I expected. The kvm (with Windows XP Pro) can change the display resolution after switching a couple times when using an uncommon video resolution (specifically 1440x900). What's worse (MS' fault, not StarTech) is that depending on drivers, Windows XP Pro may stop listing 1440x900 as an available resolution setting after this happens.

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good board, booting quirk6/7/2006 6:53:31 AM

Pros: other reviews for this board list its many pros. newegg gets five golden eggs.

Cons: inconsistent wrt to IDE DMA Transfer Access setting in BIOS

Overall Review: Got 2 DFIs & pairs of identical components to build twin systems. 1st one set up & booted SuSE 10.0 fine, 2nd didn't (Grub loading stage2read error). Matched up BIOS settings, tweaked IDE access modes, swapped components, tried different boot loaders, OSes & boot drives, googled & doc'd for solutions to no effect. Returned 2nd mobo for replacement. Same problem w 3rd. Upshot - 1st mobo boots w IDE DMA Transfer Access enabled, 3rd (& presumably 2nd) only boots with this disabled. Ugh!

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