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Excellent quality - Unprecedented value!!!7/16/2021 7:30:10 PM

Pros: - Quietest with best rad air flow of any fan I've ever used. - Inaudible except at full speed, and then just hear air move. - Like not having cable sleeving, as there is less bulk, easier to hide, less air flow blockage. - Truly the best value of any computer part on Newegg!

Cons: - Cabling comes out of groove where it leaves the fan, not securely retained.

Overall Review: - It is literally better than the $50 fans I have for most purposes.

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Great compact design, cheap materials.7/2/2021 1:40:13 PM

Pros: - Perfact dementions for housing very large cpu tower cooler, and my Asus 2080 Dual. - Bottom fans very functional on the hex mesh. - Decent looking. - Liked no fans to throw away!! - Excellent air flow.

Cons: - It really has a CHEAP feel/look, much of the metal is paper thin though the case is rigid.

Overall Review: This would be a SUPER compact ATX case if the materials were a more thick and premium looking. Using 1/8" neooprene to deaden 'tinny' sounds.

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Oooohhhh Mmyyyyy ....... How about 6 EGGS!!!6/6/2021 9:50:06 PM

Pros: -Even my audio quality from DP or HDMI is markedly IMPROVED!! Is this possible? -Coming from an OC'd 2080, this is the biggest jump in performance I've experienced. -Running Sniper Ghost Contracts 2 everything maxed, 144 fps, 4k, 56C!! Cooool!!

Cons: -I need to get some better looking pcie cables...............

Overall Review: Hock your wife's wedding ring, it's worth it!

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Skip the MSI paid reviews...8/20/2020 12:44:38 PM

Pros: + Thunderbolt (only reason to choose this mobo) + I liked the placement of the front panel headers by the front panel audio!!

Cons: - RAM slots and 26 pin PSU receptical were oddly very DIFFICULT to seat into them. - Cheaper quality than expected.

Overall Review: - Way over priced for quality. - Surprising low quality materials, light weight, runs hot, reason they need fan.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product. We certainly value your feedback and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team |
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Major hit, works great!!!!!8/16/2020 2:44:20 PM

Overall Review: Love it, use it very often, great price on the refurb!!

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Decent quality, decent price.8/16/2020 2:42:54 PM

Overall Review: Fits nicely in my keyboard drawer. It's all about thickness and the right size.

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Died after 4 months.8/16/2020 2:37:16 PM

Pros: + Quite strong performance when working.

Cons: - Died after 4 months.

Overall Review: Replaced with wifi 6 router that has better range, no need for extender.

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Great value.8/16/2020 2:34:06 PM

Pros: + Impressive 4k performance. + Best performance/$

Cons: None

Overall Review: My second stick...

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As good as it gets.8/16/2020 2:30:19 PM

Pros: + XMP locks right on, stable. No issues. + The fastest set you can get at this latency.

Cons: - $$$$$

Overall Review: Just make sure you have a quality mobo and psu.

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Surprisingly NICE!8/16/2020 2:25:55 PM

Pros: + Easy to work in, lots of room! + Modularity, everything unscrews, no need to drill rivets. Top access by magnets. + Lots of space behind PSU to route and hide cables. Full ATX PSU!!! + Top quality materials, fit and finish (except back panel flimsy).

Cons: - Top panel has a fine mesh screening impeding exhaust which is a head scratch-er. Luckily it is easily pealed off and disposed of. - Another head scratch-er is the walnut top panel which blocks 95% to exhaust. Working on spacers and longer screws to elevate panel - might work. The alternate mesh topper is excellent.

Overall Review: My first Fractal Design case and am impressed. Would like to see a specific air cooled version of this case where mobo is moved up 2" so to get GPU and 2 good fans in bottom. I'm done with water cooling!! AIO's are too NOISY, too much maintenance or short life span, and good air coolers actually cool better with no noise!!! There is good headroom for air cooler here.

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Exceptional vailue8/16/2020 1:40:22 PM

Pros: Dead silent at low speed, air noise only at higher.

Cons: None. Fan makers need to improve the aesthetics of fan backsides, as they are often visible on top, backs of cases. Exposed wires and ungly labels. Ugly labels on fan hubs have been eliminated on many (Noctua, Noiseblocker !!!).

Overall Review: Needed black slim fan in this configuration for top of case. It does not complain working horizontally as some fans often did.

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Great fans7/10/2020 9:04:32 PM

Pros: - exceptional air flow - quiet - I like yellow - durable

Cons: Ships from China, not Australia. - wish they'd leave the front hub sticker off, looks like it vibrates.

Overall Review: - I've used them for years - prefer over Noctua and Noiseblocker

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About as good as it gets...7/9/2020 10:35:26 PM

Pros: - Like the RGB effect. - XMP settings locked in solid - excellent latency

Cons: - Pricey - It's not DDR4 4400

Overall Review: Beautiful quality.

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Handles everything with ease.7/9/2020 10:28:22 PM

Pros: - Temperatures usually in 60's when gaming, and around 40C while typing this (fans stopped). - Unit silent in case even when gaming and fans torqued up. - My software tells me much more head room for further OC'ing.

Cons: - Little noticeable improvement over my 1080 in games so far - Throws off WAY MORE heat than my 1080 - No lighted logo

Overall Review: - Have very good case air flow

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A good looker!7/9/2020 10:09:26 PM

Pros: - Nicely designed and quality look. - Silent at low speeds. - Good pressure for radiator use.

