Dual sata docking station6/1/2014 4:00:50 AM

Pros: Dock two drives at same time and copy/paste to/from each drive without interferring with each other.

Cons: None found

Overall Review: Using a sata extension cable with a sata to ide adaptor I can also use IDE drives with this docking station and a sata drive at the same time. Used to copy files from retiring IDE drives to new sata drives. Worked much better and faster than I expected. Copying directly from one drive to the other helped save tons of time instead of copying from IDE to computer, switching drives and copying back out to new sata drive.

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Sata extension cable6/1/2014 3:57:27 AM

Pros: Have a Sata docking station with 2 ports bought off newegg (Item=N82E16817801093). Needed way to use it with IDE drives too. Using this extension and a sata to ide adaptor with separate power supply I could quickly switch out IDE drives almost as easily as I did sata drives.

Cons: wasn't free

Overall Review: The docking station works great too, can use two sata drives at same time attached to usb 3.0 port and copy paste files to each drive as if they were two separate external drive enclosures. I used it to copy files from old IDE drives to new sata drives, both plugged into the docking station. It's my first docking station purchase and it works much better than I expected.

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Acer 27" monitor3/8/2014 6:49:36 PM

Pros: Very light, 1/4 the weight of my last LCD monitor. Very clear, very sharp picture.

Cons: Startup time takes about 10 seconds but if you leave it on and it goes to sleep, it only takes 3 or 4 seconds to wake up.

Overall Review: I bought this when it was 199.99 and it's up to 249.99 and I'm still thinking of getting another. I got it really fast and there's not a single bad pixel. Great monitor, I will be getting a second next payday.

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Good cooler, could be better5/19/2008 6:45:23 PM

Pros: Very quiet, looks like I dropped almost 10C from the stock HSF I was using on my E6400 overclocked to 3.1Ghz. Running just over 60C with fan locked to 85%. Might up it to 100% since I can't hear it yet, hehe.

Cons: Bad installation method on 775 sockets. Two of the pins to push in are under the fan and impossible to insert unless you're Hercules. I took the X base from my old HSF with the screw holes, got 4 long fine thread screws, cut the pushpins things off and used the screws to attach the heatsink. one thing, I thought I had a large case... the heatpipes on the top of the heatsink drag on my case's side when I put it on. Not enough to move anything, just make sure to measure before you order, or you may end up cutting a hole in the side of your case or buying a new one.

Overall Review: They need to get rid of the pushpins and figure a way to attach the mount to the motherboard first then attach the heatsink to the mount.

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