GREAT backpack12/3/2010 10:09:58 PM

Pros: Where to start. Swiss gear as a brand hasnt been around that long, first thing that comes to mind when I hear Swiss Gear is "Swiss Army," and it has a right too. Swiss Army knives have been renowned for their quality and workmanship for over a hundred years now, I've owned many myself. This quality is absolutely reflected in this backpack. The backpack is: tough water resistant comfortable as HELL bulletproof (not literally) pretty spacious clean good looking no frills working design It's an all around great backpack, I will always love swiss gear. They are just a wonderfully made backpack that honestly is worth the price you pay. I mean, 70 dollars and 4+ years of protection for my laptop and books? I think yes. I really just cannot describe the quality of the backpack. My friend owns a Tom Bihn "brain bag" backpack. its a bit bigger, and feels to be about the same quality. I prefer the smooth materials of the swiss gear. The Tom Bihn also costs twice as much.

Cons: Honestly, there is not much that I can truly find wrong with this backpack, If I do find anything wrong with it, I'd have trouble actually changing the design of the backpack because as it is now, it WORKS and it works WELL. Newegg wont let me put F*T*W* in my review? :'( ugh Backpack may be a little small for some, I came from a 15 inch model of a Swiss Gear pack when I got my Gateway p-7805u 17 inch laptop. The 15 inch backpack felt bigger in the books compartment. But I was in high school then and carried a good 4-5 textbooks a day, now I'm in college carrying two or three at the most with papers and a folder or two, and this backpack isn't filled to the brim. So it's definitely adequate. The only other complaint I COULD have with this bag is the size of the laptop compartment, it pretty much JUST fits my 17 inch p-7805u. Its just big enough to where I'm not worried about the laptop being damaged.

Overall Review: The MOST important thing about these backpacks is this: the build quality and design lead to a VERY tough product. I mean TOUGH. For four years I owned a 15 inch model of this backpack and I can tell you, I did not treat it well. MY friends always commented on how my backpack weighed wayyy too much. I was tough on it. The backpack finally went one day when the zipper became disconnected from the pack, due to the fact I always overfilled it...thus its heavy weight. I literally stretched it to the breaking point when I filled it with all my books nearly everyday. Sometimes, I couldn't fit them all in it. Thats why the zipper seam went. That was the only problem I ever had with that backpack... I've now had the Ibex for almost 1/2 a year, absolutely no problems. I've accidentally dropped it a couple feet once or twice WITH my laptop in it. The laptop ended up fine, the padded compartment works great. Get this bag. You will not regret it (as long as it fits your laptop!).

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great printer11/14/2007 8:23:19 PM

Pros: This thing is great, it prints very fast, faster than a lot of laser printers for a lower price, i love it. it has VERY nice photo printing capapbilities, is easy to hook up to a network, and has a ton of card slots on the front, including 1 USB port. it has a very nice scanner, and copies very well. the color screen is a great added feature, if you plug in a flash drive to the front usb port you can view image files and certain video files on the printer's color screen form the flash drive (you can also do that with memory cards that are plugged in). The features with this are endless and wonderful. the one on newegg comes with a bluetooth adapter! i didnt buy it here sorry, mine has the ability to use bluetooth but didnt come with a bluetooth adapter, cant comment there.

Cons: within 20 minutes of turning it on, if you try copying (only the first time you copy) it will take aboput 30second to a minute to initialize the scanner and scan. it also usues a lot of ink, but dont all inkjet printers use a lot of ink., it might jsut be that i print to much and it goes by to fast.

Overall Review: i bought a kit to refill the ink cartridges, dont do this if you dont want ink all over the inside of the printer and ink spilling out of the print nozzles when you try to print anyhting. I am not sure why but after refilling thats what it did, spilled ink everywhere and messed up print jobs, so i just bought new cartridges and it worked fine after that. overall its a great printer and would HIGHLY reccomend it for the price, HP makes the best printers, and this is one of their best, with blazing speed and quality, it is awesome and worth it, trust me, you wont be dissapointed.

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awesome player7/9/2007 9:10:27 PM

Pros: this [layer is on eof the best out there, it can play almost any audio or video file, well above most other players. it has an FM radio with a great recording fetature, a mic, and you can loook at pictures on it. this player has a super bright screen, unlike some other players where you turn the backlight on and off, this one stays on all the time, but you can the set the amount by 10%-100%, which is sweet. you can also keep contacts, calender and notes in this thing, now all it needs is games...

Cons: surface scratcxhes easily, i got the DLO action jacket, and it completely ruined the front, im mean its the player that counts and it stil looks allright but the clear plastic screen runs underneath the area where the buttons are on the jacket and it acts like sandaper to the player. i also think you should be able to make playlists on the fly and not tjust on the computer. the last and most definitley biggest problem is that it freezes sometimes, and i hae to get somehting reall thin to stick in the reset hole.

Overall Review: newegg is awesome, and creative makes the best products, get this player, you wont be dissapointed i did my research and this by far is the best.

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great stuff6/28/2007 7:45:12 PM

Pros: this stuff has awesome performance for the price, popped it into a freshly bult computer and it fired right up, absolutely no problems

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: newegg got it here very fast.

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great card6/16/2007 9:27:10 PM

Pros: this is a great card, being the cheapest in its class it doesnt come with any good games or anything else but that does not matter as it totally blows anyother card below it away. it plays any game i throw at it on max settings.

Cons: card is just a little hot

Overall Review: my system: Antec 900, ocz 700 watt gamexstream, 8800 gts 640 Mb, 200 Gb MAxtor, Corsair xms2 2 Gb, Asus p5n-32e-sli pus, and intel e6600 @2.4 GHz, fast shipping with newegg of course.

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awesome case6/15/2007 10:52:09 PM

Pros: this is the quietest case ive ever owned. it has fantastic airflow and because it has a 200 mm fan you can put the fan on high and hardly hear it. this case fits all my stuff easily, with everything staying at normal temps.

Cons: the fans the case come with are not controllable by the motherboard, short power/reset button cords

Overall Review: e6600 @2.4 GHz, 8800 GTS 640 Mb, corsair xms2 DDR2 800 RAM, Maxtor 200 Gb hard drive and seagate 80 GB hard drive. dvd-rw/cdrw, cdrw drives,OCZ 700 watts gamexstream power supply, creative soundblaster Audigy. over all i absolutely love this case, and Newegg is awesome of course.

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great card5/5/2007 3:57:26 PM

Pros: this card runs really fast, runs stable and plays most of my games pretty well but not on highest settings.

Cons: gets, hot, nowadays you require, MUCH more memory, so that is really the only area its lacking. is getting old

Overall Review: this card has really lasted a long time, and i have had absolutely no issues with it

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4/2/2007 6:20:47 PM

Pros: very fast processor, okay for gaming can really pack a punch for the price

Cons: very unstable, im not sure if its just my motherboard/psu but cannot over clock without freezing crashing with the same error message blue screen. for some reason everytime i run multiple apps or especially internet web pages it freezes constantley

Overall Review: i would have given this a 2 or lower if it hadnt been for its processing power. its processing power is amazing, but for some reason every time i run memory hogging programs it freezes, before i had a 1.8 ghz p4 and never had this problem, although it was significantly slower.

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