Cons: - NOT silent at full speed, need to lower your fan curve to avoid the noise. - Air flow at full speed disappointing.

Overall Review: The prettiest white fan I've seen...

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Got-a-have item. Actual noticeable improvement over older 970 pro.7/9/2020 10:01:33 PM

Pros: - write speed particularly noticeable when saving game progress.

Overall Review: - these guys do get pretty WARM! A heat sink makes sense.

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Major disappointment!5/1/2019 4:14:09 PM

Pros: - Great packaging. - Keycap texture is nice

Cons: - Lettering is skinnier, smaller, and lets through less than half the light as the originals. Much dimmmer lettering!!! - Lettering is almost impossible to see with no back light. - There is no increased stiffness.

Overall Review: I wanted numbers and symbols on the top half key so they are both lit, but the implementation here is pathetic. This is a downgrade from the originals (K95 RGB Platinum).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Donald, We are sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with your new CORSAIR PBT Double-shot Keycaps. If you have technical issues, please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to assist. Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Excellent button placement.2/17/2019 11:04:37 AM

Pros: Works beautifully on hard mouse pads. Nice materials and quality feel, should last long time. Doesn't get warm.

Cons: Left select button requires more lengthly downward travel to actuate. Often have to go back and click again. Cannot control RGB brightness in iCUE software, only color.

Overall Review: I have stubby fingers and was hoping for a more compact/shorter mouse like some Corsairs of old, but this is pretty standard size and length.

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Stays planted!!! Surprisingly excellent for just typing.2/17/2019 10:50:38 AM

Pros: Sturdy and heavy with nice wrist rest -- tays where you put it. Best is, I can type without hitting more than one key at a time!!! The RGB effects are good, though I dislike the light bleed-out below the keys, it's distracting.

Cons: My biggest con is the key SOUND. Though not real loud, is has a "cheap" non-satisfying, sound which I only tolerate! (There is nothing cheap about this keyboard except the sound.) Another con is the iCUE software which has a steep learning curve as well as causing problems with sound driver/software on STARTUP. I now use a Startup software that coordinates the startup sequence and no problems now (Z390 ROG MAXIMUS XI CODE).

Overall Review: The "on-board" lighting profile storage is for very basic profile only -- a major disappointment. Need to wait for desktop before your lighting effects apply!

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Great Value!!!2/17/2019 10:14:09 AM

Pros: Runs cool!! Real world tests very good: MB/s Read 1819, Write 1370, 4K Read 54, 4K write 141 Access time 0.025 ms

Cons: Not a 970 or 850 Pro.

Overall Review: 4K read/write speedier than 970 Pro

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You need 4k except on smallish labtops screens.4/23/2018 9:00:56 PM

Pros: - surprising good sound from speakers!! - this is a no-brainer for general PC use, EXCELLENT text quality! Good-by 1440! - bright clear.

Cons: - blinking blue power LED in standby mode obnoxious. - screen blinks annoyingly though inputs till locating active connection. I've had several Acer displays, none did these things before???!!!

Overall Review: - works even on Intel CPU onboard 620 graphics, surprising even ran it with an ancient GTX 480.

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Surprisingly good performance.4/23/2018 8:46:15 PM

Pros: - Extremely wide angle view!!!!!!! - Can contort mounting mechanism to any angle. - Clear.

Cons: - doesn't have sound - no sun shield

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No way this is a 5 egg case!3/28/2018 8:47:21 PM

Pros: - It has an optical drive bay - It has an adequate power supply included - There were no sharp edges in case - Price was right.

Cons: - The top exhaust fan and fan cage are a joke!!! I trashed the fan and cage for a Noctua fan and drilled holes in case to mount. - The gray on back panel (and inside) is truly ugly!!! - The top and side grills are also ugly and restrictive - No dust filter on side intake. - Hard to believe, but the front panel audio cable is too short for proper routing. Lucky I had a 6" extension. - Must use right angle SATA power connector (and right angle SATA cable) on optical drive for CPU cooler clearance.

Overall Review: - I cut out restrictive exhaust grill on top, and intake on side (& enlarged) and mounted Silverstone fan filters. - I tried 3 different CPU coolers, settled on the Gabriel with an eloop 120mm fan. (problem is horizontal clearance, not height so much. - Case is DEAD QUIET with the above PMW fans and sound deadening foam (more for quality acoustic feel than fan noise). - Come-on In-Win, you build great cases, this is 1990's construction!!! The little plastic stand is a joke too! Made a wooden stand out of ironwood - nicely stained looks custom!

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Better than water cooled! Literally!!!2/19/2018 7:41:33 PM

Pros: Yes I went back from a large custom water system to this, and went from 29C OC'd at idle to 25C, couldn't believe this! Never gets into the 40'sC gaming. No annual draining and cleaning the water block annually. I did add a 2nd 120mm e-loop fan to front. Fans dead quiet!

Cons: Ordered the black Noctua fan, I think they put the beige fan there knowing you'll opt to buy the black one later. Need their "round" fan for a 140 to fit.

Overall Review: Easier to tinker with components without the water cooling to mess with. The all-in-one water coolers I've seen have noisy cheap pumps. For the newest cooler CPUs this thing is overkill!

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Great quality!2/19/2018 7:16:07 PM

Pros: Can't do any better for $7! Forget about the powered hubs, most don't work well, I have a couple in the drawer.

Cons: It could be a bit thick on the back-side of some cases, but can mount sideways on front/bottom/top lip of case.

Overall Review: They could improve this thing by having a side insertion for the fan plugs to keep a lower profile.

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