Fantastic keyboard6/29/2013 2:58:43 PM

Pros: Cherry brown is perfect compromise for gaming and productivity. Small keyboard takes up little space leaving more room for papers, mouse, coffee, lunch.

Cons: One key, the backspace, squeaks a little. A small thing but this keyboard is not cheap and its an annoyance. LED under windows lock are very bright.

Overall Review: I found some blue painters tape but inside the windows key helped to reduce the brightness very nicely. As an added bonus, since I used a black pen to stick it in there, it has an almost lava like effect from the lines. Not a problem with scroll lock and caps lock since I like having those scream at me when left on. Win lock is always on..

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Solid budget processor2/4/2013 1:27:52 PM

Pros: Well priced Sufficient to feed my 6870 Works with after market heat sinks from older Athlons

Cons: Struggles to keep up with similar priced Intel - a con on paper only. One egg off for throwing the ball 8 yards when you need 10.

Overall Review: I bought this processor because I had a nice big after market heat sink from my old X2 that would clip right in. I turned off turbo and have it set to run at 4Ghz. It has proven to be a great work horse. I have seen no evidence that I am CPU limited with my AMD 6870 video card. One nice benefit of the AMD architecture is they have kept compatibility in their sockets. This makes hand-me-downs to my other computers easy. A few generations from now I will buy the best 8 core they are making for AM3+ and move this over to my wife's AM3+ mb which in turn took the Regor AM3 CPU that was in another much older MB. I tell my friends who do not need to be frugal and do not have considerations like a pile of AMD heat sinks and legacy CPUs lying around to try to buy an i5.. but this is a solid processor for the money and given the upgrade paths I consider AM3+ family a better long term choice than a budget i3.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Nice card3/26/2009 12:48:07 PM

Pros: I have used this to capture clearcast QAM using SageTV software. It has worked as advertised and tunes all the channels that I expect to be available. I have not used it to tune OTA. The remote that comes with this is an excellent remote and can be conigured to use with a variety of software including my SageTV.

Cons: The senor for the remote has a short cord. The one that came with my pvr-150 is much longer. This has made it hard to place where I would like it, out of the reach of little hands.

Overall Review: I have a pvr-150 which I use to tune analog channels, so I have no experience with the soft mpeg encoding. If all you want this card to do is tune digital channels and you have third party software this is a great value. If you want to get 5.1 digital sound, you will need to use the AC3 filter. I have that configured to pass the signal through to my spdif and on to my receiver. Before I installed this software I was limited to stereo sound. You will need to research what will work with our capture software.

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Solid performance4/16/2007 7:40:46 AM

Pros: I was able to get it to 230mhz at 2-3-2-5 with 1T command. Had to set timing in bios, spd has more conservative setting.

Cons: Pricey.

Overall Review: I dialed it back to 222. I am running my 2.0ghz x2 at 2.4, wanted to get 1:1 but couldnt without reducing timings so settled for 240 at 183/200 divider which gave me about 222 memory speed.

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Faulty layout4/13/2007 8:46:52 AM

Pros: It works. Decent OC options in bios. DVI output a nice extra for on board graphics. 4 DIMM slots. Full directx 9 compatibility (slow, but stable). Will be suitable to my wife's non-gamer needs and allowed me to recycle a 939 venice and 4x 512mb DIMMS I had replaced in my own system.

Cons: The audio block you connect to the front audio outputs is right underneath where a pci express video card would go. Absolutely foolish design. Only 1.5/gbs on SATA. CPU socket close to tall chipset heatsink making putting the cpu in more of a hassle then it needs to be.

Overall Review: I expected more thoughtful mb layout from DFI. The audio block location is a serious problem with no real work-around should I choose to add a pcie graphics card.

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Cool and Quiet4/12/2007 10:27:48 AM

Pros: Cool, Quiet, and sytlish. My 939 X2 processor at 2.4hz (OC from 2.0) ran in upper 20s to low 30s idle, mid 40s with load, fan around 2400rpm. Flexible mounting options. Sink is open and will be easy to vacuum down the line.

Cons: Not sure how I will get this off if I need to. Clip snaps into AMD 939 bracket and I cant see how I will get it to release. Stock fan has a lever that can be used to release tension. This one has no such mechanism. Fan may be difficult to replace.

Overall Review: Used arctic silver Ceramic paste.

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Nice upgrade4/12/2007 10:21:57 AM

Pros: Have it running at 2.4 w/1.4 volt, no problem. May try for 2.6 but happy to have it running relatively cool (in the 40s during stres on air). Nice upgrade from my single core. I got it to improve my photo processing.. games about the same. replace 1.8 (oc at 2.2) venice single core.

Cons: Only down side was having to do an in-place upgrade of xp to get it to work properly with the second core.

Overall Review: There is a MSKB article about pressing F5 during the part of the upgrade where xp asks for a raid or scsi driver.. this brings up the option to force which HAL it will install. Might be worth looking into if you have trouble getting the second core up.

