Pretty Satisfied2/6/2013 2:49:25 PM

Pros: Quite a lot. It's probably easier to list shortcomings. :)

Cons: It can only do Minecraft at ultra low settings. Port covers (debating on ripping them off or just waiting for them break off.) Trackpad is not large enough to swipe completely down to close an application in Windows 8, so I mostly Alt+F4 to do it. And I don't know if it's Windows 8 or what, but when I press down arrow or arrow left, right, I like my view to scroll!

Overall Review: Yeah, with no touchscreen it's infuriating that trying to scroll around with the cursor keys in Windows 8 Metro, and in apps even, don't work. I might have to try Ubuntu. HDD lost it's boot record somehow and Dell shipped a DVD (DVD was an error) and 8GB USB stick. I had a USB stick and copied over the files and booted off that to fix the laptop. You have to manually add a boot device in BIOS. I"m talking adding a path in BIOS like /efi/boot/bootx64.efi and documentation was pretty thin out there.

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Sound Decent10/8/2006 7:17:55 PM

Pros: Price. :) Sound fine. Distort only when pushed very loud but it ain't worth it at that volume.

Cons: A little tight and I have a small head! :o

Overall Review: Stupid cord! Getting all tangled up and what-not.

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1/21/2006 11:45:31 AM

Pros: Value, usefullness and small footprint.

Cons: Curls the paper.

Overall Review: I dig on the toner saver.

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