Fixed my dead zone with quality bandwidth5/5/2021 2:52:22 PM

Overall Review: My house is gigabit wired and my router was on one side of the house, causing the other side to be a dead zone. Got this and set it up and now everything is fantastic.

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TB by the platter4/22/2014 11:25:59 AM

Pros: Capacity

Cons: possibility of losing 3TB in 1 disk - as with all large capacity drives

Overall Review: I bought this to add into my raidset for redundancy and am glad I did. After a raid5 set goes down, you can't be happy until you go raid 10

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It works.8/10/2011 10:51:35 AM

Pros: It works and has all the needed connections.

Cons: The fan is much louder than dell's oem psu

Overall Review: It's 5 eggs if you don't mind the fan noise, less if you do.

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The smaller the better...6/25/2011 9:38:46 AM

Pros: The protective cover is removable, so you get a small white dongle.

Cons: Not much protecting the USB port

Overall Review: They need to just make these smaller, faster, lighter, and cheaper. Why all the junk cases? I don't get it...

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Wow bang for buck!6/25/2009 6:52:17 PM

Pros: Better Performance than 8800Ultra!~ Bang for buck - SLI capable for easy upgrade down the road

Cons: big-ish? all video cards are big though. Get over it people.

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Bang for buck6/10/2009 10:00:17 AM

Pros: The case was low-dollar and fit the parts.

Cons: The screw holes wouldn't match up to the external 3.5" bay - bending the little metal tabs out of the way made it possible. The USB ports in the front are dangerous to use - I wouldn't put anything in there unless I didn't really care if it kept a pin or 2 on the way out.

Overall Review: For the $$$ spent, it's a good deal.

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LCD > Plasma1/17/2009 3:20:37 PM

Pros: Huge! Clear! Crisp! Authentic FULL 1080p HD. You don't need the 120 Hz unless you're going to use future 3d tech on it.

Cons: Sound isn't super - but who cares if you've got home theater, you won't be using the TV audio anyways.

Overall Review: newegg rocks!

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Eggselent deal1/6/2009 7:43:14 PM

Pros: Fast and cheap

Cons: Dell's laptops don't have vista SD drivers for thier stock media readers.

Overall Review: so, I got this thinking it'd be a great readyboost for an older dell inspiron e1705 and ended up sad b/c dell's driver doesn't support sd cards for vista. I don't know why.

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Works Perfectly10/4/2008 5:23:58 PM

Pros: Quiet, cool, and gets the job done.

Cons: Not modular.

Overall Review: This PS unit fits the bill for value. Thanks newegg!

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it works, it's cheap5/4/2008 2:35:55 PM

Pros: It works - It's Cheap

Cons: It doesn't have ECC?

Overall Review: I use it in my areca RAID card - works just fine.

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Hardware/Software Issue11/16/2007 12:03:32 PM

Pros: Lightscribe, when it works, looks professional.

Cons: I RMA'd this device due to a communication error while performing the lightscribe label burn. Replacement drive has same issue.

Overall Review: It worked just fine in my regular system. I'm going to attempt any firmware/software updates to resolve this issue before another RMA.

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Fast and Good!11/16/2007 11:29:05 AM

Pros: Unlimited OC options! I got my q6600 running air-cooled and stable at 3.5ghz. (It only makes sense to have ram that plays well with higher FSB too)

Cons: mobo's wifi and vista don't play well with each other. DDR3 is expensive, but that's what you get when you are dealing with new technology.

Overall Review: This motherboard will be obsolete as soon as PCI-e has dual 16x speeds. The newer model with draft n looks tempting, since my laptop is draft-n capable. Just need to make sure chipsets match!

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Expensive, but what are you gonna do?11/16/2007 11:23:17 AM

Pros: Left-angle! I looked all over for this type of cable.

Cons: Price! Making the cable go a different direction shouldn't cost what I paid for it.

Overall Review: My MSI 8800Ultra covers the SATA ports on my p5k3, and to use the ports without fear of the cables getting crimped and damaged or cracking the motherboard or having the expensive video card popping out at random, these were the only cables that would fit under the card.

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Awesome value!11/16/2007 11:19:30 AM

Pros: Drive is SATA II.

Cons: Drive doesn't come with jumper in case you want to have it back-compatible with SATA 1.5Gb/s.

Overall Review: This drive is an awesome value, but can mystify those that expect 100% plug and play if thier IO card isn't SATA2. It took me a few moments of confusion before I realized.

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Quet and Good11/16/2007 11:16:48 AM

Pros: Molex adapter included, standard mounting screws included. Q U I E T operation for the amount of air pushed.

Cons: Price for just 1 is absurd, but if you get more, it costs less, and you move more air in your case anyhow!

Overall Review: I ordered 6 - These fans replaced the ones that sounded like jet engines in my raidmax case, and also the cm fans in my cosmos 1k that I just got in. Plenty of air and they're quiet for how much air they are really moving!

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Lame Game?10/23/2007 2:18:26 PM

Pros: It's a free coaster?

Cons: It's a waste of shipping material.

Overall Review: This game may as well be a MUD. Boring and practically 2D in today's ultra-high res 3D world.

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Big Case for EVERYTHING10/18/2007 7:28:19 AM

Pros: This case fits everything perfectly and lets you route the wires and cables for optimum airflow and mobo accessibility.

Cons: It's heavy and big, doesn't fit under my desk like my old case used to.

Overall Review: The features truly can't be beat except maybe a firewire 1394b port up on top. But everything else is there!

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It performs - but like all others say - it's big!10/11/2007 9:32:30 AM

Pros: After this upgrade, I just set everything to max and enjoy the cinematic quality of everything!! Framerate is no longer an issue.

Cons: As noted before, it is big. I had to mod my CoolerMaster 1000 VGA airtube to be able to fit it, and my Asus P5K3 deluxe needed right-angles on the SATA connectors (2 were covered up and unusable unless you can get right-angle sata connecters facing the other way - I'll have to check my bag of goodies.)

Overall Review: Only reason I could think of a need for SLI with this card is bragging rights and perhaps if you wanted to max out waaay beyond 1650x1200 (my current res)

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