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Works in eSATA and USB.12/19/2006 11:46:57 AM

Pros: eSATA works, unlike a competitor's product I tried. Comes with good eSATA cable and bracket. Fan seems to cool well. Nicely engineered internal interfaces. No switch required to move between eSATA and USB. Very small wall wart, fits into most outlets.

Cons: Could use rubber feet for horizontal mounting. Fan is surprisingly loud for small size. Power cord is short. Activity LED not visible in all orientations.

Overall Review: I ordered this after having another product fail to work in eSATA. A longer power cord, the option for rubber feet, and a better activity LED would have earned a 5. Would buy again.

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eSATA didnt work12/19/2006 11:40:51 AM

Pros: I liked the rubber feet.. allows one to place on any side. Three interface types nice if it had worked. USB worked.

Cons: eSATA didnt work properly. It would detect the drive but would corrupt it's contents until the entire thing hung up. I have since installed the drive in another manufacturer's enclosure and it worked perfectly in eSATA.

Overall Review: Awkward spacing of components inside. Things didn't fit quite right. I never tested firewire. It does not include an eSATA bracket. Cable is internal SATA cable. I don't recommend this drive. There are plenty of others out there to try.

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Quiet and cool - cables so-so3/7/2006 9:02:03 AM

Pros: Single large quiet 120mm fan. I prefer this style of PSU to two fan PSUs. Quality workmanship

Cons: As others have mentioned.. detachable cables are messy and do little to reduce clutter. Sleeves only extend part way down the cables

Overall Review: A pouch? Why?

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11/13/2005 10:05:59 PM

Comments: Nice piece of hardware. Seems to be well built. It worked well with the included software. It shipped set as a slave. I had to experiment to find the right jumper setting for it to be a master. I am very pleased with both the price and performance.

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11/13/2005 10:03:41 PM

Comments: I am using this with a BUFFALO WLI-TX4-G54HP. I connects without a problem. It seems to work. I don't know how much better it is then the original omni antennae but I get a steady 54MBS signal and no perceptible drop out with it pointed at my housemate's router.

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Works well11/13/2005 10:00:20 PM

Comments: Ecellent hardware. My PC and two ReplayTVs connect to the household g network with this now. I previously had a usb adapter which had poor reception and throughput on my PC and had to use connection sharing to download listings to my replays. My performance now is fantastic. I got a directional antennae for it which may have helped (BUFFALO WLE-AT-DACB). The set up was a bit of a hassle because I use WEP, but after fussing with it a bit and making some lucky guesses I got it all working and its been rock solid since. Currently it is working with my housemate's linksys router. I was gratified that it seemed to offer good interoperability.

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Great value, low noise9/6/2005 7:05:05 AM

Comments: This cpu has been great. Low heat, very quiet. I oc to 2.2ghz. Memory is at 204, FSB is at 800. Nice and stable. Cool and quiet with stock cooler and arctic heatsink paste. I had some trepidation about leaving my p4's HT, but I have had not noticable multi-application lag. So much nicer working in the evening without the old jet engine running on top of the P4. Paired with an 800xl its been fantastic for my gaming needs.

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Fast and Quiet9/6/2005 7:00:57 AM

Comments: This drive has been great. Fast and quiet. No bearing whine. There is the mechanical "seek" noise others mentioned, but I consider that a plus. I like being able to here a little mechanical noise (if I strain to hear it) while it accesses. It lets me know my drive is working..

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Quiet and stable9/6/2005 6:56:05 AM

Comments: This psu has been great. It is quiet and stable. My only complaint is that the main power connector could be a little longer to give me more routing options. Also, the external power socket is a little tight making it hard to seat the cord properly. Connectors are convenient, but not a big deal over the regular connectors. Over all this has been a great PSU though.

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Nice Quiet MB9/6/2005 6:43:21 AM

Comments: My biggest pet peeve with motherboards is poor and loud chipset fans. This one is silent. The power switche right on the motherboard is very convenient. I am very pleased with the stability and feaures of this board. Only complaint is the location of the power connector which causes the PSU cable to overhang the cpu fan. My cables are wrapped so this has minimal impact but is still dissapointing. Documentation is sufficient but not up to standard of asus or other "big" vendors.

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Nice desgin, bad power button9/6/2005 6:38:56 AM

Comments: I bought two of these, the second after the first which I like a lot. Its light and small. The drive rack is perpendicular to the case and has little drive trays which make working on this and swapping drives between machines a breeze. My complaint is that the power button on one machine broke. I can turn it on with plastic probe, but so far have not seen an easy way to fix. The little hardware box is very nice, lets me keep bits of unique hardware with each machine. Drive door is kind of inconvenient and I dont see an easy way to remove. Good for travelling I guess.

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Very quiet9/6/2005 6:35:26 AM

Comments: Despite being behind the curve now on performance, I still chose this card. It has lived up to my expectations by being whisper quiet. The air being exhausted out the back keeps case ambient down which makes my cpu fan spin slower. The first one I ordered, slightly different HIS model for XL, had a defective fan. Newegg refunded and I bought this. Very satisfied, fast enough for me and most important, virtually noiseless.

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