Maybe shop a little more before committing to this board9/28/2018 1:57:00 AM

Pros: -Decent price -USB C

Cons: -First board ran for 2 minutes then popped a cap while trying to boot Ubuntu live. RMA'd -Second board had boot issues using the third fan header. -No decent overclocking for this board. -Loading XMP ram settings is unstable. Multiple restarts before it stabilizing. -Lack of USB2.0 headers. Only 2 are provided -USB compatibility issues(partially a RYZEN issue), Trying to use USB hub with this thing caused random issues in windows 10. This is documented on the ASROCK and AMD forums -UEFI is organized badly and not a great experience.

Overall Review: The board is okay... if you are not trying to plug a lot of obscure USB devices in then you should be fine. I really don't like that my first board popped a cap, makes worry about this boards longevity. If you are on a tight budget, this should be fine, but I'd suggest spending a little more for a better board from a different company.

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Really Decent budget case with caveats9/24/2018 12:25:46 AM

Pros: -Great price for budget build -Compact case for ATX board. -Very light but feels sturdy -Good space inside for bigger graphics cards, should fit 2 if needed -4 3.5" bays for HDD(can also mount 2.5") -2 5.25 drive bays -Toolless drive bays, no screws needed unless you are mounting 2.5" drives -Removable filter for front and psu -Side panel is a nice touch at this price point. -NO SHARP EDGES

Cons: -There is almost NO space behind the mother board tray. Just squeezing a 24pin cable is difficult but some sata power cables wont fit AT ALL. It's really weird how they could have such an oversight. Make sure your power cables run perpendicular to the connector and you have right angle sata connectors. -No space to route the CPU 8 pin cable behind motherboard. -Included fan is weak -Front USB2.0 and 3.0 ports eat up an entire header each. The each header could handle 2 ports, but rather than just giving 2 usb3.0 port and include adapter for usb2.0, they are eating up 2 additional ports. -It is very difficult to remove the front panel why drives are installed there. Some modding might fix that.

Overall Review: -The fan had issues. I tried Direct connecting to PSU, and that got it working, but it was too weak to bother trying to figure out. Overall, it's a very good case. Just remember the cable management mostly needs to be done inside rather than behind. Make sure your PSU has cables that are long enough to route the 8pin power and fit sata connectors.

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Decent portable mouse5/31/2012 6:01:06 AM

Pros: Slender, works on many surfaces, elegant design. The touch scroll is brilliantly implemented. It very accurately emulates a real mouse wheel. You can actually feel the wheel click beneath your finger. Powering on and off is simple, no tiny hard to press buttons.

Cons: Uncomfortable, it extremely straight edge. It just feels wrong in your hand. You have to hold it deep in your palm and there is no sides to grab on to so you can push left or right. To click a mouse button you must press close to the front of the mouse. If you try to press anywhere else the click feels to ridged. Lacks a true middle mouse button. This is a big one. You have to double tap the track surface to emulate 1 middle click. If you need to hold the middle button or double click or anything else, it will not work with this mouse. Lacks extra short cut buttons like back, forward, zoom, show desktop. The sleek design steals quite a bit from function. There is certainly room for 1 or 2 more buttons. Configuration only allows changing left click, right click, and middle tap. No other regions or gestures can be configured.

Overall Review: Bought this open package on a huge discount(mark down to 20%). The previous owner obviously just couldn't deal with the awkwardness. It could use some real improvements. The track surface would be better if it were a real square track pad and allowed for more gestures and controls. It would also do better with at least a real middle button. That said it's a decent mouse, but only as supplement or portable.

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It's the SSD not windows6/24/2011 9:27:54 PM

Pros: Fast. Boots win7 quickly even when drowned in start up apps. Apps load instant. Basically all the speed and pep you were promised by the SSD propaganda.

Cons: It crashes windows everyday. OCZ has been trying to push the blame off on windows power management and Intel Rapid Storage drivers, however a trip to the OCZ forums will quickly confirm that this is certainly not directly related to power management or drivers. Setting high performance might delay the BSODs slightly, but the issue is still persistent. And the problem persists on several controllers. I can personally confirm that BSODs are regular and consistent with this drive. Even bad SATA cables are being blamed.

