Incredible Gaming Machine! I love it!2/10/2021 9:17:21 AM

Pros: -Display is amazing! The colors are great. Some people say the display is a little dim but I think the screen brightness is plenty! I had no issues using the laptop outside. -Speakers are very crisp and clear. -Battery life is great! (Approximately 7 hours with daily tasks for me) For those who need more battery life, you can put your laptop in battery saver mode and turn down the screen brightness a little for your daily tasks. When gaming, every laptop should be plugged in for the most power! -This is a gaming powerhouse ready to handle any game you throw at it! -I really love the design and keyboard. This laptop feels very premium. -Stays cool when gaming and yes this means your fans are working hard and are noisy but this is expected with almost every gaming laptop! -Daily tasks, the fans are pretty quiet and you can always edit the fan curve to make it quieter but for me its perfect in its normal fan settings. I have no problem keeping the laptop on my lap with daily tasks. -Update your laptop! Go to AORUS control center - Smart Utilities - Smart Update - Update All - I am a firm believer that every PC should have a good antivirus installed. Please protect yourself! Overall- Incredible Laptop!

Cons: -Camera placement -Bloatware. As your first task when getting this laptop I recommend uninstalling all the bloatware.

Overall Review: Laptop is Amazing!

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