Pros: I have been using this monitor for about 7 years with absolute satisfaction! I am experienced in color photography for nearly 60 years and find this monitor literally a "graphics quality" tool. After custom setting, it delivers superb precision chroma accuracy and wide contrast latitude for an LCD display. My photo prints look just like what I see on the monitor with only imperceptible difference so that I can trust what I see on it in Photoshop.

Cons: I don't have another one for back up.

Overall Review: For image quality and price, show me one as good.

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3/12/2013 9:47:43 AM

Pros: Great service and price from Newegg, issued a refund without any fuss. Nice prints on Epson R-1900.

Cons: I selected these from endless 5 egg reviews. My experience was entirely opposite. The first 2 attempts to burn .jpg files mysteriously were coasters. The next 4 burned OK and displayed fine on my Samsung DVD player and Panasonic BD player. The same discs would not play on 2 different Sony BD players. Another of the same files would not display in Windows viewer. I have never before had a problem burning CDs on my system in 15 years.

Overall Review: Was this merely a bad mfg. batch that I stumbled onto or what? I still need some printable CDs.

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