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Pros: - Easy to build in. Phanteks carefully though about the whole process of building a computer, and they did what they could to help you bring your hardware to life. - Great RGB! If you don't want to overspend on a set of 6 RGB fans to brighten the interior, this case will save you from that. The RGB in it is not overly done, and brings a tad of class to the looks of your system. - Excellent cable management. Zippers and panels that open and close to hide that clumsy cable management of yours are here to stay. - You're able to have a mini ITX system on the top grid, if having 2 systems in a case turns you on for whatever reason. - Mount your graphics card vertically. - Side TG panels can be open without taking them off (although you can if you want).

Cons: - Aside from the RGB trend, many people are more interested in building a Micro/Mini system nowadays. This case won't be for you if you fit the description. - Although you are allowed to mount a Mini ITX system on the top grid, you need to purchase separately the accessory to do so. The same applies if you want a cable to mount your graphics card vertically. Being a pricey case, those two accessories might as well be packed with everything else. Note that the price is not a con, it simply rightly reflects the quality they've put into the case. - To have the Mini ITX system, I suppose you'd need a special power supply to drive it, or even 2, though I have no idea how you'd manage the latter.

Overall Review: I've been using Corsair cases for a long time now. I was between the Evolv X and the Corsair Obsidian 500D SE for my new build, but after putting up my rig and seeing the final result, I'm happy to have chosen Phanteks. The RGB is great, with a set of presets that you can choose from by the press of a button, the TG looks classy, and cable management is neat and easily done. If you've come across this case in your search, you might as well stop here and buy it. I'm very picky and finicky in a way that bothers even me, but I can wholeheartedly recommend the Evolv X. As of March, 2019, this is likely to be the best you'll get out there in this form factor. Well done Phanteks, you've done it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Igor, Thank you for your well written review of your experience with your new Evolv X. You slightly mentioned about the dual system feature of the case. You are correct in that you will need a "special" power supply. Our Revolt X is just that. You can run two systems independently of each other thanks so the each set of 24-pin and 8-pin motherboard cables. Phanteks Support