Fast computer but lots of problems12/19/2014 11:58:45 AM

Pros: I use the computer for both work and fun. One the work side, this computer is fast. i do numerical simulation modeling and on average my models are running 35% - 40% faster than on my old i7-2600k. On the fun side, I have yet to find an application that I can't run at full resolution and on max graphics settings with this machine. The price was also great for the amount of computer. It is pretty much the same price as buying the components and building it yourself.

Cons: 1. The computer case came damaged. One of the legs was broken off. The hard drive chassis inside the case was also bent and had a screw that was not in place. I was initially pretty unhappy and considered returning the computer to newegg for a replacement, but in the end it did not seem worth paying ~$30 to ship a 32 pound computer back to newegg, when a replacement isn't 100% guaranteed anyways. So I ended up just using some pliers and managed to bend the harddrive chassis somewhat back into the correct shape. That fix, along with some duct tape, allows hard drive to at least kind of stay in place now. I put the broken leg back on the case with some super glue and that seems to be holding up ok as well. 2. The windows 8 DVD that comes with the system also does not work. I added a Samsung 840 EVO 250gb SSD to the computer, and then I attempted to do a clean install of windows 8.1 onto the SSD. Windows 8.1 appeared to install correctly, but when the computer restarts to load windows for the first time, I get a blue screen of death with the error "attempted execute of noexecute memory". I tried reinstalling win8, but got the same error. I spoke with the Microsoft support and they told me that since the windows license is an OEM license that i have to get my support from iBUYPOWER. I contacted iBUYPOWER, and eventually they gave me some ideas to try, but by then I had given up and just installed windows 7. 3. It was a pain to get the wireless USB adapter the comes with the machine working. There were no drivers provided on any of the media that came with the computer or online. I eventually was able to find them after contacting iBUYPOWER. 4. There are only 3 jacks in the back of the motherboard for sound. I have surround sound speakers, and have to plug the side speakers into the front jack. It works but is just a little bit awkward 5. The ram is 1x8gb so it runs single channel. It would have been better to put in 2x4gb so that it runs dual channel.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued iBUYPOWER Customer, We are very sorry for the inconvenience with your system. Please email us your contact information at so we can begin resolving your case. Our computers can be registered at for faster RMA service. Thanks again for considering iBUYPOWER products we look forward to resolving your concerns in a timely matter. If you want to contact our customer representative, please call us at 888-462-3899.