H60 V2 Seems Better Made6/10/2014 5:58:55 PM

Pros: The H60 V2 seems to be of higher quality then the V1 (See Cons for the V1) Hoses are slightly more flexible but are larger in diameter so make sure your case has the room as you want the least amount of bends in your hoses. Fan is high quality and goes for about 18 bucks if bough separate. It's 4 pin PWM which is great for variable control on my MSI motherboard using intelligent fan. Overall vs the v1, the V2 runs a touch quieter on all fan speeds, It has a deeper fan sound so it might not actually be quieter but sounds more pleasing. Temp wise with my I7 2600K idles at 32 ambient and has never gone above 50 when maxed out. The V2 also come with a 5 year warranty vs the 2 year of the V1, so I hope the quality has improved to reflect the extension in the warranty.

Cons: My H60 v1 died just around the 2 year mark. Pump quit after computer booted and after I left for work! Got home to find my i7 running at 95 C! Thank you Intel for your thermal speed step protection or I would have been extremely mad. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 only because the first one died in 2 years. When it worked it was great and the V2 seems to be even better but only time will tell.

Overall Review: Corsair was extremely professional and replaced my v1 even though I was unable to find the receipt. This type of service makes me stick with a brand and will continue to use Corsair. Granted I am upset that my first one failed in 2 years, I hope it was just a bad unit and this v2 will last past the 5 year mark.

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Perfect Ambidextrous Mouse9/24/2012 3:22:07 PM

Pros: Nice heavy weight. Great range, Unifying software is excellent and allows 1 dongle for both my Mouse and Logitech K800 Keyboard. You can also see the battery life in percent or days left, which is a nice feature as the battery life is not the best. (see Cons) When it broke (See Con's) Called Logitech and within a week sent me a brand new replacement with no hassle or shipping cost! This is how a company should treat a customer if one of their items is defective, and is also a reason that I will ensure to only by Logitech Mice and Keyboard here on out! I still give it 5 stars even thought it broke because of the service, and honestly the build quality is excellent. I just chalk it up to a lemon.

Cons: Left click button started to act up. Sometimes it would not register, other times it would think I double clicked. Also the click action seemed to become week. There was not a defined click or tactile feedback so was very frustrating as you could not really feel anything. Battery life is a bit short, but with a set of rechargeable batteries, it really is no concern.

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Garbage!6/9/2012 10:53:13 AM

Pros: It was cheep before the flood sky rocketed HD costs.

Cons: Worked flawless as a media storage drive for a year until the platter servo froze or head froze to the platter. Fixed this by spinning it on a table until I heard the heads release. Then the wonderful click of death upon spin up. Now not recognized by OS or dos.

Overall Review: This drive had at most 100 hours of power on time and was only used to store movies and music. Unfortunately my back up of a back up was moved to another computer so I get the wonderful chore of having to find all my media again. I have had 2 WD 80 gigs Black editions running at now over 43000 hours with absolutely no issues. And these drive see around 500 GIG of throughput per month. They don't build them like the use to it seems.

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Great Price for a Great HTPC Board/CPU Combo12/25/2011 9:31:16 PM

Pros: The E-350 APU, Very nice little APU. Runnning Win7 64 Pro with 4 gig 1333 and 3.5" 500 GB WD Black Label Drive which is working fantastic for a "HD DVR" HTPC with a Dual Tuner. The E-350 handles all media with no issues except one format (See Cons) H264 at 1080 with subs play flawlessly at around 35-40% usage with DXVA configured in MPC. Media Center records 2 programs at once from a cheap usb tuner at 15% usage and can watch and record with around 60% usage. Youtube plays smooth at 1080 with no studdering or droped frames as does Netflix and any other online streaming site. coretemp is logging my system at around 41C Idle and 62C Full. Not bad as it is in a large Cabinet with bad ventilation and a 800 Watt Receiver. TDP is 95C and feel fine running it into the 70's with out a worry in the summer.

Cons: The Fan is very loud and detracts from a HTPC or any environment. (Adjustable in Bios which does help if you want to play with higher temps) Will not play 10 Bit H264 MKVs in either 1080 or 720 smoothly. This is a very new format which is not DXVA compatible so needs raw processor power which the 350 can't handle.

Overall Review: Solid Mini Itx board with an excellent set of outputs that allow perfect hookup to a Home Theater System just as I want that will play bacl nearly all your media with ease.

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Easy Liquid Cooling9/27/2011 2:56:37 PM

Pros: Very Happy for the price. Running Core Temp I avg 34C idle in a hot 78 degree room in the summer in a not optimum "Pull Out" Fan configuration. Gaming at 4GHZ I am Hi 50's avg just breaking 63 on some heavy games. Fit and Finish seems build, and the look and fit in my Lian Li case is very impressive and gives the "Wow factor"

Cons: I don't like how they want you to mount it as sucking cool air in the back and exhausting out the front. The fan is a bit noisy on full and I don't think the fan it came with is rated as a high temperature fan (I have it pulling out the air so the fan gets the full brunt of the heat) as I slightly hear bearing noise as the fan shuts down after only several months of use.

Overall Review: My cooling design is with a large 140MM up front, a 140MM PSU bottom mount exhaust, and the unit also as a rear exhaust, with the fan on the back to "pull out the air" I am going to research some better fans to use in a push pull config with a high pressure low rpm rating.

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Extremely Satasfied4/8/2011 2:54:30 PM

Pros: First off when I purchase anything I do my research and never give into the buy me now factor. So I expect when I make up my mind, the product performs exactly to my standards. This monitor has exceeded them. Very esthetically appealing. The TOC which is clear to red to black gloss adds a "oh you must have paid alot" Excellent picture quality once you spend some time with the settings, and this monitor has a ton of settings. The nicest feature is the Magic Tune software which allows you to change all settings via your OS. No having to fiddle with the touch sensitive buttons. Very even lighting due to being LED back lit. You can see there is a subtle but noticeable difference in LED monitors. Very little color and contrast change at all normal viewing angles. Extremely pleased with the image quality, I have taken a new appreciation to photography with this monitor

Cons: Stand is nice looking but a little wobbly, not an issue for me but I can see it can bother some. Took a while to set up to my liking, sometimes when you have so many settings to choose from it can get daunting. MagicAngle doesn't do anything for me. Almost all the settings wash the picture out completely. A very slight purple tinge on certain shades of white. Reminds me of a chromatic abrasion purple, but I'd say unnoticeable to all but the most discerning.

Overall Review: I was tempted to buy the Samsung 27 inch of this version fearing my real estate size might suffer from my current pair of 17's This monitor's size for me is absolutely perfect! Once you get into the 27 or larger with standard 1920 res your into the .30+ dot pitch which is a bit to spread out for a computer monitor which you view close up. Very happy overall!

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