A solid, functional productivity monitor4/5/2020 9:51:44 PM

Pros: For a good, general productivity 1080p monitor, this does the job nicely. At 27", text is still nice and comfortably readable but not too pixelated. Colors look good to me for general use. I didn't notice any problems with casual games.

Cons: The monitor stand doesn't easily slide into place. You may have to firmly force it in place to get it to attach to the monitor. However, it is stable once it's attached. There is a slight border of about half a centimeter from the inside of the top and sides of the plastic bezel before you reach the panel. It's not as thin as my recent Dell monitor. In practice though, this is not a big deal. It's certainly much thinner than a lot of older monitors with full plastic bezels. Sometimes the signal detection for returning from sleep mode is a little slower than other monitors but it's not really a problem. Within a second or two, the monitor wakes up and functions just fine.

Overall Review: The image quality looks pretty good for the price. This monitor is being used mainly as a secondary screen for productivity. However the panel quality is cleanly and evenly backlit. For general office work, movies, and casual gaming, this monitor seems to be a good buy for the money. The monitor ships with a VGA cable. No HDMI cable is included. This isn't really a problem, but if you don't have a spare HDMI cable around, be sure to buy a spare.

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A budget laptop, but a solid choice1/9/2010 1:34:18 PM

Pros: The design feels very nice. It's fairly pleasing to the eye and feels decently made for a laptop in this price range. The LCD is also of a good quality and has a slight gloss which looks rather pretty. Windows 7 runs quite well on this laptop. 320 GB is a good amount of space for this budget-model laptop and the 4 GB of RAM allows you to multitask quite well. The AMD processor never seemed to be particularly choked by the general usage I threw at it which was good. Internet browsing and typing is fine with a fairly comfortable, flat keyboard. The sound output is good and pretty clean overall and the speakers are good for a laptop in this price range. Combine that with the good screen and you have a good option for watching DVDs and movies. The microphone and webcam also work quite well with Skype with no additional setup needed.

Cons: The touchpad is functional but will sometimes cause you misery. It is not recessed and it's likely that you'll consistently tap it while you type. The multitouch gestures were not good at all. Two-finger scrolling was fine, but the flick navigation caused me to constantly go back while typing posts. Turn them off and save yourself frustration. There are points when the processor seems to get a little bothered, and the fan will kick on to compensate. It doesn't get terribly hot, but it is significantly audible. The position of the right side USB ports is also awkwardly placed by the front of the laptop which interferes with a USB mouse for right-handers, as your wrist will hit the plug and cord. Left-handers have a much better position on the left side of the laptop. No restore CD/DVD is included with this laptop. You will be prompted to create a recovery image shortly after starting up your Aspire for the first time, taking about 3 DVDs and an hour of your time

Overall Review: In this price range, it's a solid, competent laptop for most users. It will handle the needs of a casual user without too many issues. Windows 7 is pleasant to use, and the Aspire is nice for movies, Internet browsing, older/more casual games, and Skype. It's not going to be highly portable though. The size combined with about a 2 hour battery life don't make it an ideal travel partner on long trips. If you have a need for a cheap, good little laptop to take from place to place this will do the trick. However, as the price on this laptop rose about 25% from the time of purchase to this review, you may find better value for money if you're willing to spend $100-$200 more.

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A great entry level point and shoot camera5/11/2007 6:17:02 AM

Pros: A very nice point and shoot entry from Fuji. Handles outdoor shots well as well as indoors. Image quality is pretty good but it's not going to be exceptional. The camera's automatic modes tend to do a pretty good job of most everything but if they don't deliver what you want, it's not hard to use some minor manual overrides to change white balance and ISO settings. Tons of preset modes are available for a variety of situations too. Plus, a lot of the accessories aren't proprietary. USB Mini-B cables are easy enough to replace and SD cards (practically the standard) are compatible with the A800. As an amateur photographer, I find it to be a good camera to learn on with a good amount of functionality and nice image quality.

Cons: Video is only available in 320 x 240 resolutions. It's perfectly usable, but VGA resolution is becoming much more common for movie modes these days.

Overall Review: A hardcore, experienced digital photographer is going to be underwhelmed by this camera. But anybody who is looking for a solid point and shoot camera to get into digital photography or an inexpensive model should consider this one.

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Good, Solid RAM for Laptops5/3/2007 2:03:52 PM

Pros: This ram was purchased to replace the original RAM in a Dell Latitude D610. The BIOS and Windows detected it quickly and had no problems with it. After upgrading from 512 MB, things can actually run without putting a huge strain on the swap file. Without a doubt, an essential upgrade for multitasking. Also Newegg's shipping and service was excellent, as usual.

Cons: Time will tell, but none as of right now.

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