Great Boot Drive10/7/2019 7:35:03 PM

Pros: For 30 bucks you cant go wrong with this. 120gb is perfect for a boot drive and everythings load in about 12 seconds which is fantastic. I havent had and slow speeds or anything go wrong so far but if for some reason it did break, I would buy another easily. The temps stay cool during any type of use, around 40 degrees C which is great.

Cons: It is a sata ssd so you wont get m.2 speeds which is fine for the boot drive but as a normal ssd id rather have a 250 gb evo.

Overall Review: Very happy camper with this little stick!

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Perfect1/17/2019 12:08:44 PM

Pros: Lights up to read EVGA and 1070 which is nice Can play any game in 1080p on very high frames I have an i5 8600k and can play some games in 4k at 60fps

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought this card for $300 and i still believe it was the deal of the century

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Great Board1/17/2019 12:06:00 PM

Pros: Has many SATA ports and with two M.2 slots storage wont be a problem The reinforced PCI slot is nice to have for my heavy 1070. It has a little RGB effect which is a nice little add on.

Cons: Wish it had atleast one or two more fan headers, it has a rgb strip header which is nice but for me, i wish it was a fan header.

Overall Review: Perfect $130 board, cant go wrong with ASUS

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What a great case.1/17/2019 12:02:23 PM

Pros: First build ever and i wanted this case simply because of the brand the 4 fans. The case is very well put together with great materials. The fans are perfect, some user saying they are not fast but with my MOB can with a fan controller and the fans set to turbo are perfect. The case look great as well, very clean and sleek but looks really cool with the three fans in front

Cons: Was a little hard to setup the radiator on top. Had to adjust the radiator in an uncommon way but ig got everything to work fine. It was a little tricky getting the SATA ports connected while hiding everything in the back of the case, the precut holes in the case were not very well thought out.

Overall Review: Great case and i got mine for $60 and i could not be happier

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