Failed in less than a year2/18/2018 10:12:16 AM

Pros: Affordable, decent performance.

Cons: Unfortunately after less than a year of ownership and only 4121 power on hours the drive is starting to fail. Currently two values in Smart are showing warning "Current Pending Sector Count" and Uncorrectable Sector Count", The drive also fails any test in seatools.

Overall Review: This is the third Seagate drive in a year and a half that I've had fail, at this point it is also the last seagate drive I'll own in a long time. I've heard of seagate issues, and I've even seen the Backblaze hdd reports, but always thought that perhaps it was overblown, or that a datacenter use case isn't the best benchmark for a consumer hdd. Clearly I was naive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Matthew, We apologize for the problems experienced with your 3TB BarraCuda drive. We would like the opportunity to talk with you to find an available solution. A support case (#09236112) has been created that will reference your review and our response. Please contact us directly using the following link: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Great CPU for the value.6/20/2014 11:19:25 PM

Pros: Hard to slow this cpu down, I have had multiple things running Multiple browser windows with youtube, file transfers, prime95... And other than the fact that my system became a space heater about to take off you could not tell because overall responsiveness was not noticeably affected! Thats impressive.

Cons: Sub par single thread capability @ stock frequencies. Once I overclocked it to 4.85Ghz that wasnt really an issue. It will use a lot of power once overclocked though, and will require good cooling. water loop recommended.

Overall Review: If you want a great performer that will not break the bank, then get this cpu. Sure you can find cpus that will outperform it, but unlikely at the same price point, and at least mine overclocks well which really helps close the gap with better cpus

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Beast Card6/15/2014 9:39:42 AM

Pros: This card is stupid fast, stays cool due to great cooling, looks great in my case's side panel with the backplate. Runs any game on ultra at 2560X1080 usually with 60fps minimum. It is close to 780ti speeds at stock, and with a little overclock is faster than one.

Cons: Wont make me a sandwitch. lol but seriously it will use a lot of power, more than any other single gpu card. Not egregiously though, the 780ti uses about 20 watts less under full load.

Overall Review: The card was $650 which is a little high for one of these, but it was worth it, I will be set for a few years with this card.... that is if I can keep from upgrading in a year.

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Does what it says on the tin6/15/2014 9:32:47 AM

Pros: It's flat, long, and white, carries data.

Cons: none really

Overall Review: I needed a flat 50ft cat6 cable and this one fit the bill nicely, would buy again.

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Great Ultrawide display.6/15/2014 9:30:00 AM

Pros: This monitor has excellent colors, Phenomenal response times (For an IPS), Decent speakers (For a monitor), and is just plain nice to look at, has VESA mount supports, plenty of display input options.

Cons: The on screen menu is controlled by capacitive buttons, Also the stand only allows for tilt and not rotation or height.

Overall Review: I don't know if I would buy one at full price though. $599 is a steep price for a monitor like this. When I bought it there was a 48 hour deal going on and I was able to get it for $340.

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COOOL3/8/2013 5:29:12 AM

Pros: This stuff cools like a dream!

Cons: Price

Overall Review: replace the stock TIM on my cooler with this stuff and saw my temps drop from 42c idle to 34c idle.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Decent PSU3/8/2013 5:27:14 AM

Pros: Lots of cables, great looks (blue led shines into case), sleeved cables.

Cons: Not 80+, not modular, and the cpu 8 pin is not long enough for proper cable mgmt with a bottom mount case (had to get an extension to run it behind the mobo.

Overall Review: For 55 bucks this is a great psu.

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Great ram.3/8/2013 5:24:15 AM

Pros: Looks great and is fast.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Have had this installed in my system for 3 months now, and it performs admirably.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
AWESOME COOLER3/8/2013 5:23:16 AM

Pros: Keeps my overclocked 6 core phenom (2.6-3.4) nice and cool. Once I replaced the fan that is. Idle was 32c with the stock fan. averages about 25c idle and never above 40c under load! Also since it is a top down cooler it provides cooling to the ram and components around the cpu as wel.

Cons: The stock fan on it is kinda weak.

Overall Review: Get this if you want a great cooler on the cheap and if you have a decent 120m fan lying around because the stock one is a little lacking.

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They're blue, and LOUD3/8/2013 5:19:01 AM

Pros: Great looking LEDs, pushes a lot of air for their size, comes with a fan controller for each.

Cons: Did I say they were loud? when they were installed in my old case during boot it sounded like my system was about to take off.

Overall Review: Great fans if you want to have manual control, you dont mind how loud they are (Use headphones, etc)

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Great until it fell apart.3/8/2013 5:16:20 AM

Pros: Has awesome range, and makes a decent connection

Cons: It broke (fell apart when removing it from my system)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Please kindly contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so we may assist you with a replacement. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Its a sata cable3/8/2013 5:14:52 AM

Pros: Its a working sata cable.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Does its job, cant complain.

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Epic fan!3/8/2013 5:13:57 AM

Pros: Great looking, fairly quite and pushes a lot of air!

Cons: Price, its a tad on the pricey side.

Overall Review: Bought this to replace the mediocre fan that came on my cooler (xigmatek hdt d1284) and this far out performs that fan while looking boss. keeps my cpu nice and cool

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Great motherboard3/8/2013 5:11:20 AM

Pros: Great board with loads of features, easy to use UEFI bios, Supports X3 crossfire/sli, looks great, sata 6.

Cons: The board only has a 4-1 power phase, so its not that great for overclocking 125w processors... however it is my fault for not fully researching this.

Overall Review: If you have a 125w cpu and dont want to overclock or have a 95w cpu and would like to overclock, this board is perfect for a decent gaming rig.

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Does the job.11/24/2012 12:56:17 PM

Pros: Its cheap, sturdy (for a low end case) has plenty of room for everything.

Cons: No cable management, back panel metal is hilariously thin, top mounted psu, no extra screws.

Overall Review: its not bad and if you are just looking for a basic case for a build that comes with a psu, well here you go.

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