Nice keyboard but with weird ten-key-ishness3/18/2016 12:08:14 PM

Pros: - TKL footprint - good switches (blue) - quality - backlit

Cons: - weird ten-key configuation

Overall Review: I did like the feel of the CM Storm but I never could get my long-ingrained muscle-memory to understand how to not hit the wrong keys when I went to navigate. The TKL footprint was nice (I can stand having my mouse pushed out by a ten-key that I don't use) and it does actually contain a ten-key, but the compromise might affect (as it did me) those who are used to standard TKL layouts. I wanted to like/use this keyboard, but I ultimately boxed it back up and put in on my shelf. YMMV.

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Better than a USB wireless adapter7/31/2009 7:00:29 AM

Pros: - works with Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit - works in metal trailer

Cons: - none (not free?)

Overall Review: I got this card so I didn't have to buy a USB wireless adapter. Works well.

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Good vid with less power7/31/2009 6:53:38 AM

Pros: - low power requirements - dual DVI - VGA adapter - SLI

Cons: - may not run more graphic intensive games

Overall Review: I'm developer, not a gamer so all I really need is a decent video card, not the latest/greatest. The power consumption of this card was definitely a contributing factor for my purchase, and if I want to add another for SLI pairing, I can add a later date.

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Great MicroATX X58 Mobo7/31/2009 6:46:21 AM

Pros: - micro ATX - LED status on-board - physical reset buttons - great looking mobo - cost effective X58 / SLI mobo - works great

Cons: - only supports 12G for 6x DDR3 slots (4G sticks too expensive now but doesn't allow for future upgrades) - back eSATA / 2x USB takes PCI opening - two-pin power LED, case has three-pin (not a 'con' general just with my build)

Overall Review: My build: - i7 920 - 12G OCZ 1600 DDR3 (6x2G) - 2x WD Black 1TB hdd - Sony SATA DVD - Gigabyte Wireless PCI - EVGA 9600GT low power vid - OCZ modular 700W psu

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Elegant cube7/31/2009 4:46:24 AM

Pros: - light - minimalist - elegant - mobo tray - great thermal characteristics (aluminum) - as small as it can be without causing insanity during build Stock fans work great, but I swapped out for Noctua fans/Scythe controller system due to my own paranoid SFF thermal concerns. Built as a developer workstation (IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, large ontologies, AI/inference engines, Scala, etc), not a gaming rig, but the vid card seems to be capable of gaming/visualization if necessary. Great case. I'll probably use it again (or another Li Lian) on my next build.

Cons: - slight learning curve on best way to cable (use cabling kit) - power LED from case three-pin, but two-pin on mobo - couldn't figure a simple way to add filters to front fans - only low-profile CPU heatsinks/fans work (the i7 stock works just fine)

Overall Review: Build notes: - HDD connection is at back of case; need at least 16" SATA cables - Case comes with two (2x) 180/180 16" SATA ribbon cables (if you have more than two SATA devices, make sure you buy more cables (see below)) - DVD external can't use a 90d SATA if put on bottom facing right, but can if move to top slot - SATA mobo connection can use 90d but less "bump out" if use 180d (straight) - Bottom line extra buys: 2x 16" round SATA 90d/180d (hdd), 1x 10" SATA 90/180 (dvd) - Modular PSU recommended My build: - i7 920 - Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop 64-bit - 2x WD Black 1TB HDD (RAID 0) - Sony SATA DVD Burner - EVGA X58 mobo - Gigabyte Wireless PCI - OCZ modular 700W PSU - EVGA 9600GT low power video card - 6x 2G OCZ DDR3 1600 (12G RAM) - Noctua fans (2x 120mm, 1x 80mm) - Scythe fan controller/temp - ThermalTake cabling kit - SteelSeries G7 kb - SteelSeries Ikari laser - Sennheiser HD 280 headphones - ASUS 2ms 23" monitor

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A thing of elegant functional beauty...7/18/2009 1:12:07 PM

Pros: - exceptional quality - minimalist black/white design - key responsiveness - great "feel" - gold-plated contacts - no lost key strokes (gaming or speed typing) - flexible (wristrest overlay and stand-alone minimal keyboard) I'm a software developer and I bought this after spending a few months researching keyboards for responsiveness and overall exceptional typing experience and performance. I'm more than happy with the keyboard, it lives up to my expectations. Typing is a pleasure. The key response is great and reminds me of the cherry switch IBM keyboards of the 80's with less travel and a little less noise. My typing rate is very fast so the gold-plated contacts work great (no dropped key strokes like I get with stock keyboards). As others had said, this is a HEAVY, quality-built keyboard and you can either use the optional wrist stand (fits over the sleek keyboard) or use just the minimal keyboard footprint.

Cons: - typing is loud (even when not typing angry) - small backspace key sucks - bright white LEDs (could be good or bad) - no backlighting - pricey (but worth it) Typing is rather loud. I learned how to type on a mechanical typewriter so I punish the keys but even when you go softly, it's still loud. I wound up moving my 7G to work and picked up a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard (great keyboard with backlight and the LED display) for my shared sleeping quarters as to not disturb my hooch-mates. However, I prefer to work on the 7G than the G15. I wished SteelSeries made a 7D model (for 'D'evelopers) with a standard, two-key width backspace key and standard one-key height, two-key width enter key (hope they can hear me in Denmark). It would be a great new market (developers/writers in addition to gamers). Then I'd be in heaven...

Overall Review: I know dropping ~$140 for a keyboard is something most sane people don't do, but if you're a gamer, software developer, writer, student, or anyone else who types all day (or all night), this keyboard is definitely a worthy investment. The best keyboard I ever, or will ever, own (save for the mythical 7D). If you have the cash, this is definitely the best keyboard on the market under $150.

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