Looks Great .. But Will It Last?1/2/2011 10:43:07 PM

Pros: Pros: This really is a great power supply and the modular lights that you can customize or even turn off are really nice. makes your build really stand out. mine runs two ATI Crossfire GPU's, Blue Ray Burner , One HDSL SSD Drive and Two Sata Hard Drives with no problems.

Cons: Cons: My first one died along with my mainboard while booting after only a few hours of usage. I'm not positive or not if the power supply was the root cause. But having to rebuild and wire my new PC three or four times was for sure not a good thing to have happen. Time will tell if this power supply is quality or not

Overall Review: the looks and stable power output make this a decent power supply lets just hope it's durrable as well.

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Fast Speed and Awsome Features1/2/2011 4:40:36 PM

Pros: PROS: This thing rocks you get 6GB SATA and Two USB 3.0 for the front of your case that can be installed in place of a floppy drive. Over Clocking is fairly easy. never got a chance on the first board I owned (see cons below) and it has a super cool c-mos reset button on the back incase you mess somthing up and make it non bootable. A heck of alot easier then crawling around on the floor looking for that jumper with a flashlights .. It also features a cool Dignostic LED system right on the MB and I can verify it really does help out if run into hardware issues. Also On-board is a real power and reset button very handy for testing before you install everythin... I love the fact that it has three well placed PCI-Express slots 16X I'm using two for Cross Fire and Third for a super fast HSDL Secure Digitol Drive .. it bosted my windows rating to 7.9! It features a super fast boot utility that I don't really see the point of anymore since windows will boot in seconds nowdays

Cons: Cons: This I supose is a huge one my first one along with my power suply failed in the middle of a boot up after only a few hours of useage ... I'm still not sure the cause but both were deader then a doornail.. luckaly it was with in the 60 day period and I could replace it .. so this is my second and running stable so far with about a week of usage .. I do hope it doesnt blow up again! even so I would buy this board again

Overall Review: I've been building PC's for years now since the 90's the features of the modern mother boards are amazing and ASROCK is taking us into a whole new level /// I do hope they didnt forget about making things last

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This MB's Bios Is Flawed2/28/2007 10:52:03 AM

Pros: Fairly decent board with alot of features and is great if you want to use dual ATI video cards in cross fire mode

Cons: This board mixed with a AMD 64 +3400 CPU will not boot unless you go clear the bios and set the LT to 800 mhz the auto setting is 1000mhz and that just won't work

Overall Review: Wireless keybaord and mouse had some funny issues also that were bios related. [my first saphire board my last saphire baord]

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