Overall Review: FW 2.09 has supposedly fix the issue for a number of people, but not all. On top of that, 2.09 is a release candidate. OCZ still doesn't seem to be completely clear on what the problem.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry for the problem. We are constantly working on solutions, and have had success. We do not merely pass the buck, and care about resolving any and all customer issues. Thank you
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Forums
DOA6/11/2011 12:54:27 AM

Pros: Seemed to have a good balance for those that aren't gamers but wanted some enthusiast features

Cons: The board was faulty. I was unable to enter the BIOS ever. Only the 4th ram slot functioned, and if ram was in any other slot it wouldn't even get as far as the beep when booting. I was able to get to the windows installation using only 1 ram stick and ran several tests that seemed to pass, but with the obvious problems with the ram and bios I opted not to even attempt to install.

Overall Review: It seemed like a nice board and I really wanted a Z68, but I had to RMA.

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Excellent compromise between size and price1/9/2009 8:16:32 PM

Pros: The size is perfect. Whenever I see those 8.9" netbooks in stores I just can't see myself using them realistically, they are too small. 10.0" is just right, all the portability without being cramped. It fits nicely in the front pocket of my backpack. Unlike the lower end models this has both the atom processor and a 160gb hard drive, which is fairly sufficient for a supplemental computer meant for portability. The battery life is also excellent, with wifi you're pretty much guaranteed at least 4.5 hours, but with power saving features you'll probably get a bit more. The price is also great. If all you need is the internet and MS Office, than this pc is ideal.

Cons: Everyone talks about the fingerprints that the lid attracts, however they don't mention the fact that even attempting to wipe off the prints will not clean the lid. You're still left with greasy streaks, no amount of wiping removes the streaks, it just moves it around. The LCD is adequate for typical usage but the black level and viewing angle can be a bit of an annoyance. Dark scenes are difficult to see even with max brightness. Gama control can help this though. To increase the volume you must use FN+F12. This increases the Windows volume control. Needless to say the laptop doesn't get that loud. Also an overlay displays in windows which can interact badly with games and videos. Firefox opens very slowly(This is more Firefox's fault), taking 17 seconds on my machine the first time and about 8 seconds every time after that. Google chrome opens in less than 4 seconds, but lacks the same level of customizing. The power brick has an annoying bright blue LED, but black tape fixes t

Overall Review: Just as a warning, I attempted to create an NLite'd version of XP but failed. I only had OEM versions of the disc, which doesn't seem to play nice with nlite. I did have vista, but I did not wish to hinder boot times so I stuck with the XP version that came with the EEE. I highly recommend updating all the drivers from the hardware makers site(not the ASUS site). The mouse for example would not scroll properly in Firefox till I did. Setting the graphics driver to "Maximum battery" resulted in a flickering display until i updated the driver. The atom processor is not that powerful, it can handle h264 but only with optimized codecs like CoreAvc. It can choke a bit with Hulu's 480p video streaming, but plays Netflix flawlessly. It should handle just about any video game made prior to 2003 reasonably, but be prepared to hunt down a number of patches to get the games working. Grim Fandango for example needs 3 separate patches to work.

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Works with the EEE pc 1000ha1/9/2009 7:06:59 PM

Pros: Bought this stick of ram for the EEE pc 1000ha. I popped it in, stepped into the bios and then booted Windows XP. No problems at all. It works with the EEE's built in over and under clocking without issue. This ram has tighter timings than other 2gb sticks which is the only reason to pick it up as opposed to cheaper sticks with free shipping.

Cons: Not a huge performance increase. Better in memory hungry apps, but if you were avoiding them to begin with you might not see a difference. Also going into hibernation seems a bit slower, however waking from hibernation seems just as fast as with 1gb.

Overall Review: I was hoping there would be a gain in boot up time, but not really, replacing the hard disk drive would probably be the solution for that, but I'm reasonably satisfied with 160gb. I'm using the stock XP setup that came with the EEE.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Does not work in LG Vu1/9/2009 11:19:19 AM

Pros: Bought this for the Samsung Propel A767 and it works great.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I reviewed this earlier, just coming back to say it does not work with the LG Vu, but that's the Vu's fault. The manual in the Vu is highly suggestive that it would support MicroSDHC, picturing that type of card next to the phone more than once. But it never strictly states what it supports in terms of capacity and card type. That's fine though because it's not my phone, I was just testing it out. Still works great with the Propel.

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So far so good.12/7/2008 9:18:49 PM

Pros: Got this for a 9800GT and it did the job. It provides a much more stable voltage than my old PSU. I was actually shocked to find out that my old PSU was holding me back from OCing my processor more. It's got plenty of hook ups for just about anything you want. Three 12 volt rails at 18amps each, for a combined 42amps. The cables are sleeved so they are easier to work with and they don't snag on anything else in the case.

