Solid choice of the options4/25/2020 12:32:55 PM

Pros: Price is nice for the gaming boost it gave. The reviews said this is the best choice in the crowd of these mid-range 2020 cards for physical size and performance versus cooling and power consumption and noise level. I agree. It fit my ITX case, larger than it looks in photos. Huge fans aren't loud. It doesn't overheat when stressed because of its well engineered heat sink. It looks nice, it has a solid feel. No hiccups. No technical issues, Sapphire has really got the their manufacturing process worked out for this batch. Yes it's the 14 GBPS Micron RAM.

Cons: Sapphire's website is a tall mess. Hard to find any technical info. Like left versus right firmware switch position (protip: right = performance). Latest firmware not even on the website. Their TriXX software v7.3 opens and displays info, but freezes the computer (instant hard lock) when i click OK to try their custom upscaling resolutions.

Overall Review: Drivers are much better. Let's keep beating on AMD. Still dumb AMD stuff like driver lockups if I leave Steam open when turning off computer. It runs games great. The lower price versus 5700 made me feel no buyers remorse. I didn't fall into the Osborne Effect of waiting until Navi 2x. It runs games great (now) and isn't a frustrating experience.

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This is a great general purpose 4K PC monitor4/25/2020 11:45:57 AM

Pros: It offers the right feature set: High quality backlight as promised. Easy to select blue light reduction modes. The right video signal connectivity including USB-C input and HDMI 2. It goes in and exits low power standby correctly. The color is great. No checkerboard temporal dithering to screw up text. 40 to 60 Hz freesync range. Normal RGB pixels, no shenanigans.

Cons: Dark gray ink on black plastic printing. Can't plug in cables from the bottom without a flashlight. Not reducing an egg for the price or 60 Hz max. This is just where the state of tech is to get 10-bit 4K input. Intentionally weak audio speakers. This might be a plus in offices and crowded rooms.

Overall Review: Happy I purchased this to end my search for a larger 4K PC monitor. Using smart 4K TVs was frustrating because they all had major flaws in displaying text or solid colors. I just wanted a big but otherwise normal RGB pixel monitor where all the primary colors light up at full resolution, and this delivers on that. 32 inch size is about right to fill up your whole field of vision when sitting at a desk without too much loss of color at the edges. Not sure why this is branded as a gaming monitor when it's also fine for reading and source code editing.

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Good feel but Falls Asleep3/30/2019 11:21:53 AM

Pros: Feels good in your hand. Large is good for large hands like mine.

Cons: The mouse keeps falling asleep. This is despite having a USB cord. Let go of the mouse for a few minutes to read something onscreen, and then move the mouse. It does not respond for what seems like two seconds or even more.

Overall Review: I cannot recommend this mouse because it takes too long to wake up after it goes asleep. Makes me want to throw it at the wall having to shake it for a few seconds to wake up. The sleep time should be disabled or be at least an hour.

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Mediocre board because of Video3/6/2007 8:21:08 AM

Pros: Has 4 DIMM slots, which for a Micro ATX is great. Has the parallel and serial ports still needed in work environments.

Cons: Onboard VGA analog video is mediocre with a CRT monitor. I never understood how a moire noise pattern could be annoying, until I saw it first hand with this board. When people get onboard video because of budget reasons, they're actually interested in using it!

Overall Review: Gives a Vista "graphics experience" of 3.0. All the drivers for Vista were available from the ASUS site with some digging. I ended up going back to XP Pro for other reasons outside this review... As for reliability, one rear USB port died already. Performance review: this board does do its job and is stable. There are much worse boards.

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