Great for an XP replacement11/19/2014 5:06:19 PM

Pros: I got this and then tweaked it up just a bit for an elderly person needing to get off XP. It's an easier jump to do this that leap to Windows 8.* and for less that $150 or so them have a system that will run fine (and be supported for a few years) until Windows 10 is stable.

Cons: Case smelled like it had been spray painted right before being wrapped up again. Stickers came loose in the corner (like Windows stickers do on your laptop until you get annoyed and tear them off) so it looks not refurbished as much as it does "used." Still, a great value to get through the XP dryspell. Windows 10 Preview seems to make me think Windows 10 will be much more tolerable for older XP folks, by the way.

Overall Review: I have gotten probably 15 of these types of refurbished systems for the older XP base I look after and as long as you have enough RAM (4GB+) and maybe a SSD drive instead of a spinning one, this system is great for servicing older customers who don't like change. This particular system was a great find.

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