Cons: Right when I turned my PC on with this thing plugged in I heard the worst noise. A loud clicking that was not acceptable. I fiddled with it and found that the fan was knocking against the grate some. Slightly bending it seems to fix it and now it's very quiet. My old PSU was louder, however it seems like it might be something I'd have to do if I leave my PC off for long periods of time. My PC runs 24/7 so that's not to big a problem for me. The web of connectors is tremendous. I stuck them in an empty 5.25 slot so they'd be out of the way. Really at this point modular is the way to go. There's to many to leave hanging so if you don't have a empty slot to stick them in you'll need to come up with a solution to get them out of the way.

Overall Review: I was really nervous setting this up. A bad PSU can fry your other hardware, so I was really worried. Luckily that didn't happen. I got it on sale for only thirty and its clearly worth much more than that. I'm still on fence though because it's the long term that matters. Like I said this is a 24/7 box and I'm just worried that it might take the whole system with it if I'm away.

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Finally got it at a great price12/7/2008 8:57:04 PM

Pros: Bought this on the Black Friday Sale. Upgraded from a XFX 8600GT. Real decent improvement. Some games run 2 to 3 times faster, with more settings flipped on at higher resolutions. The card runs much cooler than the old 8600gt. I also got a chance to try Badaboomit media converter and compared to the 8600gt its at least 2 times as fast running around 75fps for 720x480 content. Which is excellent for backing up DVDs to a media PC and it barely even touches the CPU at all(~25%). It also includes two DVI-to-VGA adapters, A mini-DIN 7 to Component cable and a S-Video cable. No composite adapter though but those are easy enough to find.

Cons: It's big, very big. My old 8600gt was only a typical 6 inches, but this guy is 9 inches long. I had room for it alone but I neglected to consider the the length that was added when you plug in the 6pin PCI-E power. That adds at least another inch. Luckily there was still room, but now it's blocking one HDD slot. Further, I needed to upgrade my power supply. Which kinda spoils budget buys. While the card reports running cooler that's probably because of the heat sink. I notice the case temp go up a bit and it blocks a great deal of airflow because of it's length. It's not a problem for me, but it may be for some people.

Overall Review: I never had to buy a PSU before, but I'm glad I did now. My old power supply was cheap and came with the case. I got an Antec True Power Trio TP3-550 550W with it at a great deal. My monitor is 1920x1200 and I'm not gonna lie, the 9800gt can't handle that alone. So don't expect to run anything at crazy high resolutions with high frame rates, older games yeah but not anything new.

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DId the job, but has some issues.12/7/2008 8:18:09 PM

Pros: Does exactly what it says it will do. Works with the Transcend 8GB Micro SDHC (TS8GUSDHC6) with the adapter include with the Flash card(no adapters are included with the reader). Also works with standard SD cards. Writes exceptionally fast. Detected in Vista 64bit right away. Seems to be bootable (as I'll explain in the cons).

Cons: First, it has a blue led and it's extremely bright. I really dislike those they are just annoyingly bright. However, black tape fixes that though. Like I said before I'm using this for MicroSD. So I thought I could leave the Adapter in there all the time. Problem is though Windows Explorer crashes when an adapter is plugged into the memory reader but no flash card is in the adapter. Further, I left this thing in like that when I was booting up and my computer couldn't get past the EVGA logo. It doesn't seem unreasonably to me to have an adapter in there all the time, but it might not be the card readers fault. The reader also has a double cable, meaning there's a cap to cover the USB plug and a cap to cover the SD card. You can attach a string to either one but they fit on rather loosely, I feel like I'll lose them in no time.

Overall Review: It's also kind of wide so keep that in mind if your only available USB port is in a cramped spot.

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Got it for the Samsung Propel A76712/7/2008 7:59:12 PM

Pros: Got this for the Samsung Propel. It's extremely fast compared to my older MicroSD card. Says it's a class six, but I was easily writing at ~9MB/s. Includes an adapter to make it fit standard SDHC. I've loaded it with a good amount of music and converted some seasons of shows to play on it. It's surprising how much you can actually fit on there.

Cons: It fits extremely snug in the MicroSD Adapter. Requires a good amount of force to pull it out. It does not include a usb adapter so I had to buy one separate.

Overall Review: Does exactly what I wanted to and was reasonably priced with free shipping making it a good value.

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It's a cheap upgrade for an old rig.9/25/2008 10:02:06 PM

Pros: Cheap, Shipping was free. Dual VGA, and S-video or composite out. No fan so no noise. Decent amount of ram, more than PCI needs.

