Performing Flawlessly1/26/2015 3:33:44 PM

Pros: -Clocked to 2400MHz just like it should. -32GB

Cons: -None

Overall Review: Fantastic RAM, Clocked to 2400MHz as stated in the pros flawlessly after enabling XMP.

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Fantastic Premium Drive1/26/2015 3:28:48 PM

Pros: -Size -Speed -Warranty -Reliability -Did I say Size?

Cons: -None but if I HAD to pick I would say price but even then. I'm happy with it and have no buyers remorse.

Overall Review: I purchased this Drive during the Black Friday/Week sale of 2014. This Drive has served me well and reliably since. Windows boots in Less than 30 seconds. This Drive is the Pro Version of Samsung's 850 Line and as such the price is well, pricey. It comes with a 10 year/150 Terabytes Written Warranty. That is 40GB/day for 10 years. Nice to know they are backing their product so much. Definitely recommend this drive as a boot drive as you will be able to load many of your favorite games along with the OS and whatever applications you are currently using be it Skype, MS Office, or whatever else you may need!

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