Cons: Driver installation from disc couldn't find the card, so the disc was completely worthless(I blame the old mobo though). Latest Nividia drivers were screwing up TV out. The manual wasn't specific to the card and the web site wasn't very helpful. The lack of a fan worries me and this system is an old Prescott, so it runs a bit hot.

Overall Review: In order to get TV-OUT working properly I had to dig up some old drivers, 93.xx I think. That worked, it has the old control panel which is welcomed. The card didn't come with a S-video to composite adapter, but I had extra. I got this so my family could watch NetFlix on a TV screen as oppose to a small LCD, did the job alright.

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Great for the price4/8/2008 10:14:02 AM

Pros: Viewing angle is unbelievable, left, right, top, bottom, it's clear image from all directions. The optional inputs are a big plus. Being able to connect consoles, cable boxes, and DVD players is highly welcomed, that's especially true since they can all be reasonably connected at the same time. It's full 1920x1200, supporting HD and more. The image is very bright and clear, which is really showed off by the displays massive size. Very little ghosting appears, only noticeable on flat solid color motion such 2d games, and even then its not significant. In 3d games no ghosting was noticeable at all.

Cons: In order of annoyance: First, starting the LCD there was noticeable high pitched noise(hum, buzz, tone). It's extremely high pitched, almost inaudible, but it's quite irritating. Though if I leave the display on for more than an hour it gently quiets itself. This noise was almost enough to make me want to return the display. No DVI nor DVI-to-HDMI cable is included. I purchased a cheap DVI-to-hdmi cable on newegg. However, swapping the RGB cable out for the DVI-to-hdmi the picture got worse. It seems a shadow of the display was appearing 2 pixels shifted to the left. It might be the cable, it might be my grfx card either way I went back to RGB. Buttons are tightly spaced and awful to navigate the menu. Speakers are bad, they are located below the back of the display. The aren't even pointed in your direction. Lack of line out also troubles me. The connections on the back are extremely tight. Some A/V cables just won't fit. Stand is weak and can cause the LCD to wob

Overall Review: After looking at several displays, I chose this one due to it's viewing angle. I believe I made the right choice. I wanted an HD display and a monitor. 24 inches is enough for a bedroom TV and makes for a great monitor for a programmer. There are definitely some nasty problems, but the price tag makes up for it. I was disappointed with the DVI-to-hdmi, however using the RGB cable does solve the power management issue. My biggest complaint was the noise, if thats gonna be an issue for you, avoid the display. Otherwise, its a great buy.

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Fair product, no rebate.3/15/2008 10:51:30 AM

Pros: Scores five point nine in Vista. Includes Dvi to vga adapter. Performs well, lots of memory.

Cons: They do not validate there rebates. If you are looking at that rebate as an incentive don't. You can find another card with better specs at about the same price.

Overall Review: It's decent mid range card.

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Solid3/11/2008 12:31:31 PM

Pros: Same design as the Sony's Dual Shock. It's Wireless, has Force Feedback, 12 Buttons, 2 analogs, a D-pad. Its very responsive, the analogs move very smoothly. It takes standard AA batteries. The drivers from the website support Vista 64bit. Every game I've tried that has gamepad support works with it.

Cons: The CD does not have the Vista 64bit drivers, the analogs stick encased in a square rather than a circle, making some moves a bit more difficult and less fluid. Solid Black matte, no rubber grip(might be a plus for some people).

Overall Review: First time I felt it, it felt a little heavy, it actually feels right in game play. It's a good size, little larger than the ps2 controller. Definitely a good buy.

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Looks more Champagne than pink...5/10/2007 8:11:00 PM

Pros: Good price and real decent size. The dimension might not make it sound to large but it is a good comfortable size.(Make sure you have the desk space for it.) It's responsive and works in Photoshop perfectly. I'd recommend it to anyone who is new to tablets or on a budget.

Cons: The color is Champagne, I can't imagine it matching any computer or desk. Pen buttons are awkward, but functional. And the drivers are poor.

Overall Review: Does exactly what I need. I was hoping for better multi-monitor support but it works fine. I don't see it replacing my mouse for regular activities.

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Great for the price1/23/2007 8:18:18 AM

Pros: Great price, burns discs fast, Does exactly what it says it should. Installs easily and is recognized right away on winxp.

Cons: The drive tray is put on a bit loosely, not much of a problem though. The spin up is kinda slow and noisy, so if you want a quiet rig you may want to avoid this drive.

Overall Review: Overall, the price more than justifies the 3 small problems. I haven't had any coasters made yet so that's great. If you don't care about the slight noise on spin up, there's no real reason not to get this drive.

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